1. Meggan – how is the Brazilian blow out holding up? I really want to look into getting one when I’m done breast feeding. Wondering if it’s worth it.
It’s holding up and I love that I can dry my hair in under 10 minutes now! I just avoid getting it wet in the pool and only wash it 1-2 times a week. Here’s my before and after pics.

2. Brooke – how did you handle your first starting kindergarten? I may be semi (ok, very) dramatic but I’m having the worst anxiety the closer summer gets to ending. It’s just such a long day away from her and I have all the fears. 😭
Uhg, I feel for you! I struggled with all of the fears as well (I have the worst anxiety when it comes to my kids/being away from them), but just know that everything will be okay! She will have so much fun, meet new friends, and you’ll be amazed by how much she is learning/growing! It’s definitely a tough time for mamas and tugs at the heartstrings, but try to enjoy it because I feel like 1st grade went even faster than kinder! 🙁 She, and you, will be great! xx

3. What were your must haves for your weddings? i.e., photographer, videographer, caterer?  Is there anything that you had that you didn’t think was worth it? Or anything that you regret not having?
Brooke: A live band, a great venue, and an open bar were my top three! Other things I’m glad we spent a little more on were the photographer and a videographer because you’ll have the photos/video forever!
Meggan: Agree with all three! And definitely a videographer – ours did such a great job!

4. Wondering what is your order at Flower child? I was not impressed my first try, but maybe I didn’t get the right entrees! Their drinks were delish tho. I’d go back just for a tea!
I always get the cobb salad – it’s so good! The vietnamese crunch is pretty good too!

5. I was wondering if you had suggestions on a good work tote? I want it to be classic and sturdy so I can tote around my 13-inch laptop and hopefully go with most outfits, so I am thinking probably black since I wear that the most. Was thinking of maybe an LV Neverfull but I’m not overly excited about the patterns on those and wanted to see if you had other options I should consider. Willing to spend up to $1,500, but prefer around $500 or so.
We personally aren’t into the LV Neverfull but rounded up a few around $500 here, here, and here! We also love our Leatherology totes and you can personalize them!

6. I’m seeing some bloggers selling the stuff they (I’m assuming) get for free on Poshmark and making money. Thoughts on this and what do you girls do with stuff you get sent to you that you’re not interested in keeping or promoting?
We’ve seen that recently, too…although you never know who is getting what for free – even for sponsored posts, we are required to purchase a lot of the clothing/shoes/etc with our own money, as many brands are not able to gift. We do get a lot of packages, and the things we aren’t interested in keeping or promoting, we donate to women’s shelters. This also goes for the clothing we do get for free, we donate that (not sell). The items we sell are the items we’ve purchased with our own money (whether it’s for a sponsored post or not).

7. I was invited to my boyfriend’s aunt’s lake house for a family reunion and am looking for a good idea of what to bring, like a house warming gift. I feel like over the summer, I always have a problem with finding good gifts to thank people for invites to lake houses/summer homes/etc. I trust your judgment more than anyone so I thought I’d ask the experts!
You could put together a little basket as a gift for the hostess – a candle, dish towels, yummy cleaning spray, or a set, and a bottle of wine! We would love this as a gift from someone!

8. Where is the gray ottoman with that “feet” from? I believe I see it in Brooke’s stories.
It’s from Kelly Wearstler!

9. Heading to Maui in September for my honeymoon–outfit inspos please! Looking for a mix of beachy casual and some date night/dinner looks. Also, if either of you have ever been, would love some recommendations!
Mama’s Fish House is popular and really good! A few things we would pack: this dress, this romper, this skirt would look good with a bodysuit!), this mini dress, this jumpsuit, and this dress.

10. What diaper bags did or do you guys carry? I am looking for a non-backpack one!
With Camden I used this Rebecca Minkoff one which I really liked. With Mila I have everything in a Ziplock gallon bag and just throw it in my purse lol. This purse organizer is perfect if you have a tote you like!
Brooke: I used a Marc Jacobs one that isn’t even available anymore lol, but a few I love – this one and this one! If I were to have another baby I would get the organizer that Meggan linked and use it in a tote like this one.

11. I am having a casual 30th birthday party in California in a couple weeks. Any recommendations for casual but special outfits?
Love this jumpsuit, this wrap dress (would be cute with leopard heels), this mini dress, and this skirt with a bodysuit.

12. Meggan – When you lived in Chicago, did you use any professional photographers for family photos? Any suggestions?
We didn’t, sorry!

13. Going to Nashville for a Bachelorette party in a few weeks and it’s going to be HOT. Could you give me some outfit recommendations? You both have the most awesome style!
Love this dress, this romper, this slip dress, and this maxi set!

14. I saw you talked about Beauty Counter’s new regimen. What were your thoughts? I am a big Tula fan but looking something that helps more with anti-aging.
We love Tula obviously, and it’s also great for anti-aging! Was seriously impressed with Beauty Counter’s new line (I think the name is Countertime). It was very creamy, seems really great, and all of the ingredients are clean!

15. Is there a search button/bar for your somewherelately website?
Yes, it’s on the right side – you just have to scroll down (under archives).

16. I’m going to Seattle next month and I wanted some advice on casual/cool outfits. And not sure if you’ve been but do you have any recommendations for what to see/do there?
Yes – I have a post with all my recommendations here! For outfits – love this romper, this bodysuit, this dress, this dress, and this dress.

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