1. Meggan what are your favorite places in Dallas to take the kids in the summer – thinking inside with AC or water/pool stuff to keep cool. We are visiting in August and will have 7 kids with us ranging in age from 2-8.
You will definitely want to be in water or inside – it’s so hot in August! We like going to the Perot Museum, Klyde Warren Park (go in the AM before it get’s super hot, there’s a splash pad), Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park, the Aquarium (although I think it might feel pretty muggy during the summer), and Hawaiian Falls.

2. I’m trying to plan a surprise 30th birthday trip for my husband in November (parents’ weekend!) and was wondering if y’all have any suggestions on a good city for us to travel to. It’ll be for 3 nights probably and some of our friends may be coming also, but I don’t know where to go!
Miami, Austin, Scottsdale, and Palm Springs would be our top choices!

3. How would you two deal with a friend who is a brag? I have been friends with this girl for 10 years but recently she is constantly talking about how much $ she makes, how many people she manages, and other areas in life as well. All of these things are unsolicited questions, as I would never ask someone about salary, etc. I want to be supportive but having it in my face all the time is awkward! I fear if I don’t say anything it will never stop. Our culture/ social media have become so braggy and it’s changing people for the worse :/ Help!
Uhg, we’ve both been there with different friends and talk about it with each other. It’s so awkward, especially if it’s around a group (like in both of our experiences) and unsolicited like you said. Honestly, it probably won’t stop and if you say something – she will either feel attacked or assume you’re just jealous, when in reality that’s obviously not the case. From our experience, the girls who were doing this were usually overcompensating for insecurities, so they felt the need to tell us every time they went on a “very pricey” vacation (would literally announce how much the room was per night at a girl’s night out), “stayed at the most expensive resort on the island,” or “I got surprised with a brand new car!” If she is your super close friend, you should talk to her about it, and try to come from a place of kindness vs accusatory. Our reality is we let go of those friendships because they were not serving us with any kind of happiness/fun the way friendships should, and it was 100% the best decision for us. These were very one-sided, and “All about me! Look at me!” type of relationships (they would also talk about us and their other “friends” behind everyone’s backs). We feel for you, good luck! xx

4. I want to invest in a black Saint Laurent bag and I’m torn between the medium College, medium LouLou or the medium Sac du Jour.  Which would you chose?
I would do the medium LouLou – I have it in velvet and love it! The black is so pretty and timeless.
Brooke: They are all gorgeous! I agree with Meggan, the LouLou is my favorite!

5. I’m looking for a black cocktail dress for a bachelorette party. I’m looking a dress under $100. And I have big boobs so some dresses don’t fit me right. Just wondering if you have any dress suggestions.
Black dresses under $100: here, here (I have this in yellow and it’s so good in person!), here, here, and here (classic and can be reworn a lot)!

6. I am looking to invest in some combat boots for fall that are (at least somewhat) comfortable, high quality, and stylish, but not so trendy that I won’t be able to use them for a few years. While I would love to get designer boots, they’re not in my budget. Looking for something in the $200 – $300 range (or less!).
These Frye combat boots
are classic and really good quality – I don’t think they ever go out of style! Also love this pair (see them on Brooke here – scroll down on the post), this pair, and this pair (Brooke has them too!).

7. Do you have any outfit recommendations for late summer engagement photos?
Love this dress, this one, this set, and this dress! All would be gorgeous in photos!

8. I’m going to a black tie optional wedding in NJ next month. Would you definitely wear a long dress, or could I still do a shorter one? Can you link some suggestions that won’t break the bank? (I’d like to stay under $200ish).
You could do either since it’s optional! We like this red lace dress, this slip dress, this lace dress, and this strapless dress.

9. Heading to Barcelona, Provence and the French Rivera in September. Any suggestions on hats that travel well and are versatile enough for numerous outfits? Also, any suggestions on mix and match pieces that could be worn multiple times without looking the same each day?
Versatile hats: here, here, and here (this one is so easy to pack!)!

10. I’ve been following you since as long as I can remember and I know you both have been open about getting botox before. I was just wondering if either of you know of a good/trustworthy place to get botox in Chicago? I’ve been looking at places but thought I’d reach out to see if you gals knew of anyone you (in the past) or your Chi friends prefer.
I don’t, sorry!
Brooke: I’m sorry – I don’t either! If anyone has a good place, leave the recs in the comments!

11. I’m having my bachelorette party this August and looking for something fun and sexy to wear one of the nights that ISN’T white (a little over that tbh). Any affordable ideas for a crop set, dress, skirt or bodysuit?
Love this set, this bodysuit (I wore it here!), this leopard mini dress, this set, and this dress!

12. Going to Jackson Hole for my sister-in-law’s wedding LDW. Need outfit inspo for the nights leading up to the wedding! Welcome party drinks, rehearsal dinner, etc. Thanks!
So fun! Some pieces we would pack: this jumpsuit, this dress (I have it in green, so pretty!), this skirt, this dress, and this dress (love the color!).

13. I’m having my baby shower at the beginning of September and need a dress for it. I am having a boy and would like to find a dress with some blue in it as my shower decor is more neutral tones. Any suggestions that you girls have would be super helpful!
Congratulations! Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

14. Any recommendations for affordable (under $50 please) graphic tees?
So many! Love this one (lot’s of options for $13!), here, here (size up, I went up 2 sizes), here, and here (our discount code is SL10).

15. I missed the white Saint Laurent bag you sold on IG  yesterday and wanted it! 🙁 Could you link similar options with similar price points?
Sorry – always feel bad when this happens, but there are definitely great options at the same price point! Loooove this one, this one, this one ($395 and has a very similar shape and look!), and this one – different style, but love for a white bag!

16. I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but in the beginning of blogging what was your ‘why’?
We both worked in corporate jobs, but loved fashion and blogging – we both had separate blogs before we started Somewhere, Lately. We wanted to continue blogging, but spend less time on it (jokes on us there now lol!), so we decided to start one together! At first it was 100% just for fun, something we loved doing & were passionate about. We had dreams of it becoming a full-time job, but had no idea how to do that at the time, and were not quite sure that could actually become a reality for us!

17. If you weren’t blogging as a career, what would your dream jobs be?
Interior design! I would still possibly love to do it if I ever had time/blogging came to an end.
Meggan: Growing up, I wanted to be a whale trainer at Sea World (even went to camp for it!), but that was before I watched Black Fish. My dream would be to study orcas in the wild. Very random, but I love them!

18. Can you round up your favorite rosé wines?!
Whispering Angel, AIX, Summer in a Bottle, Hogwash, Miraval, PALO61 (the one with less sugar!), and Cote de Roses! These are all pretty light, and not sweet – we prefer dry rosé!

19. You two seem to deal with haters and trolls really well and laugh it off, bravo! People are so lame. Curious as to the funniest messages you get? 
Lol, thanks! Thankfully we don’t get many of them, but people are funny and we don’t let it get to us. If we cared about what every single person thought, we would never be able to post anything! You have to do you, and some people aren’t going to like it, and that’s fine! The funniest is probably when people send us a message saying, “I’M UNFOLLOWING YOU NOW!” because they didn’t like something/didn’t agree with something we posted, but then we will get a message from them a few months later asking a question about something we posted or requesting a link lol! Or when people think/assume they know something about us that is completely not even close to reality – those are funny too!

Email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or leave them below! xx