How I Travel With My Kids

I’ve traveled with my kids A LOT. Cam went on his first trip to Turks & Caicos at 2 weeks old and he logged about 50+ flights before his first birthday. It was obviously a lot easier doing it with just him but I’ve traveled with both a few times now and think I finally have it down.

What I pack:
+ Carseats – I have an extra set of carseats that we travel with so our nice ones don’t get banged up.
+ Stroller – I just got this double stroller per Brooke’s recommendation and really like it. It has large sun canopy’s, easy to fold, rides smoothly, and the seats recline all the way which is perfect for naps!
+ Sound machine for hotel room and this portable sound machine.
+ Clorox wipes – it’s the Lisa Rinna in me but I have to wipe down the plane seats, tray tables etc. And I pack a few extra for the hotel remotes lol. I also have these wipes for Mila’s paci’s.
+ Bottle brush and a mini soap bottle.
+ Enough diapers to get us through a day or so. They take up so much room in the suitcase so I’d rather just buy them when we get to the destination.
+ I just got this portable fan and it’s amazing! It can cling onto anything and works so well for stroller naps. I also love that it’s chargeable so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.
+ I use these packing cubes and they help the suitcase not turn into a (somewhat) hot mess.

At the airport:
+ I usually check the stroller and wear Mila in the Baby Bjorn. That way I don’t have to worry about putting the stroller in the bag and gate checking it. I’ve done it both ways but prefer to just check it when I get there. I use this bag – it fits our regular strollers and double stroller. Correct me if I’m wrong but most airlines (all the ones I’ve flown at least) let you check your carseat and stroller for free.
+ Carseat/stroller bags: I use these bags and HIGHLY recommend them. We’ve had them since Camden was a baby and they are still in great shape. No tears or holes! You can also throw extra things in them if you need to (like floaties if you’re going somewhere with water!). Before I got those bags, I used these cheap red ones and they ripped after a few uses…so don’t waste your time with them!
+ Sign up for TSA Pre or Clear! It’s so worth it if you travel a lot, especially with kids. We signed up for Clear this year and it makes getting through security such a breeze. There’s never a line in Clear and all you do is scan your fingerprints then skip everyone in the TSA Pre line and go through security. It makes it so much less stressful!

On the plane:
+ I love hitting up the $1 bin at Target for things to keep Cam occupied. There’s always flashcards, educational activities, window clings (these are always a hit), toys, etc. We also let him watch movies but he usually ends up getting bored of them so I need backup. He also loves these reusable color pads – we aways bring them to restaurants too!
+ I bring lots of snacks. And candy for leverage lol 😉
+ Mila is pretty chill and would rather play with a water bottle or the wipes so I don’t bring a lot of toys for her (which is great b/c I like to try and pack light!). However, she is obsessed with these Razberry teethers and she will chew on them forever so I always have them in my bag! And then of course I have the essentials: diapers, wipes, an extra onsie (you never know), her lovie and a light blanket for when she falls asleep.
+ I always download podcasts to listen – I usually read books but being hands free is better if Mila is sleeping on me!
+ I’m not breastfeeding or pumping anymore but I’ve done it on planes many times. I sit by the window, throw the blanket over myself and do just do it! It’s definitely harder to pump without flashing people but I would just cover myself, take my bra off, and slip this bra on under my tee. I would try to time it up so I didn’t have to do it on the plane especially if I was traveling alone.