Our Tips For Shopping The Nordstrom Sale

We’ve had quite a few questions come through about the Nordstrom Sale, so wanted to round up a little Q&A/our tips for shopping the sale for you guys! xx

Will you guys be participating in/posting about the Nordstrom Sale this year? Always love your picks! 
Yes, this is one of our favorite sales of the year! We will definitely be posting about it. Thank you!

What is the Nordstrom Sale? 
The Nordstrom Sale is one of the best sales of the year! New merchandise for fall is marked down during the sale (everything is new!), and once the sale is over (on August 4th), everything returns to full price. This is the reason you do not want to miss out on the sale, especially since Nordstrom always offers free shipping + returns (with no minimum purchase). The good pieces tend to go really quickly, so if we’re hesitating, we purchase something because we know it can always be returned. Nordstrom is famous for having the best return policy!

Can anyone shop the sale, or do you have to be a Nordstrom cardholder? 
The sale opens to the public on July 19th, but if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you have early access beginning July 12th. Click here for more info/to sign up for a Nordstrom card (you do not have to get a credit card – mine is debit!).

What do you guys focus on purchasing during the sale? I get so overwhelmed, even online! 
For sure, we get this! Especially when bloggers are sharing thousands of pieces to buy! The things we usually focus on purchasing for ourselves are bigger ticket items (boots, coats, sweaters, denim,) as well as beauty products/tools because, but we will definitely share a variety of options for you guys because there are always some great, super affordable staples and fun pieces as well. We will share only the items we love and would recommend purchasing.

Our Tips: 
+ Make a list of items you’re hoping to purchase during the sale. This will help you stay focused during your shopping.
+ Shop online & pick up in store (or curbside!), or have purchases shipped to you. Shopping in store can be a nightmare during the sale, unfortunately. We prefer to do as much of the shopping online for convenience. There’s no pressure since Nordstrom always has free shipping & returns.
+ Don’t wait. If there’s something you’re eyeing (and it’s within your budget), don’t wait to buy it. We’ve learned this from experience ;), a lot of things sell out quickly and aren’t restocked again until after the sale (when everything is back to full price).