At-Home Date Night Idea

Date nights have always been an important part of our relationship and there’s nothing I love more than grabbing drinks on a patio or dinner on a rooftop with Kyle. Before Cam, it was always so easy to head out for a date night on whim. Now, we always have to plan for a sitter in advance if we’re going out. To make things easier on everyone, we’ve been trying to do more at-home date nights where we tuck away our phones and just focus on each other.

As much as I love at-home date nights, I have to admit, it can be pretty tiring to prepare dinner, grab a bottle of wine, and freshen up after a full day working and running Cam to and from school. I’m all for services that make life easier, which is why I often use Favor, an on-demand delivery service in Texas that drops almost anything off at your door in under an hour. Whether you need a Starbucks run, a last-minute grocery delivery, or cleaning supplies, Favor’s got you covered.

We’ll often use the food and beer & wine delivery services when we don’t want to cook or run to the store. It’s so easy to get our favorite bottle of rosé delivered from Central Market (my local grocery store) and meals from our favorite local restaurants. Most recently, we ordered delivery from Bellagreen – everything is always so fresh satisfying! It’s so nice to be able to kick back in our backyard not having to worry about what to eat and drink. Date night for me has always been all about sharing a great meal together and Favor makes it that much easier.

Favor is available in multiple cities across Texas and is super easy to use. All you have to do is download the app or visit favordelivery.com. You can browse through popular nearby restaurants or search for stores within your delivery zone! I can’t recommend Favor enough for anyone whose schedule can get busy and unpredictable. If you’re new to Favor, they’re currently offering unlimited free deliveries in the first month for first-time sign ups. It’s a great opportunity to test it out while you can! Let me know if you’ve tried Favor before!

Big thanks to Favor for partnering on this post!