1. I recently received a gift card to a bookstore and would love your recommendations on your favorite coffee table books!
We both have so many in our homes but these are some of our favorites: Louis Vuitton Catwalk, Elements of Style, Living In Style Morocco, Tom Ford, Vanity Fair 100 Years, Dogs, Gypset, and Alexander McQueen.

2. What sneakers do you wear to workout/run in the most?
Meggan: The adidas UltraBOOST
and these Pumas – the Pumas are honestly so comfortable!
Brooke: For workouts I usually wear the Adidas that Meggan linked or my Nike 270’s (woah – so many color combos out right now)!

3. My boyfriend and I are going to Chicago this weekend and I was wondering if you had any dinner recommendations or places we should check out!  I know you have both moved from Chicago but was wondering what your favorites were when you lived there.  Any recommendations would be appreciated!
Chicago favorites: Cindy’s Rooftop, Momotaro, Ace Hotel, Monteverde, Aba, La Josie, Au Cheval, Bavettes, London House, Maple & Ash, Summer House, Etta, and Beatnick. And do the architecture tour – so fun being on the river! 

4. What do you think are 2 of the biggest (or most annoying) assumptions people make with both of you? Side note: love your blog/insta so no assumptions/judgments from this corner!  I just figured people would since your job is to put yourself out there and it has to be annoying sometimes!
Probably that our husbands pay for everything/we spend “their” money, when in reality we spend the money we make. And that our job is easy/not a “real” job. We run a business whether people want to admit that or not!

5. I had a surprise gender during my pregnancy and delivered a baby girl on Friday! So now I need to know where you buy all of Mila’s turbans, headbands, and your favorite places to shop for baby girls!
Awww congratulations!! After having a surprise delivery I try to talk everyone into it because it’s SO much fun! But I get her bows and turbans from Baby Bling, Amazon, Top Knots, and Spearmint Baby. I did a post on where I shop for baby clothes here!

6. I have been currently working in an extremely toxic work environment. Did you ever work in a job where you were put in that atmosphere? If so, how were you able to cope while hunting for a new job? And when you were looking for a new job and doing interviews were you ever anxious/scared that you would end up in the same type of environment as your previous job?
Yes, that’s the worst – I’m sorry! My first job out of college in Chicago. The work environment was extremely toxic, so many practices/procedures they were doing were illegal, the employees were openly racist, and it got to the point where I felt physically ill going to the office. I wanted to quit so bad, but knew I couldn’t because I had to pay for rent & bills. I started looking for a new job every night, and that’s when a friend reached out, telling me her company was hiring (same industry), and I applied immediately. When I went for the interview, I could tell this company was completely the opposite of where I was working at the time. It was so professional, diverse, and the energy was great from the second you walked through the doors. I got the job, accepted the offer, went into work the next day and quit while bawling in my boss’ office. I know, not professional, but I was just so overwhelmed/relieved I was getting out of that office, my emotion took over. I told them all of the reasons I was quitting, and left right then and there. I worked with the new company until after having my second baby (they let me work from home once we moved out of Chicago), and it was a completely different (100x’s better) experience. My advice would be to keep your head up, look for new jobs as often as you can, and just feel it out! Eventually you will find the right fit! Good luck!
Meggan: Ugh yes – Trunk Club! I know some people love working there but I could not handle the cattiness and gossip. I had the worst anxiety going to work everyday and remember just wishing that I could quit (but I was pregnant and needed the $ and insurance). I switched rolls in the company which made it WAY better and thankfully after I had Camden I was able to quit and blog full time. I had an end date which got me through it!

7. I love the Gucci and YSL black leather card cases but looking for something similar under $50 or $75 if you’ve seen anything?
Yes! Here are some amazing options that look designer within your budget: one (love the croc!), two, and three!

8. I’m sure you’ve shared it at some point in the past, but I was hoping you could share what skin care products you used while pregnant. I’m realizing I have a lot to learn about what is & isn’t safe so if you guys have any recommendations, I’d love to know them! You both have such great skin :)
We used Tula products (just not the day & night cream because it has retinol) and Farmacy products!

9. My husband & I are spending our 10 yr anniversary in NYC in September.  Looking for great date-vibe spots from breakfast to evenings out – what would be your perfect kid-free 24 hours in the city with your hubbies?
Congratulations! My recommendations are: Buvette, Jack’s Wife Freda, or Bubby’s for breakfast. For lunch – BG at Bergdorf Goodman, the restaurant at RH in meatpacking, Catch rooftop (Meatpacking), or Bluestone Lane. For dinner – L’Artusi, Salinas, The Polo Bar, or Cecconi’s Dumbo. Grab a drink before or after dinner at the Baccarat Hotel – prettiest bar/salon, and they have a terrace as well!

10. What remedies do you use for anxiety?
I take lexapro and CBD oil. Working out helps me as well!
I use CBD oil, meditation, breathing, and a supplement from my naturopath doctor called Gaba.

11. Going to Vegas the weekend after Labor Day with my boyfriends ENTIRE family and it’s my first time meeting them…what do I wear to fit the Vegas vibe but still make an appropriate first impression around his family?!
Love this jumpsuit, this slip dress, this bodysuit, and this midi dress!

12. What undergarments/tape do you wear with those low v-necks or backless tops?
I’m pretty flat-chested, so I don’t have to wear a bra, but I use these nipple covers. I like them because they stay in place since they’re like a bandaid and they’re cheap! I’ve tried others, but I felt like you could see them through the top because they weren’t flat!
Meggan: I use the same nipple covers and I love this tape to keep clothes in place!

13. My sister’s first wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of the month and i have no idea what to get them. Do you normally follow the whole “paper” gift suggestion? Or go with something more modern? Also, should I do one gift for them as a couple, or an individual gift for each? I’m not that close to my BIL so any ideas would be helpful!
How nice of you! We would just do one gift for them as a couple and follow the paper theme for fun. If you, or anyone still has their wedding invitation you could have it framed, a photo book like the one from Chatbooks we shared on IG stories yesterday (we have a coupon code somewherelately20 for 20% off!), or tickets to a show or concert would be cute also!

14. I am in need of cute, comfy and business professional work shoes. I currently have some cheap heels from target that kill my feet by the end of the day, and some other sandals. Looking for heels, slip ons, sandals or anything else! I am constantly walking around and on the go so comfort is also super important.
If you can splurge on the Gucci Princetown mules or loafers, do it! They are so comfy and look great with business outfits as well. More budget-friendly options: these pumpsthese loafers (great dupe for the Gucci pair, and very comfy!), and these flats.

15. I’d love to hear about your handbag collections! Top 3 bags for each of you?
Probably my Dior saddle bagGoyard tote (because I use it daily), and Chanel Boy (old medium size). Gucci Dionysus is still up there with the favorites as well!
Meggan: Definitely the Goyard tote because I use it daily too – perfect mom bag lol. And my Hermés Evelyne (it’s so gorgeous and my husband surprised me with it) and my classic quilted Chanel.

16. I’m getting married in small ceremony late September and then having a big party the next day at concert venue with band. I’m totally lost on what to wear…(don’t want to wear my wedding dress which is long sleeve bohemian style  – Belize dress from BHDLN) everything white seems so summery to me, open to wearing metallic or something fun! Any suggestions you ladies have would be much appreciated!
Love that you’re open to not wearing white! This dress is so gorgeous with the belt they have it styled with, so pretty and fun! This dress is stunning, looks bridal, but has metallic on it as well. This blush metallic dress is so fun and perfect for a party (on sale!). This Alexis dress is so chic! Congrats! xx

17. I have been looking for a new foundation since Dior changed their formula. Do you have any go-to foundations that are long lasting and don’t feel heavy/oily?
Our favorite for what you’re describing is GA Luminous Silk!

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