1. Do either of you have an at home microdermabrasion tool? If so, do you think it works/makes a difference? You should do a post on all different types of beauty tools and if they’re worth the hype or not!
I have this one, but to be honest I haven’t used it very much. I have heard it’s an amazing at-home micro tool (from an esthetician), so I need to start using it!
Meggan: I have the same one and haven’t used it yet!

2. Love you girls and your style. With back to school around the corner I was hoping you could share some good pieces or outfits for dropping the kids at school or volunteering at school. You make everything look so effortless but still so nice and pulled together.
Most of the time we look a hot mess dropping our kids at school ha! But, best piece of advice would be to establish a “uniform” – something you love, feel comfortable in, and can easily throw on if you’re in a hurry (aka us every day lol). A few ideas – a good pair of leggings, or denim, a great basic tee, graphic tee, and a utility jacket, denim jacket or moto, with sneakers. Mix and match these pieces for several different looks!

3. I am a stay at home mom of a toddler and infant. I’m looking for a pair of adidas or nikes that I could wear with leggings while chasing my kids around town. I was thinking a lighter color but open to your suggestions!
Our favorite casual Nike & Adidas sneakers: this pair, this pair, this pair, and these!

4. I’m looking for a cute new tote for work. Do you have any recommendations?
Not sure of your price point but some great work totes we love…one (64% off!), two, three (personalize it!), and four!

5. Just wanted to ask a few questions about your self tanning routine. I think you said your favorite brand was St. Tropez? Do you apply it in the morning or at night? If at night, do your husbands complain about the smell and since it’s tinted does it rub off on your white sheets? Oh, any tips on applying to hands and feet would be great too!
I have so many self tan favorites, but the self tan express is my OG! The reason it’s my OG product is because you only have to leave it on for 3 hours (maximum!) to get a deep tan. That answers your other questions – no wearing it overnight, no worrying about your sheets, etc. For my hands and feet, I always use whatever product is leftover on the mitt after I’ve finished doing my entire body! I do not add new product when doing my hands/feet. This is definitely the most natural way to get your hands and feet tan!
Meggan: I’m scared of self tanner so I just use the Vita Liberata body blur when I need some color or go get a professional spray tan!

6. I currently have a dark gray shag carpet in my bedroom (Square shape 10×10). I I am looking for something that is a little more grown up from shag and will lighten the room…but still be resistant to husband, baby, and pets. Any Suggestions?
Love this rug – the pattern would hide any spills/dirt really well! This rug is such a great dupe for my family room rug and the price is amazing (on sale!). My friend has it, and it totally brightens up her bedroom! This one is also beautiful and on sale!

7. Can you both talk about mixing metals….I always feel like I can’t wear my Gucci loafers with the Dionysus bag since the loafers have gold hardware and the bag is silver.
We love mixing metals and do it every day! Don’t worry if your metals don’t match, it actually looks better and more effortless in our opinion!

8. I have a wedding in Vegas at the start of September; cocktail attire, any recommendations?
Some dresses that are perfect for a cocktail attire wedding in Vegas: one, two, three, and four! Have fun!

9. I’m heading back to grad school in the fall and looking for a cute leather backpack or tote that can fit a laptop! Thanks!
Love this leather backpack, this backpack, this perforated backpack, and this tote!

10. Best black jeans or black jeggings for fall? Comfy and high waisted 🙂!
These jeans are my favorite black pair, they are comfy and high waisted and they really suck you in! They run true to size, and I love the raw hem! A couple other options that look great: this pair and this pair!

11. Will you guys share fall jackets!?
Some favorite fall jackets – one, two, three (love!), four, and five (sleeves!)! Bring on fall, we can’t wait!

12. Headed to a wedding Labor Day weekend, any dress recommendations? Wouldn’t mind going with Rent the Runway and wearing something a little on the higher end.
Some RTR favorites: this one (stunnnnning! look at the review pics!), this Marchesa beauty, this lace dress, and this one! All stunning for a wedding guest!

13. Hubby and I are traveling to Vegas for the weekend in the October for two nights. Mama needs to know what to wear… a couple day time outfits and night out for a show and whatever moms wear to clubs these days !
For daytime – this dress, this coverup for the pool, this dress for comfy, and for night – this dress or this dress!

14. Taking a girls trip to Napa in the fall. Just girls, four days away. Outfit suggestions for day time and night time?
Love this tunic, this jumpsuit, this skirt, this set (top + skirt), and this dress!

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