1. What are some techniques that you use while searching the web for clothes? (Anxiety online shopper over here) Your picks and favorites are always so gorgeous. I just get so overwhelmed on shop bop, Zara, ASOS, Nordstrom, etc because there is SO MUCH. Do you type anything specific? How do you search through to find your picks that you post on the blog and insta?
It’s definitely overwhelming at times, but it’s our job ;) so we treat it like one! Some tips we have – we always start with ‘new arrivals,’ because that’s typically what we are looking for. From there, we filter options within a price range of either under $100 or under $200 depending on what we’re looking for. Of course if we’re looking for a ‘splurge’ item (bags, shoes, etc) that’s different, but when shopping for everyday pieces we start there. Then we will spend time browsing, and if we like something we will add it to the cart (remember – you can always go back and edit your online cart before you checkout). A lot of times we also narrow it down by color since we tend to stick to mostly neutrals. Not sure if these tips help or not, but hopefully they do!

2. My husband and I want to plan a week long vacation-no kids! What would you recommend-in the US and abroad? We’re open to either.
Turks & Caicos, Park City, Cabo, Seattle, Hilton Head, Marrakech, Miami and Austin are some of our favorite places. And after watching the show Yellowstone, I really want to plan a glamping trip in Montana – so beautiful there!

3. How do you find time for yourself while having kids? Do you have childcare that comes to help you while you work on the blog? I want to start my own blog but trying to figure out how I’m going to juggle motherhood and blogging at the same time. Love you girls!
Yes, I have a part-time babysitter that helps me a few days during the week! During the school year, Sophia is in school all day and Avery is in preschool 3 days a week (half day), so our schedule changes then, but this is our setup right now! I’m working on a ‘day in my life’ post and will share both a day when my sitter is here and a day when she is not.
Meggan: We don’t have a sitter but I’m ready to hire one! Right now I get most my work done during nap time and at night. During the school year it’s a little easier since Camden is there Mon-Thur. My husband works from home and we are both getting majorly distracted by each other and the kids (lol) so we talked and want to hire someone a few days a week so we can put our heads down and get work done. It will be nice to have a set schedule!

4. What are your favorite personalized jewelry pieces that are high-quality, but affordable?
It depends if you want real gold or just gold filled/plated, so we will share some favorites for both. Obviously real gold is going to be more expensive. Gold filled favorites: one, two (also avail in real gold), three. Real gold: one (they gave us a code for you to use: BM15 – gets you 15% off sitewide!), two, and three.

5. I have been wanting a good quality leather jacket but hesitant on spending the money on a jacket I won’t be happy with down the road. I saw you linked an All Saints Leather Jacket and I really like it! I think you own it Miss Brooke. How does it run? Miss Meggan do you own the same or can you share what you own. Also possibly suggest others under $500.
I have this Allsaints jacket and love it! If you’re looking to spend less – this one and this one are great options!
Brooke: Yes, I have the same (but mine is camel not black). I love the less expensive option Meggan linked as well as this one (black w/rose gold hardware!) if you go with something more budget-friendly – 40% off and all sizes currently avail!

6. Let’s talk your guys’ Goyard totes. Did you guys purchase them in store? Or from a third party? Where do you recommend getting one?
I bought mine from Goyard in NYC and Barney’s Madison Ave. I did a review on the Artois here. I would recommend buying one direct if you want it new – I’m pretty sure if you call either store inside Barney’s or Bergdorf’s, you can purchase over the phone and they can ship to you! If you’re looking for pre-owned, I would recommend eBay (authenticated) or Fashionphile.
Meggan: Mine was bought at the Goyard in Chicago. We’re getting one in Dallas (in HPV) and I’m so excited!

7. I’m in the midst of wedding planning (getting married in October) and honestly loathe the process. My fiancé and I just want to celebrate and enjoy ourselves but it seem a like there’s so many politics when it comes to the wedding itself. On top of that our daughter will be 17 months and I’m pretty nervous for how that will go the day of. Any advice you can give on how to enjoy your wedding?
That’s exactly how I (Brooke) was, I hated the process! So, we ended up hiring a planner and planned our wedding in less than 3 months! I let go of all control, I just wanted to have fun, be with my family & friends, and enjoy the day with my husband! I think brides can sometimes get so caught up in every little detail, and that takes the fun out of it! Also you have to remember it’s only one day – it’s going to go by so quickly, so don’t stress about the small things, everything will work out and just have fun! Congratulations!
Meggan: I hated the process too and just let my planner take over. Remember the reason you’re there, don;t sweat the small stuff, and realize something will probably go wrong ;) My son was 2 years old when we got married and we hired nannies to help for the day/night. It made everything so much easier!

8. Blogger business question! I see a lot of bloggers saying the ‘blogger market’ is so saturated and it’s difficult to grow. I’m not sure if they mean starting out, or if they are already established. Also instagram vs. $$$. I’m curious how you ladies feel about it? Have you grown on instagram? And $$ if that’s not too personal?
It’s definitely saturated and it seems like everyone is either a blogger or wants to start a blog. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow a business (if that is the goal). For us it didn’t happen overnight (year 3 was when we were able to quit our corporate jobs). We have grown on instagram, much slower in recent years though! And yes, our sales have continued to grow each year. Some months are better or worse than others, but YOY we have continued to grow. So yes, it’s certainly possible and you just have to go for it and be original! 

9. I am struggling to find a runner rug for my entryway. I would love to see your affordable options that you love and would buy yourself!
Love this one, this one (only $66!), this one is a bit more but gorgeous and one-of-a-kind, and also love this one! We would buy any one of these!

10. I am going to a bachelorette party in mid-October and the theme for one of the nights is wearing a metallic dress. I would like to find something under $100 and not a bodycon but still sexy! I have been looking but have not had luck. Do you have any ideas?!
This dress is amazingly chic and sexy and on major sale! So obsessed. Love this one, this one, and this one. This one is $144, but had to include it just in case because it’s gorgeous.

11. I have a Bachelorette party in Nashville that I’m attending in September. Can you provide me with a few black dress ideas that will go with cowboy boots?
Black dress options: here, here, here, and here!

12. I am going you Miami next week with my boyfriend! What are some good recommendations for restaurants, excursions, etc.? We aren’t really party/night club people!
We haven’t really done any excursions in Miami b/c truthfully we are lazy people on vacation & love just hanging out by the ocean or the pool all day then going to dinner at night ;). We loved The 1 Hotel South Beach – they have a great rooftop restaurant (and bar at night – so pretty!), and a great spot for breakfast as well (Plnthouse). Restaurants we loved – Upland, Casa Tua (so charming & fun for an after dinner drink as well), Nobu, Prime 112 (a scene), Makoto (Bal Harbor though), and Mandolin (Design District). I’ve heard mixed reviews about Swan but some people love it! Something I think would be so fun to do if you’re looking for something a little adventurous is parasail! I’ve done it (not in Miami) and it was way better than I was thinking it would be!

13. I have an evening charity event to attend in September and it will still be very warm where I live. I was told the dress for the event is “all across the board.” I would like to dress to impress but don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard as I will be seeing potential clients. Any recommendations for attire would be greatly appreciated!
Definitely go with something not too revealing, that you’ll be comfortable in, somewhat understated, but gorgeous. You never want to ‘stand out’ based on what you’re wearing at those kinds of events! Options: one, two, three, and four!

14. I’m heading to Nashville with some girlfriends for a long weekend the first weekend on November. Can you suggest some fun outfits…walking around/shopping/daytime as well as dinner & bar outfits!
Ahh love Nashville so much! A few things we would pack: this dress, this jumpsuit, these jeans, these booties, this sweater, these pants, this sweater dress, and this bodysuit.

15. I have a wedding on the Cali coast in mid Sept and need an outfit for both the night before reception and the ceremony. I have the Spell & the Gypsy wildbloom mini dress in blush, and I’ve never worn it, but I’m wondering if it will be too summery of a look to wear at that time, even with a cute jacket? The temps will be 60’s. Would love dress suggestions and your thoughts!
Wear your Spell dress for the rehearsal with a jacket! That will be so cute, and
September is still summery, especially in California! For the ceremony you could go a little more fall if you want – love this dress, this one, and this one! Looove this green dress, this lace dress, this one (LOVE), or this velvet dress.

16. We have a family wedding at the end of September in a very small town in rural Iowa. We will be attending with our toddler and 4 month old and I plan to still be breastfeeding. Any suggestions for a dress that is comfortable, conservative, classy and nursing friendly?
Nursing-friendly dresses that fit your requirements: one, two, three, and four. Throw a denim or moto jacket or cardigan over if it’s chilly or you want more coverage during the wedding!

17. I am moving to Chicago and need a really good + reasonably priced down coat, but the Sam Edelman Moncler dupe that Brooke posted sold out almost immediately! Can you provide a few other suggestions for cute (+functional) puffer coats?
This one looks good! Also love this one and this one! This one is 64% off! And this coat is pretty much famous lol and everyone says it’s SO warm! A few of my friends have it and love it!

18. I am attending a wedding in early September (not black tie) as a plus one and I’m looking for some comfortable but stylish dresses and shoe recommendations? Would you be able to round up a few options, I’m looking to stay away from the typical “black cocktail dress”.
Love this floral dress, this slip dress, this lace dress, and this apricot dress! Go with a nude simple strap heel like this.

19. Any opinions on engagement rings in platinum vs yellow gold? Would love feedback and ideas!
We did not pick ours out, but they are platinum. If you’re picking your ring, we say go with your favorite! Platinum is probably more classic and will never feel dated, but if you love yellow gold, go with your heart!

Please leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject!