1. I’ve followed you for a long time and LOVE your blog. As we quickly approach “back to school” I’d love to know what your morning routines are and any tips/tricks you have to getting out the door looking put together without feeling like you’re doing a fire drill LOL. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I have to keep getting up earlier and earlier to beat the kiddos!
Oh I feel you on so many levels lol! On days I’m heading to the bus stop, I 100% look like a hot mess. If I’m dropping off at school, I have to pull myself together a little more. Here are some of my tips: I have a ‘go-to uniform’ that looks pulled together and I can just grab it. Either black leggings (these are the best) or jeans, with a black or white tee and a moto or denim jacket. Pull my hair into a sleek low pony and throw on a pair of sunglasses. In terms of the morning routine, I wake up and get dressed right away instead of staying in my pajamas, it’s one thing out of the way and ends up saving time. We lay out outfits the night before for the girls so there is no wasting time trying to decide what to wear morning of. A lot less tears ;). I pre-pack snacks for school, so they can just grab one or two from the snack drawer and throw it in their backpack. Toothbrushes in the kitchen so they don’t have to run back upstairs to brush their teeth. I also set a timer in the kitchen every morning so we know how many minutes we have until we need to be out the door. This helps everyone stay on track. As much as I wish every morning were this seamless, that’s not my reality lol. But these are the tips that help me! Good luck, cheers to another year!
Meggan: I try to wake at least an hour before my kids so I can have time to do my skincare routine, get dressed, and have coffee in silence lol. I hattte feeling rushed so I try to do this consistently. Love all of Brooke’s tips but I’ll add that this primer and this eye balm is a game changer!! The primer gives you a glow and the eye balm brightens under your eyes so you look awake. And they only take a minute to put on! (our Tula discount code is SOMEWHERELATELY).

2. What are your favorite smell good products for your husbands!? Body wash, cologne, etc?
I honestly love Old Spice bodywash lol but my husband uses this one too and it smells really good! His top two colognes are here & here.
My all-time favorite scent for my husband (love it for myself too, it’s unisex!), is Santal 33. They have a body wash, lotion, and fragrance.

3. I’m looking to invest in a pair of designer statement boots this fall but I’m torn between the Givenchy Prue Studded booties and the Chloe Susanna booties (in the black leather w/ silver studs.) Which would you choose?
The Givenchy boots
 for sure! Meggan has them and they are so cute!

4. Any recommendations for plaid mini skirts for fall? and maybe some sweaters/top suggestions you’d style them with?
This one is so cute and on sale for $13! This one is a major splurge, but maybe the cutest one I’ve ever seen! Love this gray and black optionThis one is fun too! We would pair with a simple sweater like this one or this one.

5. Brooke, I have a 1 and 3 year old, and I am wondering how things have changed now that your kids are a little older? This stage has been a bit exhausting for me but I hear the elementary years are very fun — what are your thoughts?
Yes, that was probably the hardest time for me too, but also the years that went the quickest which makes me sad! I really feel like I don’t know where those 3 years just went. So cheesy but true – the days are long, but the years are short! That being said, it definitely gets easier when your oldest starts elementary school because it’s a full day. It’s so bittersweet because you want them to stay little, but you feel like you have more time in your day and you get to spend one-on-one time with your youngest. I also feel like it depends on the personality of your kids – Sophia is very active, needs constant activity, and absolutely loves school. Avery’s personality is opposite – she is content coloring, playing dolls, doing puzzles, and would be happy to never go to school lol! Once Avery starts elementary school (not until next year), it’s going to feel so weird because I’m so used to having her home with me. I’m definitely not ready for an empty house every day!

6. I know I’m super late to the Gucci Marmont party, but I’m seriously considering the velvet version for fall/winter. I’ve found some pre-loves options in really good condition and it looks like some are also still available online via MyTheresa, etc. I LOVE the cobalt blue (blue is my favorite color) but also digging the purple/fuchsia color. Which would you choose? Meggan what are your thoughts on velvet bags in general (I think you both have velvet YSL LouLou?)
LOVE velvet bags! We would do the cobalt blue since it’s your favorite color and it’s sooo pretty!!

7. Do you have any tips for cleaning your gold-filled/dipped jewelry? I find mine get dirty/rusty/smudgy and I can’t figure out how to make them look new again.
Hmm…we haven’t had that issue with ours! But we would recommend cleaning with a jewelry cloth like this one!

8. I have my first wedding season coming up and am so excited! Could you please share some ideas for dresses? I feel like I always wear black dresses, so I’d love to avoid that.
Yes! Some dresses we love are here (love the color!), here, here, and here!

9. I’m looking for affordable brown and black everyday belts, preferably with gold buckles. Do you guys have any suggestions?
Found some here, here, and here!

10. Looking for suggestions on a formal long dress for an early October Black Tie wedding. Can be a statement piece, but preferably something I could wear a bra with 😉
Love the color of this dress! Obsessed with this dress, but not sure if you’re comfortable with a strapless bra. Love this two piece dressThis dress is gorgeous and easy to wear a bra with, and also looove this one!

11. I’m going through recruitment and we need a light blue jumpsuit for one of our rounds and I have been unable to find one anywhere! I found one and got told it was too grey so I really need help!
This one
and this one are super cute and under $100!

12. Suggestions on a cute diaper backpack? I’m so over my lame backpack and want something cute!
Love this FP one (especially in butterscotch), this Pottery Barn one (can be worn 2 ways!), this Skip Hop one, and this camo one!

13. I recently received this Tiffany bracelet as a gift and want to stack some other bracelets with it. I always love how you both stack bracelets. Any suggestions on what to pair with it?
Love that! We love mixing metals and here are some that would look great with your ball bracelet: onetwothree. And we have a code – SOMEWHERELATELY that will get you 10% off

14. My best friend and I might be taking a spontaneous last minute trip to Chicago in a few weeks. What do I wear?! Is the style any different there vs here (NY)?  I need inspo lol
The style is pretty much the same – you can really wear whatever you want! Some things we would wear are jeans/shorts/skirt (love this one) with a graphic tee, this top, this dress (with sneakers), and this set (for night).

15. Any suggestions for what to wear to a wedding in Jackson Hole? The ceremony and reception are outside around a barn so would be great if I can pair with white sneakers underneath. Ideally around $150 or less.
Sounds like it’s going to be so pretty! Some options under $150: here, here, here, and here. A short block heel would be a good option for outdoors too if you can see the sneakers with the dress!

16. I am going to LA over Labor Day Weekend for my friends Bachelorette party! We have planned a wine tour in Malibu and I’m wondering if either of you have been and if you have any recommendations on brunch spots and shopping? Also, do you know of any fun spots to go out in West Hollywood?
Sorry, we really don’t know that area well at all! Maybe check out With Love From Kat’s app! She shares all of her favorite places and I think she has a Los Angeles section!

17. Can you guys link that razor again that you shared on instastories? I forgot to screenshot – sorry!
Yes – it’s the Billie razor and you’re going to be obsessed! We also love the shaving cream, body wash, and moisturizer! Everything smells so good and the razor is the best we’ve ever tried!

18. I’m headed to Miami in a few weeks – any recommendations for a great swimsuit coverup?
Love this one, this one (have it and <3 it!), and this one! I wore this one in Vegas (in neon) – it’s definitely expensive for a coverup but it’s so fun and I got so many compliments on it!

19. I have a wedding next month in Dallas and need to wear a blush pink or nude dress, I’m in the “house party” so not in the wedding but will be in some of the photos and have some duties I guess haha. If there are any that y’all see or love please share!
Lot’s of pretty blush/nude dress options: here, here, and here!

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