Meggan Q&A from Instastories

Are you happy with the age gap between Camden and Mila?
Yes! Cam is independent and is so helpful with Mila. It’s so fun watching him interact with her!

Favorite Bravo shows?
All of them? lol But really the ones I can’t miss are Below Deck, all the housewives (yes I watch every city lol), Top Chef, Vanderpump Rules, and Southern Charm.

What was the vitamin or supplements you’ve tried for anxiety?
Ashwagandha and this Calm drink.

When did you know you were “ready” for kids?
I didn’t! My (now) husband and I accidentally got pregnant after 4 months of dating. I was 25 and always thought I wanted to start having kids when I was 30+. I was terrified and it took me awhile to get excited about the pregnancy but it all worked out!

Where are your circular containers in your bathroom from?
I bought mine at the Container Store (these) but you can also order them on Amazon here!

What made you want lip injections?
My hairstylist got them and they looked SO good and natural! I booked an appointment with the same girl that did hers the following week. I guess I’m easily influenced lol. I’m glad I did them though because I’m obsessed!

How often do you wash your hair and style it? Do you style it at night after the kids go to bed?
It depends on how many times I work out that week but usually 2-3 times. I wash and dry it at night then curl it in the AM.

Would you rather never drink wine or never drink caffeine?
I could never give up wine!! I actually mostly drink decaf coffee because caffeine triggers my anxiety!

Do you really love the Billie Razor?
Yes – it’s gives the smoothest shave and it’s cheaper than buying razors at Target (only $9)! I also love their shaving cream and body lotion.

What filter do you guys use?
We use our friend, Marina McAvoy’s preset!

Best things to do/places to eat in Dallas with kids?
We love the aquarium, Kylde Warren Park, Children’s Museum, the Farmer’s Market, Hawaiian Falls Water Park, Urban Air Trampoline Park, and the Crayola Experience. Our go-to kid friendly restaurants are Cane Rosso, Oishii, Pie Tap, Meso Maya, Rodeo Goat, Taco Heads, Buggati, TJ’s Seafood Market, and Neighborhood Services.

Favorite workout tank/leggings?
I love this Lululemon tank (on sale!) and this Fabletics one. My all-time favorite leggings for working out and athleisure are the Lulumeon Align crop – I live in the camo pair!

Did you have 1st trimester nausea with any of your babies? If so, how long did it last?
I had it with Mila till around 16 weeks – so miserable!! I felt like I was hungover 24/7 and nothing sounded good to eat. I wrote about it a little here.

What is your favorite perfume?

How do you stay so fit?
I wouldn’t say I’m so fit but thank you! I try to eat clean (80/20 rule) and workout 3-4 times a week! I try to mix up my workouts – a lot of HIIT routines on the treadmill or with the jumprope and a lot of free weights. I usually just find random workouts on YouTube (love Tone It Up) or Pinterest!

What did you do before blogging?
I worked as a mens stylist at Trunk Club in Chicago.

What does your current diaper bag look like?
It’s a ziplock bag that I throw in my tote – second kid problems lol!

Favorite eye cream and patches?
I keep going back to this Tula eye serum – I love the cooling applicator! And my favorite eye patches are these PTR cucumber ones. I keep them in the fridge so it’s like a cold compress and de-puffs you eyes!

How do you get out and do so much with your baby?! I feel like I’m trapped at home!
You just have to start doing it – the more it happens, the easier it is!

What Miranda Frye bracelets do you wear daily?
This one
, this one, and this one! I haven’t taken them off since I got them and they still look great!

Do you think you’ll stay in Dallas long-term?
I think so! My husbands family is here and he needs to be in a central location for his job.

How often do you regret a purchase or have buyers remorse?
I used to all the time because I was such an impulse shopper!! I don’t have buyers remorse that much anymore because I think before I buy (most of the time lol)!

What did you do about your anxiety while pregnant?
Exercise, avoided caffeine, and drank this magnesium powder. I started back on my medication about 2 weeks before I gave birth so it would kick in around the time I delivered.

What are your baby product must-haves (besides clothes)? Expecting a baby girl in December!
Congratulations! I’m a minimalist when it comes to baby products but here are my must-haves: Halo Bassinet, a sound machine, this swaddle, this swing, this travel system, black out curtains, and this bath seat.

What’s the most annoying question you get a lot?
How much money we make and how we “afford things”. I don’t think that’s appropriate/awkward question to ask anyone lol!

Tell us more about your foster care life, if you don’t mind!
My mom had me in high school and wasn’t sure she could give me the life she wanted to give me. She put me in a foster home so she could have some time to figure everything out and ended up keeping me 🙂 I don’t remember it since I was just a baby but the family made me photo album of my time there.

Where is your black bed frame from?
Cb2 but it’s no longer available!

What type of camera do you use to take your pictures?
The Canon 6D
with the 24-105mm lens.

What anxiety medicine do you take?

In need of a classic jean jacket – what is your favorite?
I’ve had this one for years and still love it!

Best stores for baby girl clothes?
I do most my shopping at Old Navy, Cotton On, Target, Spearmint Baby, Nordstrom, and H&M. I linked some other favorites here!