Brooke Q&A from Instastories

Thanks for submitting your Q’s on instastories! Answering as many as I could below xx

Do you LOVE your Goyard tote? Thinking about investing but am unsure!
I do love mine and I know Meggan loves hers as well! If you want to find one cheaper, try looking at pre-owned options that are in good condition like these!

At what age did you start having kids? And are you done?
I had Sophia when I was 24 and Avery at 27! I’m not sure if we are done, but I don’t think so.

Would you ever move back to Iowa?
Probably not, but never say never!

What are your favorite home decor/furniture stores?
I love Wayfair because they have so much of everything and for every budget – I’ve ordered designer pieces there (these chairs), but also this affordable sectional for our basement recently. I also love Serena & Lily, Studio McGee, Amber Interiors, CB2, RH, Etsy, and local antique stores and home decor boutiques for unique pieces. St. Frank has some really pretty things in the city and online!

If you could only own one pair of Golden Goose sneaks which would it have to be? 
Probably this pair because they go with everything!

Will you ever do a house tour? Love all of your photos!
Thank you! Yes, I can definitely share more! I’m bad about taking photos of my house because I feel like my spaces are never really finished, but I’ll do better!

Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I have two older brothers!

What was the first thing you ever bought from blog income?
This Proenza bag.

Favorite Peloton instructor?
Cody and Alex!

If you HAD to have tile floor in your kitchen what stye would you do? Can’t look like wood. HELP!
Some tile floors I love – this one, this one, and this one!

Have you had Botox? Thoughts? 
Yes – I have done Dysport & Jeuveau. I personally like the results and ask for it to be natural, not frozen.

Where is your bedroom rug from?
It’s this one from Serena & Lily. And it’s currently on sale!

Love your hair & how you style it. Do you have layers? 
Thank you! I don’t, I have a blunt cut with texture. I do have a few shorter pieces to frame my face, but that’s it.

Do you still do FWTFL?
I do not, I wrote a little about it in this post. I will do another health update soon!

Random, but what socks do you wear with all your sneakers?
These are my favorite no-show socks
! I wear them with all of my sneakers, and they don’t fall down.

Is it hard raising kids away from family?
Yes, but it’s all I’ve ever known since having kids. I wish so much that my family (and/or my husband’s!) could live close to us. It’s definitely hard & makes me sad to not have any family close, but we’ve made some amazing friends in our neighborhood that feel like family now.

If you had to only pick one designer bag, what would it be? 
Probably a classic Chanel – goes with everything and holds value well!

How do you decide what makeup to pack when you travel?
It depends where I’m traveling. I always try to pack the least amount of makeup I can for every trip because it’s so heavy! When I was packing for Iowa, I kept it very minimal – foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush. I didn’t bring extras or eyeshadow palettes, etc. However, if it’s a work trip and there are events (or a wedding for example), I would pack a lot more for a full face.

Biggest purchase you regret this past year?
Hmm…good question! Probably my STAUD bag because I didn’t use it nearly as often as I thought I would! It also went on sale shortly after I paid full price.

Will you do a post on your DIY painting? Where did you hang it? 
Yes, I will definitely do a full blog post on this. We are having it framed right now, and once it’s back it will be hanging in our dining room.

If you could only pick ONE nude lipstick forever, which would it be? 
Such a hard question for me lol b/c I love so many! If I had to say, it would probably have to be NARS Cruising – it’s so good, like natural lips but better! It can be worn alone or with a full face of makeup and looks just as good either way!

How to get over the worst heartbreak of your life? 
Stay busy, hang out with your girlfriends a lot, find a hobby you love, and focus on yourself! I think everyone has been there, and it’s not easy, but it will get better!

Did you end up investing in the Anine Bing coat? I’m debating the same one right now! 
Yes, I ordered it but haven’t received it yet. Everyone who responded on IG said it was 100% worth it!

When you lived in the city, what neighborhood were you in?

You said you had acne before. Did you get scars? Anything to help minimize them?
I got acne after having Avery – really bad on my chin and nose. I didn’t get any scars, but I think there are lasers that can help with acne scarring. The GloPro is supposed to help with scarring from acne as well.

Home design trend that is going out of style? 
I think super cool tones (like cool grays) are on their way out. Warm neutrals and creamy whites seem to be taking over and I’m here for it! I think a lot of designers are going for a more lived-in look over a cool, sterile vibe.

I love your arm stack. Do you have problems w/scratching w/tennis bracelet?
Yes, my bracelets definitely have scratches on them, but it doesn’t really bother me. They can be buffed once in their lifetime, so I’ll do that whenever I pass them on.

What is your favorite part about running your business? 
I love being an entrepreneur, having a great partner, and having the independence of working from wherever I am whether it’s home or traveling. I love the creative aspect of this industry, but also the business side as well!

What was your first designer handbag? 
A Gucci bag I found at Saks off 5th.

How is your diet & fitness regimen going?! I’m a couch potato right now and relate to your ups and downs. 
My diet is on track right now, but I haven’t worked out much recently because I’ve been traveling so much. I’m excited to get back into a routine next week once school starts again and I have more of a regular schedule! But even just by eating healthy, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the way I feel. I’m going to do a whole post on this soon because I have quite a bit to update you on!

Favorite affordable jewelry brand? 
Probably Miranda Frye! They’re always releasing new pieces and we have a coupon code for a 10% discount – SOMEWHERELATELY.