I’m an avid housewives watcher and love when Meggan posts that she’s watching Bravo! For a non-fashion coffee talk question, can you rank your top 5 absolute favorite and then top 5 least favorite housewives?! Interested to hear yours!
Favorites – Kyle, Lisa Rinna, Nene, Erika, Stephanie, and Melissa Gorga. Least Favorites – LVP (as of this year!), Danielle Staub (not sure if she even is one currently, but hard no), Jennifer (the new one from RHONJ last season), Vicky, and LeeAnne.
Meggan: Kyle, Bethenny (cannot believe she’s leaving), Lisa Rinna, Melissa Gorga, Margaret, Nene, and Stephanie (couldn’t pick only 5). My least favorites are Siggy (I know she’s not still one but I can’t with her), Erika Jayne (used to LOVE her, like one of my favs but she’s so cold/seems bored now), Luanne (she makes for great tv though), Ashely (from RHOP. Also don’t sleep on Potamic people – it’s so good!), and Tinsley (she brings nothing to the table).

I’m going to London in October and would love your recommendations on affordable fall hats that don’t scream summer? Any ideas?
Some hats we love – one, two, three, and four!

What are some fun, trendy ideas for fall purchases? Examples: leopard print, neon, etc. I’m working to have a closet full of high quality basics and have some fun seasonally with what’s fun and in style. I find myself gravitating towards leopard print and neon still, but looking for ideas on what’s up and coming.
Neon was more of a spring/summer trend but animal print is definitely fall and if you’re into that here are some super cute finds: skirt, boots, track pants (obsessed, over 60% off!), and cardigan. A couple more trends we are loving – puff sleeve tops and leather trousers! I got these pants in a US small and could have done XS, they run a little big.

I love midi dresses and I am actually looking for reconditions on one for my wedding shower and another one to wear to a friends wedding!
A few midi dresses we love are this off-the-shoulder one, this slip dress, and this dress.

Do you know of any skincare that would help with rosacea?
Here is a great article on the best skincare products for rosacea. We’ve heard great things about this soothing serum as well, the price isn’t terrible either!

I have vacillated on the Gucci loafer slides for two years now, do you think they are timeless and worth the investment? Or would you go for a dupe? If you vote for the real deal – fur or no fur? I LOVE the look of the fur but I def question the durability/timelessness and if I invest in a good brand I prefer to go for classics that I can use for years.
I have the slides with and without the fur. While I really love both, I think you should invest in the classic no fur!
Brooke: I have both and my favorite are the ones with the fur! The upside of the non-fur is that you can wear them year-round, and if you are concerned with longevity I would also say go with the classic without fur.

I have a few this or that questions 🙂 Coffee or tea? Online shopping or in-store? Swimming or sunbathing? Phone call or text? While walking, podcasts or music? Sneakers or sandals?
Brooke: Love this question! Chai latte, online shopping, swimming, text (unless it’s family – then phone call), music, sneakers!
Meggan: Coffee 100%, online shopping, swimming, text (but Facetime with my family), podcasts, and sneakers!

I got engaged just over a month ago and am starting to think about creative, cute and fun ways to ask my best friends and sisters to be my bridesmaids & maid of honor! What did the two of you do for this? Or what are some ideas that maybe you’ve seen/would include in a proposal box?
I feel like I got married in ancient times lol, because this wasn’t a “thing” when I got engaged. I just called all of my best friends and asked them to be my bridesmaids (because we all lived far apart). I think it’s fun to have flowers delivered or a bottle of wine though, I would probably keep it simple!
Meggan: I kept it simple and gave my girls flowers (from this place https://www.flowersfordreams.com/ , sooo cute!) and a card. I’ve never heard of proposal boxes but there are tons of cute ideas here!

I got the classic Burberry quilted jacket a couple of years ago. I was wondering if you had any outfit suggestions to make it look less preppy and more youthful.
Pair it with a graphic tee, ripped jeans, and sneakers!

I have an early fall, black tie optional wedding and am in dire need of a dress. The hardest part is it’s my boyfriend’s family and I want to look cute/ trendy but also have to be decently covered – no extreme cut outs, low cut, or high slits. Would love your ladies help because I am strugglin!
This dress is stunning in green (love it for fall), so obsessed with this dress and the color is perfection, and this dress is gorgeous, love the lace detail!

Would love to see links to cute Hawkeye apparel for game day!
Love Tailgate apparel – so many cute styles here! Also the Iowa Wave Shirt – if you’re a Hawkeye fan, you definitely know about the wave, and this shirt is so cute and different – the back is also printed with game dates! I (Brooke) have it in size medium (fits like a small IMO), and 100% of proceeds benefit The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital! Such a great cause. They also have a ton of other options.

The entry way to my apartment is in some dire need of design help. I live in San Francisco, so naturally the moment we get home we take our shoes off. I’m looking for a bench or a table with a bottom rack that we could easily slip our shoes into for storage. It still needs to be chic on top and functional on the bottom. I would appreciate any and all recommendations!
Love this little bench with shoe rack! Love this one too and it’s nice that it has a spot to hang jackets as well! This one is super chic as well!

I have my fiancé’s police graduation on October 1st up in Toronto! I feel like it’s such a transition period because while it’s technically fall, it still might be warm. Any idea of what I should wear? For some background, at his first graduation I wore a midi length sun dress with a jean jacket and sandals.
Love this jumpsuit, this dress (love it in yellow!), this dress, and this skirt!

I’m going to a wedding in two weeks with a guy I’ve been seeing for the past few months (and really want to impress), but the dress code is more dress-casual than super formal. The wedding is in Washington state, so it will likely be in the 60-70’s. Would love any suggestions!
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one! Sure to impress!

What the heck do I wear for a POST MALONE concert!?!? It’s end of September in Minneapolis and cannot even wait!
 This dress with sneakers would be so cute! This skirt (in black) would look cute with a graphic tee, and this dress is fun/different and look good with sneakers!

I have a wedding at the end of September in NC that’s beach casual attire. It’s a really small wedding at a house on the beach so I’m assuming pretty casual. Any suggestions on an option I may be able to use again in my fall wardrobe? I’ll be almost 5 months pregnant so would love a flowy option.
This dress
is gorgeous, love this one, and this one.

Have either of you tried the cult favorite Bioligique Reserche P50 toner? Curious on your thoughts!
Brooke: I have been wanting to try it forever, but haven’t! I think you just pushed me to order it today ;). Stay tuned!
Meggan: I haven’t even heard of it but now I’m intrigued!

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