1. When it comes to the trendy boots. Which would you have if you could only pick one? White boots, leopard, or snakeskin?
Brooke: Leopard – more of a classic and goes with everything (I love this pair & they are currently 30% off!). Exhibit A
Agreed! I love this pair!

2. I am looking to invest in a designer crossbody bag, since I find myself wearing this style way more than a regular tote. Any recommendations?
Some favorite crossbody bags: this YSL, this Fendi, this YSL (obsessed with the matte black), and this Gucci.

3. I am looking for a good pair of brown loafers. I have a few pairs of Gucci loafers and slides and I am not sure I want to stick with that style, but I haven’t see many other brands out there. Would you recommend sticking with Gucci or have you seen other styles that are worth a try?
Yes, our personal favorites are the Gucci’s! Stick with those. Also really looove this pair of Tods – similar shape, but the hardware is a little different and so chic!

5. If you were to recommend 1 beauty tool in your skin care routine, what would it be? Especially for money conscious moms 🙂
My budget-conscious recommendation would be a gua sha! You can find super affordable ones (I just bought this set), and you can do so much with it! Watch @noyskincare stories on IG – she is amazing and pretty much only uses a gua sha tool!
Meggan: Okay wow I just looked at @noyskincare and decided I really need to start using mine! It’s not exactly budget friendly but I really love my GloPro! There’s tons of budget friendly ones here and they have great reviews. I also really love my ice roller!

6. If you could pick any Chanel and/or any Hermès bag (Birkin or Kelly)…which/what would you pick??!! I have the chance to purchase either bag and I just don’t know what to do! Not sure I want my husband to spend the money on a Hermès BUT would I regret not taking advantage of the chance??! HALPPPPP!
You should go with whichever bag you love the most! Personal favorite is a smaller Kelly with a crossbody strap! Or a smaller Birkin – just not a really big one.

7. I need a gooooood black blazer for family photos in November. Something different, edgy even. Also a red cami for underneath. Thanks girls!
Black blazer options here, here, and here! And love this red lace cami!

8. What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
Road trip with your best friends. I’ve done two major road trips but my favorite was my senior year of college. We started in IC, Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego, then back to Denver, then home (we stopped in fun little towns along the way too). Gahh it was so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Pick up a stranger’s tab, anonymously. Once in a while I pay for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive-through and it’s fun because everyone gets excited about it – the employees, and the person who gets the gift obviously. It feels good to make someone’s day a little better than it was. One time someone literally chased me down to say thank you lol! Random acts of kindness give so much joy – even if it’s as small as a cup of coffee. The other one on my list is to travel somewhere outside your comfort zone. I almost backed out on our Morocco trip because my anxiety was getting the best of me, but it was 100% the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on & made me want to travel more!

9. Every time hit a BIG milestone at work I reward myself with something to commemorate it! It’s a bit of an excuse to splurge but also brings back that memory every time I use it. This time, I’m debating between an “everyday” crossbody bag such as the Gucci Mini Dionysus or the Saint Laurent Lou (black on black, drool). OR investing in some Gucci mules. Would love your advice or other ideas!! Spending around $1k.
We would do the Gucci mules because you will get so much wear out of them! But if you really want a crossbody we would do the Gucci Mini Dionysus or the medium Lou – it holds a little more for everyday use!

10. Do you use a microdermabrasion device regularly? In your #coffeetalk post from August you both mention you have one but don’t use it too often, do you recommend regular usage of it or another kind?
My answer is still the same lol. I do not use it regularly!
Meggan: Lol same – I really need to get mine out!

11. I’m looking for a nice pleated skirt, something timeless or fun. I’d like something midi length, even asymmetrical. Any suggestions?
Love this one and it comes in 5 colors! This one is also gorgeous and is on sale! This one is stunning and love how they styled it!

12. Would love to see some ideas for cute fall date night outfits!
Fall date night pieces – this blazer with this camithis top (obsessed!), and this dress or this dress with a moto jacket over top!

13. I’m getting engagement photos done in Chicago in mid-October and am totally lost on what to wear. We are looking to do two outfits – one more casual (thinking jeans and a sweater) and one a little more fancy (nothing super formal, though). Can you post some outfit ideas? Thank you so much!
This slip dress
and this jumpsuit are pretty for a fancier option! Or you could do leather pants (like these) with a blouse! For casual vibes: these black jeans, this off-the-shoulder sweater, these mid rise jeans, this button sweater or this balloon sleeve sweater. This one is simple/cute too!

14. Just found out I’m pregnant with my first (5 weeks in) – any must haves? What prenatal vitamins did you guys like?
Congrats! I’m a pretty low maintenance pregnant lady but my must-haves are comfy leggings (these are my go-to), ginger chews to help with nausea, a giant water bottle, and a pregnancy pillow! And I took Nature’s Made prenatal vitamins (#1 on this list).
Brooke: Ditto to what Meggan said. It’s been so long I can’t really remember lol! But I do remember loving Jolly Ranchers to help with nausea.

15. I’m going to Napa for a wedding in October — would love to see a few dress options under $200. Any cute day outfit ideas?
Stay tuned – we will be doing a wedding guest dress post next week! A few day outfit options: this dress (see it on here), this maxi dress, and this romper. And if it’s going to be cooler: these black

16. Hit me with your best fall country concert vibes/outfits.
This denim shirtdress
, this mini dress (love it belted), this romper, and this dress (belted + boots is sooo cute). I always rock these shorts with a belt (similar to this one), boots, and tee for country concerts!

17. Do you guys have any gifts suggestions for a significant other around $300-400? I gifted a card case last year and it was a hit! Looking for something different for this year and having a tough time LOL
My husband loves sunglasses or shoes – fun to give as gifts, too! I bought him these sunglasses for his birthday and he loves them. These sneakers would be a great gift! Another idea is a nice scarf for winter like this one.
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