1. Can you share some favorite kitchen rugs?
We love vintage rugs for the kitchen! They are one-of-a-kind, easy to keep clean, and so interesting! Some favorites – one, two, three, and four! And this Target one is vintage inspired and pretty!

2. Brooke – I just purchased the Mango faux leather joggers you posted…now I need help styling them! Any suggestions?!
I’ve only worn them once so far, and linked up that outfit here! I did a thin cashmere sweater with sneakers (my Golden Goose). Other ideas – a bodysuit with heels – I think since they’re baggy(ish), you need to keep the top pretty fitted or streamlined. Also love this look, but I would change the shoes to simple pumps.

3. Would love your ideas for fall mantle decor! We don’t have a lot of space for height or width (our tv takes up most of the space) but want to give it a little fall refresh.
Keep it simple! Love this garlandthese candle holdersthese pumpkins, or these skull candles if you want a Halloween vibe!

4. Do you have any favorite faux leather moto jacket favorites for fall?
Yes! Here, here, here, and here!

5. I’m going to New York next month with my 1 year old daughter and hubby. What should I wear? Any tips on restaurants and/or places to go?
It’s so hard to suggest what to wear because it could either be really hot or really cold when you’re visiting, so definitely check the weather before you pack. But definitely bring your comfiest sneakers! Some kid-friendly restaurants I love: Rosemary’s (brunch or lunch), Bubby’s (brunch or lunch), Locanda Verde, The Smith (several locations, great food), RH Rooftop for a drink or small bite (gem lettuce salad is so good along with the shrimp cocktail) – I’m not sure if they have high chairs, but I’ve definitely seen kids there, and Upland. Have fun! xx

6. Curious what book recommendations you got on Instagram! I need a new one too!
The Banker’s Wife, City of Girls, Someone We Know, One Day in December, Thoughtless, and Where the Crawdads Sing.

7. I need help with a new media/tv stand. Something longer than 72” and with storage cabinets underneath to hide alllll the toys! Any ideas?
Love this white one (so much storage!), this modern one, this reclaimed wood + lacquer one, and this grey one.

8. My husband needs shopping help and I think your hubbies could help. He’s about 6’ 4” and 220 and can’t ever find pants in the store that fit him well. Do you have any recommendations or go to’s from your hubbies?! Dress pants and jeans would be great!
My husband is 6’5″ and his go-to brands are Joe’s, Fidelity and AG.
Brooke: Chad’s favorite brands are J. Crew, J Brand, and Ksubi. He’s only 6’1 though, so he doesn’t really have a hard time finding a good fit. I’d recommend having someone who works at a store help since they would most likely know the fits they offer, and what would be best for him!

9. Can you share your favorite recommendations for black, everyday leggings? There are SO many options, I’d love to hear what your favorites are.
I haven’t branched out from this pair in years – should I try something else!? I love them but wondering if there’s something better (around the same price point!).
Brooke: I avoided this pair for so long because of the price – $98 seemed like a lot for leggings. But they are 100% worth every penny, my holy grail leggings! I wear them 4-5x’s a week (price per wear!), they feel like butter on your skin, and they don’t stretch out over time. I also love the pair Meggan linked!

10. Was curious if you guys could post some outfit ideas for a fall bridal shower. I’m the maid of honor and want to look cute for pics but not over the top! Also if you guys have any bathing suit / cover up suggestions- taking a birthday trip to PR in October! Under $100 please!
Bridal shower outfit options: this snake print dress, this mini dress, this leopard dress, or this satin midi dress! And for your birthday trip, love this this suit, this coverup, this beach dress, this one piece, and this bikini.

11. Can you do a round up of some good basics? I live in New York and having to work around four seasons is expensive and ever-going. I have tons of clothing, but feel like I’m always missing the basic black v neck or tank to actually be able to build the outfit. Can you please share specifics you always use that can possible transition season to season? Even accessories, I am really trying to cut down on how much money I spend, but I feel like a new season is rolling around and I have to pack up whatever I just bough before I even got a chance to enjoy it.
I feel you! It sounds like you need to build a good ‘basics’ wardrobe. I used to be the same way – so many clothes but no good basics. I feel like I’ve finally built a pretty good wardrobe that I can easily add a few new pieces to each season and be good. This turtleneck (only $39!) is a must-have for me. I have several because I wear it so much. I wear this with black jeans, blue jeans, black pants, skirts… really everything! Add a blazer over top and you’re good to go – always looks clean and chic! This camisole is a great piece to have – wear it alone, under a cardigan, moto jacket, or blazer – buy one get one for $19 (mix and match)! Some great basic tees – one (how is this on sale for $3?!), two, and three. Hope this helps!

12. I am having a hard time finding high rise dark denim with no rips that don’t have that weird discoloration around the hips. I don’t love super stretchy jeans. Would love to spend on the closer end to $100!
Ahhh we know what you mean! Found a few pairs here, here, and here! Also, I have and looove this pair – they’re over $100 but the quality is great!

13. Please share your favorite bootie round-up. Looking for something with some height, but still comfortable to wear out with young kids. 1″-3″ with a chunkier heel maybe? I had the Rag & Bone Newbury boots, but they are SO uncomfortable!
Love this pair, this pair, this pair, and this pair (lusting!).

14. I feel like I’m always buying new dresses every time I have an event, and would love to have a go-to. For example, I have a winter “formal” for school (deff dressy but I wouldn’t say people are decked out in gowns and tuxes), and a wedding NYE. I want something that I can feel confident and sexy in, but nothing scandalous where I feel self-conscious in certain settings. I’m pretty tall (5’10”!) and so it’s hard to find a perfect mini dress for my height. Looking for above knee or even midi and am open to the idea of jumpsuits but once again needs to work with my long legs…lol thank you!
We just did a huge roundup of dresses here – hopefully one will work for your height!

15. I am a recent grad moving to San Francisco for a few weeks for a job!! I was wondering if you had any tips for furnishing a small space or recs on where to  furniture/decoration shop 🙂
For small spaces we like World Market (they have a small spaces section), IKEA, and Urban Outfitters! And some tips are decorate with mirrors (makes the room look bigger), avoid clutter (duh lol), get large rugs (small ones make the space feel smaller), and decorate with neutrals and add pops of color.

16. I am looking for a dress to wear in a Nebraska wedding in October! Do you have any recommendations for a formal/semi-formal blush OR wine colored dress-preferably floor length and with some sort of sleeve?
Not seeing a ton we love with all those requirements but found a few pretty midi with sleeves here, here, here, and here!

17. Fall/winter baby shower outfit ideas? Not too dressy…completely lost! Help! Lol
We just did a huge wedding guest dress roundup here but so many of them from the casual section could work for a baby shower!

18. We are taking a family vacay to Disney World in October. I’m not into the match-y family outfits, just not my thing lol. I want to be comfy, but not look like a slob. Any recommendations of what to wear?
We would probably do leggings, oversized tees, a denim or moto jacket, and sneakers! Cute, comfy, and ready to take on Disney ;).

19. My sister and I have two predicaments coming up! Any dress ideas for us for our little girls baptisms? And were having family pictures taken with our whole family this fall, any group outfit ideas or ideas for us to wear!
For baptisms – this dressthis dressthis dress, or this skirt with this top. For family photos, it’s hard to suggest outfits because not sure how dressy or casual you want to make them, but here are some inspo pics we love for color palettes – onetwothree.

20. Any favorite (affordable lighting options for my home? We are building so I need it all!
Yes! Love this chandelier, these sconces, this flushmount, this chandelier, these sconces, and this one too!

21. My husband wants to get me a piece of jewelry for our anniversary and I am looking at the Cartier love bracelet. I think you both have the ring and Brooke, has the bracelet. Brooke, do you think it’s worth it? Do you mind wearing it 24/7? Do y’all have any other recommendations? Diamond tennis bracelet? I’m a mom of three little ones under 4, so just looking to elevate by mom uniform! Lol
Personally love the Love bracelet, but it’s definitely something you would want to love since it is an investment! I also love the thin version which is a little less $$ if that is more your taste. I have never taken mine off. If you’re looking into tennis bracelets, you’ll definitely be able to get more for your $$ though. Check out Lauren B on instagram – they have beautiful jewelry and great customer service! Happy Anniversary!

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