So I read the F-factor book after seeing it here and start the diet this week! Would love some meal/snack inspo from Brooke and any suggestions for high fiber /low carb crackers, the GG crackers mentioned in the book seem pricey!
Awesome! If you can find them at Whole Foods, they are only $2-$3 or pack, or here on Amazon (this is for a pack of 5, which is why you maybe thought it was more expensive than it really is. There are 12 crackers in each pack). Other high fiber foods include chia seeds, raspberries, cereals like Bran Buds, wheat bran, non-starchy veggies (reference the cheat sheet in the book) and Julian’s granola (this is expensive, but it’s one of my favorite things). Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!

What’s your code for the Billie Razor?
We don’t have a code (maybe we can get one?!) but it’s only $9 for the starter kit! It’s truly the best razor we’ve tried – read our full review here! And don’t sleep on their other products – the shaving cream and sudsy body wash are great too!

Hi looking to splurge on a piece of jewelry for my 30th. I have the Cartier ring and love how Brooke pairs hers next to the Tiffany T ring. Would you recommend the Tiffany ring or do you think there’s something better for that price point?
I love that option, but here are a few more I love at a similar price point – one, two (I have this one, it’s so pretty), and three – love this one and it’s a lot less! Happy 30th!

Looking for a new black bag. I have been wearing my small GG Gucci Marmont for a year now and want something new. Everyday but can be dressed up too. Around roughly same price point. Thank you ladies!
Love this blacked out LouLou, but it also comes in black and gold. Also love this one, this one, and this one!

I’m going to Napa in November. Any recommendations for day outfits for wine tasting? And shoe recommendations please!
For wine tasting we love – this cardigan, this sweater, or this dress (love that it comes layered with a sweater on top!). For shoes, we would stick to booties like this pair. They can be easily dressed up or down and go with everything!

Looking for a stylish tote bag that is reasonably priced and versatile that can go from the office to jet setting. I would prefer one with a zip closure to help keep things protected. Thank you!
Love this croc embossed bag and it’s currently 50% off! This one looks like it could hold a ton and be lightweight, great for travel! This tote is 100% customizable and really great – we both have the non-zipper version. Looks designer but just under $200.

I recently bought this skirt and was wondering if you have any outfit recommendations with it?! Thank you!
So cute! We would do it with either a graphic tee and a moto jacket or a black turtleneck with a moto. For shoes – combat boots, sock boots, or sneakers!

Hi! I am going to a bachelorette party in Columbus, Ohio and looking for something cute/sexy to wear out. It is going to be in the 50-60s! Any ideas?
Love this bodysuit, this bodysuit, this sweater dress, or this dress!

I’m having my first baby in a few weeks and wanting to invest in a few postpartum pieces that will work for nursing. The idea of wearing pajamas for weeks sounds so depressing so I am wondering what you ladies wore after baby to feel good and semi put together? XO
Congratulations! We pretty much lived in leggings and easy access tops! This button down, this thermal, and this sweater – looks so cozy and easy for nursing/lounging or running errands!

I have a wedding in November and I want this exact dress so bad, but it’s sold out. The color, style, simplicity is perfect. Any similar suggestions?
We’re not finding anything exact, but some similar options we love: this dress, this dress, this dress, and this one.

I’m wearing this shift dress in ivory for my baby shower. How would you style it (shoes/jewelry)?We would probably do booties or classic pumps and keep the jewelry to bracelets and fun earrings like these! Would be fun to throw a moto jacket over top if that’s you’re style too!

I am having my baby shower in early December. I am having the most difficult time finding a white/cream dress (or even jumpsuit) to wear. I want something that covers my shoulders (whether short/half/long sleeves). What would you wear to your own baby shower? Thank you so much!
Check the dress in the question above, love that one in white! A few other options: one, two, and three! Congratulations!

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