1. Help! I’m in the market for a new tote…and willing to spend $$$ for a long lasting one. Right now, I’m looking at Goyard and Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Do you ladies have a preference of either?
We prefer the Goyard – we both have it and would highly recommend it!

2. Can’t wait to hear about your Paris trip! Could you give us an update on what you’ve booked? How many days? What’s the itinerary looking like? We are thinking of going during Thanksgiving weekend so want whatever early info you have.
We are still planning everything right now, but we will definitely do a post recapping our trip! If anyone has any ‘musts’ please let us know! We have never been, so we are going based off of recommendations!

3. Camouflage legging recommendations?
I have this pair and this pair from Spanx (I wear the green camo more often) and loveee them!
Brooke: I have the same pair and love them as well. The only other camo leggings I have are old from Strut This. I just got this Lulu pair in the leopard, but the camo is amazing as well!

4. Brooke – how did you stick to FFactor? I’ve tried lots of healthy eating plans but always end up feeling deprived and binge eating, did you have any relapses?
This is the first time I haven’t had any relapses on any sort of diet lol. I have stuck to it 100% which is shocking for me. I do think it helps (me) that I’m working with someone. It’s kind of the same concept as having a personal trainer, but with food. I have someone I have to report to, so I think that has made me stay focused. However, after seeing initial results, I was motivated to continue with it, and you can 100% do F-Factor using the book alone. This is the journal I also recommend because it’s full of great info (shopping list, cheat sheets, etc), and it’s how I track my food. I don’t really feel deprived, because I like the foods I’m eating and I’ve found things to satisfy my sweet tooth (Chocorites and Smart Sweets) which is usually a struggle for me! A lot of people have asked about “cheat meals,” and that’s not a thing on F-Factor. With every other diet I’ve tried, I would allowed myself a cheat meal once a week (but in reality I probably had 3 lol), but I feel like that always messed me up, because I would have the cheat meal, then want dessert, and it would create a downward spiral. I know everyone is different, but I don’t think cheat meals are productive for me because it just leaves me wanting another. F-Factor does have the “3 bite rule,” which I have taken advantage of and have found actually works much better (for me) than a cheat meal. Example – at a restaurant my husband ordered an amazing pasta dish and I ordered salmon. I ate my salmon, then had 3 bites of his pasta and was totally satisfied, but didn’t leave the dinner feeling guilty (or deprived!).

5. Meggan – can you answer a few questions on how you’re doing with 2 kids and Lexapro? A bunch of my friends and I follow you and we’re so relating to this topic. Dosage? When you take it morning or night? Side effects, etc. how it helps?
I luckily haven’t had any side effects but I know some common ones are weight gain, low sex drive, feeling shaky, and decreased energy. You definitely have to find which one works for you! I take it in the morning right when I get up along with my CBD oil. My husband is on it as well and can’t take it on an empty stomach or he feels nauseous, I don’t experience that though. Once again you just have to find a dosage/medicine/time that works for your body! It honestly helps so much and I feel MUCH better being on it. I would wake up with a racing heart and it felt like a weight was on my chest – I was worried something was wrong or someone was mad at me for no reason. Ugh such a bad feeling! I also felt extremely agitated which caused me to have a short fuse. And I have this weird fear of fainting (it’s mostly just when I’m hungover now lol) and my anxiety would trigger it which would cause a panic attack. I’m sure a lot of you have had panic attacks but it feels like you are outside your body and have no control – shortness of breath, sweating, blacking out/dizziness, heart palpitations, fear of dying. I haven’t had one in awhile but when I start feeling like that I take a Klonopin (Lexapro takes a week or so to kick in while Klonopins give instant relief). And I will say – if you are on an anxiety medicine it is extremely dangerous to quit it cold turkey. Some of you might remember but something happened to my prescription and I was without it for 5+ days and I had severe withdrawal. My anxiety was through the roof and I felt like I was dying…and of course my husband was out of town so I was super miserable. So you have to be sure to take it daily and if you want to get off it you need to wean! I hope this helps! xx

6. What posts or types of posts do you enjoy writing the most? And are those often also your most profitable? Interested to understand how you guys prioritize your time and how much feels like “work”!
To be honest, at this point everything feels like “work” lol, but we still love what we do! Right now, we feel like we are always scrambling to get things done and we don’t have enough time, but we’re hoping our new assistant will be able help w/that. Wishlists are fun to work on, as well as Q&A posts. It’s hard to say if there is a category or type of post that is most profitable, our metrics are more item based (for example, we can view our top selling pieces each month). Our least favorite posts to work on are probably sponsored posts in which the client has a lot of opinions and wants complete control (something we typically don’t find out until after we’ve signed a contract, then it’s a bummer).

7. Brooke – I searched the blog high and low and couldn’t find much on this! We go to NYC every year around Christmas time and was wondering if you could give me some insight on the best hotels you have stayed in in NYC! We have previously stayed in Chelsea, so I was hoping to be closer to SOHO this year.
Hotels that I’ve stayed in and would recommend in Soho are – NoMo Soho, 11 Howard, Crosby Street Hotel, and The Dominick.

8. As you’re packing for your upcoming Paris trip – curious what outerwear/jackets & shoes you’re planning to bring. I am heading to Paris in October and trying to consolidate my packing for these categories. Would love your ideas!
I need to really start planning my outfits/shopping but a few pairs of shoes I know I want to bring are these sneakers (so comfy), these high-tops, Gucci loafers, these booties, and a pair of over-the-knee boots. I’m definitely going to overpack lol. And I need to see what I have for outerwear still!
Brooke: I haven’t planned any outfits yet either! I’m always very careful about how many shoes, and try to pack only one pair from each category I’ll be needing. So for Paris – one pair of sneakers, one pair of pumps/heels, one pair of boots and one pair of booties. I mayyy pack a couple pairs of boots depending on what outfits I end up doing, but I’ll be sure to share once I start packing! Outerwear is hard for me because I love coats, and it’s basically the outfit lol. Stay tuned ;).

9. I live in Seattle and I desperately need some rain boots. I wanted something a little different from the hunters. My raincoat is the Avec les filles star camo raincoat from the Nordstrom sale that you guys posted. I love it and wanted some rain boots that would look cute with the coat. Any ideas?
Love this pair, this pair, and this pair! All 3 would look great with your coat!

10. Could you please share your complete workout playlist? I’m always struggling to find good music to keep me motivated!
I need to make a playlist! I always just put on my Apple music and skip a song if I don’t like it lol. But some of my favorites to workout to are Money In The Grave, No Limit, One Thing Right, Sicko Mode, Wild for the Night, Look Back at It, anything by Lizzo, No Problem (Chance The Rapper), and Pop Out (Polo G). I like rap ;)
Brooke: I do the same thing and love all those songs as well. If you’re not into rap, my other favorite playlists are house/EDM.

11. I am a bridesmaid in a wedding October 12th and I am STRUGGLING with how to do my hair. I’ve been in a few weddings now and never end up liking my hair. Are there some classic go-to looks you would recommend? Any Pinterest pictures you love and think would be good looks on anyone?
I’ve been a bridesmaid twice this year and both times I did a low “messy” bun – similar to this, this and this. I was very happy with it both times!
Brooke: I love what Meggan did – so pretty! I was a bridesmaid earlier this year and my friend let us do our hair however we preferred, and I ended up just wearing it down like I normally do. I don’t like to try to do something different with my hair for events because I always end up hating it like you said.

12. I’m officiating a wedding in April of next year, and I have no idea what to wear! I want to look cute because I’ll be in ALL of the ceremony photos, but I’m having a hard time finding something that is the right mix of conservative/subdued without looking like a grandma. The bridesmaids will be wearing blush colors and the groomsmen will be in navy. I’d love any suggestions!
How about pants and a blouse or a jumpsuit – that would be fun since you are officiating! Some options we love – this blush jumpsuit, and these wide leg pants with this top (you could pin it so it wouldn’t be such a deep v) or this top!

13. Brooke – I’m planning a dinner in NYC, and wanted to ask Avra or Milos? And which location? Those are the two places I’m trying to decide between and I know you’ve been to both recently!
Hard to say because I love both! I think the decor is beautiful at Avra (Madison), but IMO the food is better at Milo’s. I don’t have a preference between Milo’s 55th and Hudson Yards in terms of the food, but the new one at Hudson Yards is so gorgeous! Hope that helps!

14. My husband and I are taking couple pictures at the end of October! Should be mid 50s and evening time. Any outfit ideas for both my husband and myself!?
We found some great inspiration on Pinterest herehere and here! We would stick to classic/neutral sweaters (like thisthisthis, or this), jeans and booties. You could add a scarf or hat if you want an accessory! For him – love this denim button downthis cashmere crewneck, or this sweater. Pair with his favorite jeans and chelsea booties!

15. You two are literally my favorite follow on insta and I would love your help! I have a rooftop wedding in Tribeca next month and have no idea what to wear. I mean its gonna be freezing right? I feel like I should do a long sleeve dress, or maybe even cool wide leg pants… but then what top? I have been browsing revolve but haven’t found anything super special. I love neutrals, colors and prints (so everything lol) and am looking for under $200. Sorry I’m rambling! Anyways, any suggestions?
Love the idea of wide leg pants with a blouse! Some favorite tops to go with wide legs: one, two, three, and love this one but it’s over $200.  This jumpsuit is another great option!

16. I’d love any recommendations you have for black low or no-heel Chelsea boots. Preferably under $150 and ones I could wear to work vs. rain boot-style. Love your blog and Insta!
A few pairs under $150 that you can wear to work: herehere and here!

17. Going to a fall wedding, and I want to wear a long-sleeve dress. Have any suggestions?
We included a few on this wedding guest dress roundup post but also love this onethis one and this one (I have the short sleeve version in green and it’s so pretty on!).

18. Love all your purses! I would love to purchase a new purse. But my price range is $300-500. Do you have any suggestions for a winter/fall purse around that price point?
So many good ones are out right now but a few we’re loving are here, here, here, and here.

19. Unfortunately I missed the boat on the Mango Coatigan (sold out in Canada). Do you have any suggestions for similar options?
This one
is basically identical and comes in 4 colors! This one isn’t quite as long, but I love it! This one also looks very similar!

20. Brooke – I have the same RL light fixture as you in my family room, love it! From my kitchen you are able  to see into the family room and I need to find a light fixture to go over a large island we have. Do you have any suggestions, I’m completely overwhelmed so many out there and can’t make a decision.
We have the same setup and this is the light we have over our island. It was here when we moved in, but I also love something like this one if you want a more classic look!

21. Brooke – Can you link the purple shampoo again?
Here is the purple shampoo and conditioner I use – it’s the best one I’ve tried! No more brass.

If you submitted a question and don’t see it, it will be on next weeks post! And as always, leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject!