1. Meggan – what tattoos do you have?
I have this on my wrist and a small arrow on my forearm. I’m actually getting another one on November 30th while I’m home with my mom and aunts! We all got the wrist tattoos together which was so fun. Not sure what I’m going to get but I know it will be small!

2. What’s your ideal travel outfit? I don’t like to dress up too much because I end up washing anything that’s touched an airplane, but I don’t like looking like a slob.
I do the same! I either do jeans (stretchy obvi), a tucked in tee and bring a sweater incase I’m cold or a comfy matching set (Lou & Grey usually has cute ones!).
Brooke: I usually do these leggings with some sort of oversized sweatshirt, or band tee with a moto jacket or cardigan. I always bring socks because my feet are freezing on planes!

3. What advice do you have for working moms who are exhausted but need to find balance for themselves?
You have to find time for yourself, or you will meltdown. We totally understand, and are not best with finding a balance, but what helps us – take a bath, get a pedicure while listening to a podcast you love with headphones (helps you zone out!), meditate (love Headspace app), or get in a sweat session! Making time for yourself is important for your sanity!

4. If you could only watch one show for the rest of your life what show would it be and why?
Sex & The City – it never gets old, and it’s a show you could pick up at any point in the series!
Meggan: I’m torn between Sex & The City or Friends!!

5. I bought two of the Bing sweatshirts during the shop bob sale after seeing them on the both of you. I love them and living in NY I know I’ll be wearing them a lot! But I was wondering how you wash them or if you noticed the letters or graphics began fading. I’m not convinced yet to keep them if after a few washes it begins fading off. Help!
I haven’t noticed any fading on mine but if you’re worried I would wash them inside out and on delicate cycle.
Brooke: I agree – I feel like they already have a faded look, so I haven’t noticed if they have faded more. If they have, it doesn’t bother me!

6. Meggan – do you have a gym at HOME? How often do you work out?
Yes, we built one in a nook of our garage (I’ve been meaning to get a post up that includes whats in it). I try to work out 4-5 times a week – even if it’s just a quick 25 min one!

7. Ladies after years of contemplation I finally purchased the Gucci fur lined princetown mules. I love them and think you Brooke have them (not sure if Meggan does too)? I would love some outfit recommendations to style them. Can you girls please suggest three looks. Looking for casual, edgy, and dressy.
We both have them! For casual: leggings and an oversized sweater (like this), edgy: a moto jacket, graphic tee and distressed denim, dressy: pair with a blazer and pants! We honestly wear them with everything!

8. Going to Mexico for a couples trip in a few weeks – any outfit/swimsuit recos you are loving?!
Jealous! Loving this scallop bikini, this coverup dress, this one-piece, this romper, these mules, this maxi, and this bikini!

9. My Birthday is coming up and I’m debating between a Gucci Marmont clutch or the Gucci logo buckle belt. Are signature belts too trendy? I feel like it can dress up jeans & sweaters but am debating if it is on it’s way out. Thoughts?
If you love the belt go for it! We don’t really think it’s on it’s way out, a lot of people definitely have it, but it’s a piece you could hold onto forever and one day it will be vintage ;).

10. Going to Chicago for a long weekend w/ my boyfriend at the end of October. Looking for cute jacket recommendations for day/night! Weather days 45-60 degree range! Want to spend <$125!
Love this one (looks so soft!), this one, this one, this one and this one!

11. Brooke – Sorry you’re struggling right now. Are you comfortable sharing what’s going on? I have not been feeling great lately either, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. This is why you guys are my favorite bloggers, you always keep it real.
Uhg, I’m sorry! It seems like a lot of people are as well so we’re definitely not alone. Thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging messages, it has helped! I’m not sure what triggered it, but I woke up earlier this week feeling extremely overwhelmed and anxious – about everything. Afraid something bad was going to happen, heart racing, mind racing, and felt like I couldn’t calm down/feel like my ‘normal self.’ So I made an appointment with a psychologist to talk about what was going on and see what he would recommend. I’ve never been to a psychologist, and didn’t know what to expect, but it was an hour of therapy basically. Me talking about everything that is making me anxious. The guilt I’m feeling for having anxiety and feeling sad when I feel like I have nothing to actually be sad/anxious about, etc. After talking with him, I felt better, but then throughout the day I just started to feel worse. I don’t know if it was talking about all of the emotions for a full hour or what…but I just couldn’t shake the feeling. I went to bed early & slept for 11 hours (I usually sleep 6-8), and woke up the next day still not feeling better. In the past, I’ve always felt better the next day. Then, my eye started swelling so badly, I had to go to urgent care & it turns out I have an eye infection, my daughter got hit with a stomach bug, and my husband has been traveling for work this week. It just felt like one of ‘those weeks,’ and it really affected me much more than it normally would. I just felt so defeated. I have no other way to describe it. I’m still in a bit of a funk, and not feeling like myself 100%, but my husband gets home today, we have dinner plans with friends tonight, and my parents are coming tomorrow, so hoping that will turn it around! We go to Paris next week (maybe that is part of the stress too), so I need to get it together!

12. I’m in desperate need of your guys style help. I know you don’t love these outfit questions but I feel like you’ll have the best ideas. I have a theme party coming up in New York and the theme is Studio54. I was hoping to find something very cute and fashionable that fits the theme as it’s a big event (and my ex is there lol hence the pressing need). Do you have any ideas? Preferably something semi-affordable and even better if it’s something that can be worn again although that might be hard.
Such a fun theme! This jumpsuit is everything – and on major sale! Also love this one and this one! Our pick would be the first one though!

13. With my new job I attend court at least once a week. During the summer I always wore dresses or skirts, but with the weather cooling down I’m realizing I have very few pant options. Can you list some of your favorite pants that would be court appropriate and affordable?
Mango has some great pant options and they’re having a 30% off sale – love this pair, this pair and this pair. Express is 40% off their pants too!

14. I’m attending one of the NYC food and wine festival events next week and have no clue what to wear. It says casual attire for the event.
It’s probably going to be chilly, so a cute casual outfit would be jeansbooties or sneakers, and an oversized sweater (in ivory).

15. Ok guys, I am getting married in February, Whistler Canada, think snowy, warm colors, candles, etc. I am struuuggggling with finding bridesmaid dresses! I am in love with this velvet Jenny Yoo dress at Anthro, in the English rose color. It’s the perfect rusty, warm color, but really looking for a more affordable option for my gals. Also open to the marigold color, rusts, dusty rose/darker blush/mauve colors. I feel like I’ve scoured the internet and can’t find anything similar. If you have any good velvet dresses (long) out there that I haven’t seen that aren’t 300 bucks lemme know. I have tried everything so thought I’d throw it out there to my favs!
We’re struggling to find a similar one for less too – ugh! Maybe more velvet dresses will come out this month and next as it gets closer to the holidays/winter? A few that might work are here and here (looks like she does custom orders too!). Good luck on the hunt!

16. I am going to a holiday dinner with my boyfriend’s company in early December. It is not super dressy but also I don’t want to be too casual! I would prefer long sleeves and a midi length. Any ideas?!
Some long sleeve dress options: here, here and here! This jumpsuit is pretty too!

17. Planning a family photo session for holiday cards on the beach. Would love help with dress suggestions for myself so I can plan everyone else accordingly – thinking maybe black and white theme…but open to anything! (family of 5)
A few dress options for you: here, here (love this one and it comes in black or white), here, and here!

18. Help with a cute/trendy/warm outfit for a college football game in the midwest? It’ll be in the 50’s!
Tailgate clothing
has tons of cute sweaters!! I would do an oversized sweater (and warm layers underneath!), a beanie, distressed denim, and a cute pair of sneakers (or OTK boots if too cold for sneakers). Simple and doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard!

19. Brooke – I love all of your pillows you have around your house. I am looking for some neutral pillows for my bed – I have a white duvet and your striped sheets from target. Any suggestions?
I like to keep bedding pillows pretty simple – like this. I love this lumbar pillowthis pillow, and this one.

20. I have noticed a certain blogger *I won’t name any names LOL* shares a lot of the same things you guys do. Like either right after, or it will show up on her stories a few days after you posted it. It’s painfully obvious. Wondering if you’ve noticed it (you follow her) and how you feel about it?
Yes we’ve noticed, and yes it annoys us lol. We definitely get #influenced but always tag the person we found the idea from (as do most other bloggers!).

21. Do you have any suggestions for everyday mini backpacks? Hoping to keep it under $300!
Love this onethis onethis one, and this one!

22. My boyfriend and I are moving into a new condo in a few weeks and are looking for a great sectional thats cozy and has deep seating in a lighter color. Do you have any recommendations for specific brands/styles that won’t break the bank?
Congratulations! Some options we love – one, two, and three!

Leave your questions for below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx