1. Would love to know what program you guys use for your graphics on the coffee talk picture on your blog, I love it!
Our graphic designer creates all of our graphics!

2. What are your favorite Halloween movies? Are you guys dressing up for Halloween this year? If yes, what are you going as?
Yes, definitely dressing up! Not sure as what yet though, any fun ideas?! I used to love scary/Halloween movies, but I can’t watch them anymore! I get too scared lol!
Meggan: My husband and I are dressing up as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World lol. And I can’t watch scary movies either – the only Halloween movie I like is Hocus Pocus.

3. Brooke – I remember last year or the year before you bought a new Christmas tree. Could you share the type of tree and where you got it from as well?
Yes! I bought two from King of Christmas – this one and this one!

4. I’d love to hear your ideas for a 30th Birthday in NYC!
Not sure if you mean where to stay, eat, or play?! Or all of the above? Also depends who is all going to be there we think/the vibe you’re going for! Some ideas though would be to go to a fun drinks spot, then dinner, and possibly out after if that’s what you’re looking to do! If you let us know a few more specifics we can give more specific recommendations on next week’s post! xx

5. Can you do a black pant roundup? You both seemed to wear a ton of them on your trip and I loved them!
My top 3 pairs right now are these Levi’s, this pair of AGOLDE’s, and this pair from Abercrombie!
Brooke: My favorite black pants I had on our trip – these jeans (these are new and I love them! I ordered them in petite so they would hit at my ankle and they’re perfect, I’m 5’6), these faux leather leggings, and these coated jeans. I’m ordering the Levi’s that Meggan had because they’re so cute!

6. Could you do a round-up of fall / winter hats and a few ways to style them beyond leggings/jeans? I have the hardest time finding a great hat and would love your style inspiration!
Some hats we’re currently loving: here (see it on Meggan here), here, here, (see it on Brooke here), here, and here! You can wear them with skirts/tights (like Brooke’s outfit here) or a sweater with a midi skirt!

7. What vitamins do you take? And what are your favorite protein powders?
I’m bad at taking vitamins. I have to take a lot of supplements for my Hashimoto’s, some are vitamins, but I don’t have a daily multi-vitamin I take. I need to look into it more and find one that works for me. My favorite protein powder is Sun Warrior either the chocolate or vanilla – both are great!
Meggan: I’ve been taking the Glow Habit Good Skin and Happy Hair vitamins!

8. I’m heading to St Lucia here in a couple weeks for an adults vacation. Seeing any dresses or swimsuits lately that you are liking? Or outfit must haves?
Ahh I did my honeymoon there and LOVED it (my recap post is here if you need any recommendations)! Some things to pack are this dress, this dress, this swimsuit (amazing!), this dress, this retro one-piece, and this coverup!

9. If you could buy one Chanel handbag to purchase, as your very first Chanel bag, and budget was not a question, which bag would you select?
Either the classic flap bag or the old medium boy bag – both in black!

10. Any ideas for my boyfriends holiday party in early December? The theme is Casino Royale James Bond and its cocktail attire, thinking something with sleeves could be short or midi length!
Some fun dress options: here, here, here, and here!

11. I started a new job and am on the hunt for a few good pieces. I’m looking for a pink blazer (can’t decide if a bold pink is better or more of a blush, but I need pink for work). I’m also looking for a corset bodysuit or two to pair with a blazer and jeans for a work to happy hour look (like the picture attached). Any chance y’all can help me out?
Love this blush blazer, this peachy blush option, and this one which is a bit more bold! Corset bodysuits – one, two, three.

12. Brooke – how do you like your Balenciaga boots? Are they worth it?
I love them – I bought them last year, but didn’t really wear as much as I thought I would, but have been wearing them a lot this year. They are comfortable and fun – I went up a full size though!

13. More of a personal question: Since there are two of you, is it ever hard if one of you is struggling with something (like when you weren’t feeling like yourself a couple weeks ago Brooke, or when the tornado hit Dallas, Meggan) for the other person to continue to post without it feeling insensitive?
No, because we are always in constant communication all day, every day. So while it could (possibly?) come off like that to someone viewing our stories, we never personally feel that way. For us, it’s actually the opposite. Life happens, and when one of us is struggling/dealing with something, the other one picks up the slack. Probably why our partnership has worked so well for over 6 years! At the end of the day, this is our business, not just our personal account. We can’t just stop posting/sharing altogether, or our business would be hurt as well.

14. Brooke – are you keeping the super squeaky patent pants or returning? Can you link again?
I’m keeping them! So many people said to just rub a little bit of olive/coconut oil between the thighs where they rub – apparently that’s what the company says to do! I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m taking everyone’s word for it ;). Here’s the link for them.

15. I’m looking for no show panties or is there a secret to super tight dresses? I’m wearing neon green/yellow for a glow party, the dress reminds me of one Meggan bought for a bachelorette party a while back. My usual thong looks like a granny panty lol.
 I only wear the Hanky Panky low rise thongs or the Cosabella low rise thongs and they usually work with tight dresses (depends on the fabric though I guess!).

16. Meggan – Can you link those pearl earrings again? I missed them on stories. Also, are they too heavy?
Here you go
! I wore them all day (literally) and didn’t have any issues! They are perfect for when you want to pull your hair back but still look put together 😉 Tons of other fun options here!

17. Any trends you guys saw a lot in Paris? Anything more or different than the US? 
Yes – dad sneakers on everyone! Men and women. Honestly, they made them look so chic, we want a few more pairs lol! One woman looked so cool – long, oversized trench with cropped Levi’s style jeans, black socks, and dad sneakers!

18. Any fuzzy jackets you’ve seen or have that are under $100?
Yes! This one is sooo soft (I have it in cream) and love this one and this one. I also have this one – it’s a little over $100 but still wanted to share!

19. I finally decided I’m going to order the Billie razor after seeing how much you guys love it! What color of handle do you each have and any other must-have products?
We both have the blush handle and agree that the shave cream and body wash are great!

Leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx