5 Tips For Staying Healthy During The Holidays

It’s so hard to believe that we’re already in the swing of the holiday season, and time just seems to fly by faster each week. It’s definitely our favorite time of year, but also a tricky one when it comes to staying active and healthy. Working out and eating well are all things we know we need to do, but they can be such a challenge to keep up with when you’re constantly caught up in elaborate meals and delicious cocktails. I wanted to share some of the tips I’m using to stay healthy throughout the holidays so I don’t completely fall off the wagon. Scroll down to read my top 5 tips for staying healthy during the holidays!

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1. Stay Active

Working out is usually not top of mind during the holiday season, but it’s important to prioritize so you don’t completely fall off the wagon. If you’re unable to hit the gym, try swapping out gym time for activities that you can do at home. For instance, going for a walk around the neighborhood, doing an at-home workout session, or biking with the kids. It’s honestly so much easier than going to the gym – especially during the holidays. I’m trying to knock out (small) workouts in the mornings – this is best for me because it forces me to get up earlier and I always end up accomplishing so much more.

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2. Eat Mindfully

It’s easy to cave in and go overboard with food over the holidays, so eating mindfully is important if you’re trying to stay on track. In the days leading up to big holidays (like Thanksgiving or Christmas), focus on eating whole foods and cooking healthier meals at home more that way you have room for indulging on those special days/meals. Also, remember to eat slower and grab smaller portions – this helps ensure you’ll eat less but get full faster!

3. Stay Hydrated

We all know water is good for us, but it’s honestly so hard to drink the right amount daily. This holiday season, I’m planning on drinking a glass of water between every glass of wine or cocktail I have, and during meals, I’ll be sticking to water only. I’ve also started carrying a water bottle with me daily as a reminder to stay hydrated, and so far, it’s been working. On days when I am drinking the proper amount, my skin feels so much better and I don’t feel the need to snack mindlessly. If you’re not a fan of regular water, cut up some cucumber and throw it in your water bottle.

4. Practice Self-Care

As much as I love the holidays, it can be such a stressful and hectic time with hosting, socializing, and all the traveling that’s involved. I usually end up exhausted before Christmas even arrives. If you can relate, then make sure you’re setting aside time to relax and unwind this season – even if it’s just masking and a glass of wine a few hours before bed. Meditation has been a game changer when it comes to reducing stress and improving sleep. I always feel so much better when I spend a few minutes meditating each day.

5. Ditch the ‘all-or-nothing mindset’

I’m notorious for getting stuck in the “all in or out” mentality, and have struggled with it for the longest time. While I know that this all boils down to consistency, it’s easier said than done. With the advice of some seriously fit friends, I’m learning that it’s way more effective to stick with a consistent routine that allows you to indulge every now and then rather than restricting your diet. Not only that, but when you do allow yourself to indulge, you’re in better control of your food choices and are less likely to get carried away the next time. I’m definitely reframing my mind about food this season!

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