A Beginner’s Guide to Retinol and 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It

Let’s talk the holy grail skincare product: retinol. Ever since we shared that we’ve been using Olay Retinol24 products, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about them – and retinol, in general. With benefits like increased collagen production, diminished acne, faded dark spots, and brighter skin, it’s no surprise that retinol is considered the holy grail of anti-aging by dermatologists and estheticians around the world. Retinol is a type of retinoid, derived from vitamin A. Retinol helps to boost cell turnover, collagen production, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Yes please!

We were first introduced to retinol a few years ago, and tried it here and there, but honestly it completely dried out our skin and we didn’t get the results we were looking for. Fast forward to September when we were introduced to the Olay Retinol24 line. We were hesitant, but with thousands of 5 star reviews online, we decided to give retinol another chance. We’re so happy we did because we are loving these products, and they were easily incorporated into our skincare routines. Our personal favorite is the eye cream. We are always looking for the best eye cream, and this one is so creamy, rich, and doesn’t break the bank (especially for a retinol product!).

We talked to our skincare guru & esthetician Jennifer about why we should be using retinol and here’s what she had to say:

1. Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives that stimulate cell turnover.
2. As we age, our cellular turnover slows down which is why we incorporate this powerful vitamin – ramp up that collagen production!
3. Retinol treats fine lines and wrinkles, fades dark spots, as well as moderate acne.
*Pregnant women should not use retinol.

If you’ve been considering retinol, but are nervous about how your skin may react, keep reading. Olay has formulated the Retinol24 products for daily use with no additional fillers, fragrances, or dyes. That means you’ll get the potency and power without the irritating fluff or filler. We have sensitive skin and have not had the typical “retinol reaction” like we’ve experienced in the past. It’s so nice to have found a retinol product that not only works well, and is budget-friendly! Have you tried Olay’s Retinol24 line yet?

Thank you to Olay for partnering on this post!