1. My husband and I are going on a trip to NYC the first weekend in December with two other couples! We want to do some touristy things but mostly we want to spend our time exploring the city (hidden gems) and eating a drinking at the best spots! Any recommendations? We’re staying in SOHO if that helps!
Ahhh you’re going to have so much fun staying in Soho! Some of my favorite spots in/around that area are Bond St (sushi), the bar/restaurant at Nomo Soho, L’Artusi, Locanda Verde, RH rooftop restaurant (love it for lunch or just a quick drink), Catch, Buddakan (still one of my favorite spots 6 years later), and I feel like a drink or tea at the Baccarat Hotel is so fun/worth it!

2. What did both of you do before becoming full time bloggers?
I was in executive recruiting for medical and insurance companies.
Meggan: I was a mens stylist at Trunk Club.

3. What are your favorite sherpa/faux fur jackets (shorter, not long)? I love the Abercrombie one and am on the hunt!
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

4. Meggan – are there side effects of any of taking anti-anxiety medication? Also, does your CBD oil make a big difference in your day?
I luckily haven’t experienced any side effects from my Lexapro but some common ones are weight changes, fatigue, sleep problems, or feeling shaky/anxious. It’s important to work with your doctor to figure out which medicine will work best for you! And the CBD definitely helps – I take it in the AM and sometimes at night.

5. Bonjour! LOVED watching your trip to Paris. It looked amazing! What were your favorite purchases there? Also Meggan – where did you find that adorable Chanel tiny/round crossbody?
I got the Chanel crossbody in Paris – definitely one of my favorite purchases along with my love bracelet!
Brooke: I bought a bag from Chanel as well, that was it (oh, and a mug lol!) I went back for a little round Chanel like Meggan’s, but the one I wanted sold.

6. Do you think the Princetown mules are still worth the investment or should I go with the more classic loafer? Is the mule trend on its way out?
We don’t think mules are going out of style – in fact we think they’re classic just like loafers!

7. Any recommendations for tan booties? I don’t mind a small heel but nothing too tall as I’m already 5’10” lol I have so many pairs of cute black booties but none in a lighter color.
Some cute pairs with lower heels: here (I have these in hazelnut and love them – so comfy!), here, here, and here!

8. I have a trip in December to Park City, Utah.  I know the mountain scene can be casual and comfy clothes but Park City has a restaurant / nightlife scene so I’m struggling with ideas for outfits. I don’t want to be too casual at night but I also don’t want to slip on the sidewalks because I’m wearing boots with a skinny heal.  Ugh the struggle!
OTK boots would be cute with a sweater dress! Or you could do combat boots with black jeans and a black turtleneck and a faux fur jacket!

9. I am looking for a full length evening gown for a guest of a cotillion ball the week before Christmas. Any idea?
Pretty full length gowns: here, here (a splurge, but stunning!), here and here!

10. Can you do a roundup of cute snakeskin booties under $150?
Yes! Love this pair, this pair (originally $160 and on sale for $120), this pair, and this pair!

11. If you were getting married in the next year what would you choose for bridesmaid dresses and would you pick a different color/decor scheme from your actual wedding?
12. Brooke:
Yes, mine would be different than my actual wedding. I still like the dresses my girls wore, but I would choose something like these, these, or these if I were getting married now, instead of 8 years ago ;). PS – I wouldn’t buy the second two options from the Pinterest links b/c I saw them linked to several different sites. Just sharing them for inspo.
Meggan: No, I loved my dresses and color scheme. All my bridesmaids wore white – pictures are here! I do love first dresses Brooke linked too though!

13. For my job I have to walk around NYC a lot, so I am looking for a pair of shoes to switch to when I am going to my client appointments. Preferably a pair of sneakers that are comfy/cute but I could still wear with a work outfit. Under $200 if possible.
You should get Birdies!! They feel like a tempurpedic mattress for your feet lol! But if you want sneakers – this pair, this pair (so comfy), and this pair are cute & comfortable!

14. Can you provide us with some looks for work holiday parties?
We did a post with holiday party outfit ideas here!

15. I’m going to New York in December and am looking for some outfits to go out at night. We are going to a comedy club and to a broadway show.
This sweater dress
would look good with booties (like these) or heels! Also love this pair of  coated denim with a sweater like this one – our favorite!

16. Just got asked to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friend’s weddings next September and we can choose our own dress but it has to be long or midi and black. Already way too excited to search for a dress and I know it is kind of early but do you recommend any long black dresses that you love or good stores to look at?
We love the dresses from SMYM! Definitely check theirs out because there are so many styles to choose from!

16. I have the worst jeans always and always struggle finding good jeans that fit properly. I am 5’3 with curves. What are your fave brands?
Check out Good American and Madewell! Love both of these for fitting curves, and I know Madewell makes petite length!

17. Do you have any good sock bootie recommendations? I love a pointed toe and a little heel.
This pair is my all-time favorite and worth the price! The quality is great, they’re comfy, and I wear them all the time. I went up 1/2 size. A couple other pairs a bit more budget-friendly here and here!

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