1. I’m looking for a pair of high top Golden Goose that aren’t white, do you ladies have any suggestions?
Love this pair, this pair and this pair!

2. Would you be interested in writing a post of your favorite items you used on your long flight?  You posted a scarf that doubled as a blanket.  I’m wondering f if there were other items as well.  Also, how to “survive” a long flight.  How you adjusts to the time change, etc.
We can definitely do a post on this!

3. Meggan – would love a blog post or coffee talk roundup of your Brazilian blowout! Will you do it again, how you like it, etc.
I did a post on it here! I probably won’t do it again – it was expensive and it didn’t last that long on my hair (but it was amazing while it lasted!).

4. I saw you post that you might do a blog about things you brought for your flight to Paris, etc. could you also talk about what you used for straightener/blow dryer or anything else you brought? Did you just use your normal stuff with an outlet adapter?
We used our normal tools and brought these adapters!

5. Wondering if you have suggestions for birthday gifts for good girlfriends ($50 to $75 max)?  In the past I’ve given items such as Cuyana makeup bags, nice candles, and experiences!  Looking for some fresh ideas.
Some fresh gift ideas: these slippers, this Summer Friday’s gift set, this throw blanket (we both have it and agree it’s sooo soft!), this scarf, or this diffuser with some essential oils!

6. My fiance and I are honeymooning in Napa, Sonoma and Cabo in January. We are strongly considering Cabo Azul for our resort, but we feel a little lost on all of the choices! How do you typically get around in Cabo? I’ve been researching a ton and a few people have said there are no Ubers and cabs are expensive. When you all left Cabo Azul to go do things (Mango Deck, The Office, activities, etc.) did you guys rent a car? Any pointers or recs on places to stay besides Cabo Azul would be great!
There are Ubers in Cabo – my friends and I took one the day we went to Mango Deck and The Office! And for other outings we had the hotel set up transportation for us. The driver waited for us while we were at dinner/out so we could leave the kids carseats in the car. I can’t exactly remember how much it was but it was nothing crazy $$. Some other great hotels are Hilton Los Cabos, The Cape, and Nobu Hotel (haven’t been but it looks amazing).

7. Can you recommend a good pair of nice black jeans that can be worn to work or out for the night (high-rise preferred)?
Yes! This pair, this pair or this pair!

8. Meggan – I need a birthday gift for a 3 year old boy. Any recommendations???
This tool kit
, Cars race track, Candy Land, mini trampoline, Chutes And Ladders, or Magna-tiles!

9. Our anniversary is on NYE and we’re looking for a warm vacation spot for 5-7 days. Fav beach vacations / resorts?
Not sure where you are looking to go in terms of location, but Miami is always a great spot! The 1 Hotel is right on the beach and beautiful. We’ve also heard great things about The Edition, SLS, and Four Seasons Surf Club but haven’t stayed at either spot. Hawaii is another great option in December (depending where you’re located). We stayed at the Four Seasons Maui last year and loved it, but there are a ton of great hotels on all the islands! If you want to leave the states definitely go to Turks & Caicos – Grace Bay is amazing! Happy Anniversary!

10. Do you have any recommendations of fashionable winter/waterproof boots I can wear on my commute to work? I walk to work and wear either a peacoat or cute parka – so wanted to see if you have any good recommendations!
This pair is only $55 and looks like a real pair of boots, would be cute with any outfit! This pair is similar, but shiny. If you want something warmer, this pair is great! I wore them last winter walking through snow and had zero issues, but I’m not positive they are 100% waterproof.

11. What are some great gift ideas, price point $100, for your sister-in-law’s 30th Birthday?
A nice candle is always a lovely gift because it’s something everyone loves, but doesn’t love to buy for themselves (one of our favorite gifts to receive!)  – this is one of our favorites! Other options – a new perfumecozy slippers, or a silk pillowcase. We would love any of these!

12. Brooke – where is your table from that’s in your kitchen and does it hold up well with kids? I’m on the hunt for something similar.
It’s this table, we purchased through a designer – not sure if it’s available to buy online. My kids don’t really sit at this table to eat, they’re typically around the island, but I would say it holds up really well. I saw this one in person a few weeks ago, and it’s a really great similar option!

13. Best pair of black skinny jeans to we for date night? I don’t like them long, so my shoes can stand out.
This pair! Or this pair if you don’t want coated denim.

14. Winter staples for corporate job but not so blah. Still sophisticated but stylish and fun!
Tons of amazing suit options here (Mango is 30% off site wide with the code shopping19), this skirt is cute (obviously pair it with tights!), this blouse is pretty, love this blazer, and these pants are so good!

15. Ideas for an upcoming “ugly Christmas sweater” party…outfits for my husband and I? He may be less into dressing up for this party than I am, so something more simple, without spending too much on something I’ll never wear again!
Love this one for you lolll the lights! This one would be a good fit for your husband – not too ugly but he’s still on theme. Also, I was at Target last week and they had tons of ugly Christmas sweaters if you want to pop in there!

16. How do you feel about white booties, and how would you style them? Do you think it is a trend for just this season, or here to stay for awhile..? (as in more than one year, LOL)
They’ve been ‘in’ for a few years now, and we like them but they can be tricky to style. Some ideas herehere, and here – love all of these looks!

17. Any ideas for a nine year wedding anniversary? Feeling like I have to do something extra special for my husband this year. We are in SoCal.
What about a surprise overnight on the beach? The Montage in Laguna Beach is so beautiful and romantic! Perfect for a little weekend getaway! Guys tend to like experiences more than gifts, so this would be our suggestion! Happy Anniversary!

18. My birthday is this month. What is something you all have on your birthday wishlist?
Hmmm good question! You can check out our October wish lists and September wish lists for some ideas!

 19. I am in the hunt for cute counter height bar stools for an all white kitchen that are kid friendly. What are your suggestions?!
These stools are cool and a great price! These are really pretty and come in 6 color options! These stools are really nice – love the white, faux leather so easy to clean! Love the look of these, but not sure if they’re super kid-friendly! Love these also!

20. Looking for a fanny pack that is stylish enough to wear out with kids and mom’s night out.
Love this onethis one, and this one!

21. Can you do a current lineup of the makeup items you’re using (specifically interested in primers and foundations, what you use for coverage) thanks!
I use this intensive skin serum concealer – especially when I’m feeling real tired (hides everything lol). For foundation I use the Too Faced Born This Way foundation or GA Luminous Silk (Too Faced has more coverage). Then I use this concealer, this highlighter, and this mascara!
Brooke: In the winter I use this primer (sooo good for dry skin), either this foundation or this one (agree with Meggan – Too Faced is more full coverage), this concealer, and this setting powder. For a glow – this bronzer, blush, and this highlighter.

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