1. Brooke – I remember you buying the commando patent leggings and I have them too but I can find a post where you styled them. Any suggestions??
I wore them with this oversized sweater in black. Would also be so cute with this sweatshirt. Also love this look and this one!

2. I am usually on it when finding outfits for special events but I am lost for my engagement photos. I am taking them Thanksgiving weekend so I am almost out of time! We are doing two outfits. Casual and dressy. I am short with curves so it is more flattering for me to show my figure. Please help!
Love this dress, this one, or this one for the dressier look! For casual, love this sweater dress!

3. I read in one of your #coffeetalks that y’all prefer the Goyard bag to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I was wondering if you both could post as picture of the Goyard bags you have? Also, what’s the name of the Goyard bag you girls have and what wallets do y’all carry? What’s your favorite wallet of all time?
I have the GM St. Louis in grey and I carry this wallet!
Brooke: I have the same bag as Meggan and I use this wallet, but I’m looking for a new one (that opens flat) if anyone has any recommendations!

4. Ok girls, you both are great at decorating! Can you help with chic Christmas decor…just enough to make a home feel festive.
Target has some amazing wreaths – love this one, this one and this one! These mercury glass trees are pretty, I ordered this sign for the kitchen and this wooden bead garland for our fireplace, this peace sign is fun, and these deer are cute!

5. Brooke – are you taking the Glow Habit vitamins too?
I’m not, but Meggan said they are amazing! I need to start taking vitamins because I really don’t take anything right now.

6. I’m wanting to start my own lifestyle blog, but I have no clue where to start! Can you help a girl out?! Any tips and/or advice along with a lead in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
It  sounds cliché, but you just have to start and learn as you go! Decide which platform you want to use (we use WordPress), find a blog designer, and go for it! There will never be a “perfect time” to start, so just start somewhere! This post is also very informative.

7. Can you share your favorite sheer black tights for $100 and under?
This pair
and this pair both have amazing reviews and are $14!

8. A lot of the clothing/shoes etc. that you girls post are sometimes pricey. I was wondering if you all could post dupes or items that look similar to the original item that may be more on the affordable side? There’s an influencer on the like to know it app who will post a picture and then she will link the original items along with other similar items that are more affordable. If you girls can find a way to some how incorporate this into your blogs or just something I would appreciate it sooooo very much! You girls are my all time favorite bloggers and your styles are impeccable, but sometimes way above my price range. If you could make this happen I’d be forever grateful!!
Of course! We try to do this (for example I linked dupes for my Schutz boots on this post yesterday) but will definitely be more mindful about including dupes to more expensive pieces we share!

9. What US cities are on your list that you want to visit?
Charlotte, Palm Springs, Portland, and San Francisco!
Brooke: Charleston, Austin, Seattle, Monterey and Santa Barbara!

10. My fiancé and I are eloping so each of our families are throwing little receptions for us and the first one is at Christmas time in my hometown of Huntington Beach, CA. My mom is throwing a Christmas themed party at our home and I am at a loss of what to wear. I am open to wearing something white but not stuck on it as I think something holiday would be great as well. The party is not dressy so it doesn’t have to be super fancy. I just want to look nice and could use some help! Totally open on price especially if it’s something I can wear again.
Love this red jumpsuit, this wrap dress, this sweater dress with boots (for a more casual look), or this white mini dress!

11. Once again it’s that time of year when you have to chose all the gifts for all the people. My boyfriend in particular is the hardest person to shop for, one of those people that buys anything he wants for himself whenever which makes gifting exceptionally hard. Any out of the box ideas besides clothing? Any male subscription boxes that you’re fond of? Brooke- does your husband have any cool skincare or body products he swears by? Thinking that could be a good way to go. I would say $500 and under as I’ve gotten him a few things already.
We would do an experience – cooking classes, concert, couples massage, staycation at a hotel, or a sports game! But if you want something to physically gift him, my husband is into bougie body washes and lotions lol, so I always know that is a great gift to give him! He loves this one and this one from Molton Brown (50% off!), and this one from Byredo along with the cologne (which I also use, it’s unisex!).

12. Can you guys give some family photo clothing options? Not really into the holiday theme 😉 Love your style and would love some help here!!
Yes! Here are a few pictures for inspiration that we are loving: here, here, and here!

13. I’m looking for a hostess gift for my husband’s aunt, who is super picky – (i.e., everything all natural, gluten free, dairy free, etc. etc…). My normal go to is a candle, but I think she would consider it “toxic” given her lifestyle..ha. Any creative ideas or suggestions?
We published our gift guide this week – there are a lot of ideas on there! xx

14. Any suggestions for my corporate holiday party?! I work in finance so we wear pretty elevated attire every day and I don’t want to wear yet another one of my black work dresses. I always struggle to find something that is fun but not too low cut or short. Anything you’ve seen? Would prefer a sleeve or something I could throw Spanx arm tights underneath for this conservative group.
Some more conservative party outfits: this dress, this dress, this dress, or this one. Another fun idea – these pants with a fun blouse like this or this.

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