1. Do you have home help? Your homes are absolutely perfect and so clean.. 🙂
Meggan: My husband and I cannot stand clutter/stuff sitting out (has it’s pros and cons lol) so we usually keep it pretty tidy in the main areas. We keep baskets of toys behind a couch in the living room and then the rest in the toy room so it helps those are out of sight. I’ve had to be better about just letting my kids make a mess and not follow them around all day picking things up (because what fun is that!).  My bedroom is always a hot mess though lol. And we have a cleaning lady that comes every other week – best money ever spent!
Brooke: Same – It stresses me out when my house is super cluttered/a mess, but without fail it gets so messy by the end of every day (did you see my insta story last night 😂). Depending on the day, I will clean it up at night or the next morning. Most of the girls’ toys are upstairs in their rooms, but we have a craft closet that is always a disaster in our kitchen area (thank the lawwd it has a door). We have someone who deep cleans once a week and I agree with Meggan, best money spent! I was always against paying for services I could do myself (like cleaning the house) until I read a study about money and happiness. Two groups of people were given the same amount of money, one group was asked to spend it on material items they wanted, and the other group was asked to spend it on a service they hate doing (laundry, cleaning, organizing, etc). The people who spent the money on services were exponentially happier at the end of the study. Random tangent, but wanted to share because I believe it’s totally true for me as well!

2. Hoping this has not been a repeat question as of late lol but do you suggest any good just basic white tees that are not see through to wear to work in a school?
Our favorites are here, here, and here!

3. You both have amazing shoe collections! How do you decide which shoes to splurge on?
I didn’t start splurging on shoes until recently. I think there are so many great affordable options, I will typically only splurge if it’s something I really want and can’t find an affordable alternative I like as well. Meggan is the one who inspired me to start splurging on shoes, she has the best shoe collection!
Shoes are my weakness lol! I used to be super impulsive and splurge on whatever pair I fell in love with! Now if I see a pair I like, I wait a week or longer and if I’m still thinking about them, I will most likely purchase! I also try to stay away from trendier styles as well.

4. The Paradise tan drop are amazing and a total game changer! I think I am going to try and incorporate them into my routine weekly. I have exfoliating gloves that I used to use on a daily basis, but now would only want to use just before applying, but what should I use in between that won’t wash off my fab new tan? Just a good ole loofah?
I personally just use body wash and my hands – I’ve heard that loofahs hold on to so much bacteria! That way you’re not scrubbing off your tan. Could also use a good old fashioned washcloth ;).

5. How would you recommend styling the leather joggers? Thinking of a more “dressed up” look!
A fuzzy sweater (like this one) and heeled booties or pumps!

6. I know you guys have been sharing gift guides…do you have one planned for experience based gifts? I’m trying not to give just “stuff” this year so I’m hoping to do experience gifts for everyone, outside the usual concert/athletic event, as I have some people I can’t do something with a set date due to their varied schedules…especially interested in experience ideas for those hard to shop for people like parents and parent in laws. Not sure if that’s a coffee talk question or a guide, but you always have good ideas so wanted to check!
We love gifting experiences too! For my kids: music classes, aquarium passes, children’s museum membership, trampoline park passes, and movie passes! Ideas for adults: cooking classes (my husband and I love doing these!), spa gift certificate for a facial or massage, mani/pedi gift certificate, museum tickets, gift card for favorite restaurant.

7. I’m going on a safari in Africa with my husband in a month. Do you have any outfit/ hat suggestions?
We would put together simple looks like this one and this one! Our friend Ashley (Everyday Pursuits) went on a safari and wrote an amazing and very detailed blog post about it here – and lots of outfit inspo!

8. I am going to Los Angeles for New Years and am looking for some outfit inspo, I have no idea where to start! I’ve never been so I don’t really know the style and would love some cool girl options that are under $100. Pieces that can be mixed and matched are a plus!
This jumpsuit
is simple but really chic and sexy! You could pair with statement earrings like these or these! Also loving this bodysuit (can wear with jeans, pants or a skirt), this dress, these faux leather pants, and this dress (reminds me of something Morgan Stewart would wear!).

9. I recently purchased a modern farmhouse table and I would like to pair modern/mid mod black dinning chairs with it. Any suggestions, other than the wishbone chair. I love both of your interior design tastes btw!
Funny because my first suggestion was going to be black wishbone chairs ;). They’re just so pretty and simple! Other options – these, these or these (I have them in leather saddle and love them)!

10. I’m heading to Miami for Art Basel in a few weeks and have no idea what to wear. I’ll be attending the art fair as well as some of the parties during the day/evening. Can you please share some pieces that might be easy to transition and are also under $150?
This romper
is fun, love this dress for evening, this blouse and this blouse are cute, and this dress is super chic for daytime!

11. I will be in Palm Springs for thanksgiving this year. It is my first holiday spent with my future in-laws. Any recommendations on a cute thanksgiving outfit? It’ll be warm and casual – would love a cute floral print dress or something fun.
Some pretty floral print dresses: here, here, here and here! Also love this sweater dress with booties!

12. I just got this headband and wondering how would you style it? With something black or white? Obvi will be wearing for lots of holiday occasions!
Can totally pair it with so many different outfits and colors! Would be so cute with this sweater dress + boots, this puff sleeve sweater + jeans, faux leather joggers + a blouse or fuzzy sweater, or a simple sweater like this or this!

13. My girlfriends and I are doing a “favorite things” holiday Christmas exchange. It’s where you buy the same thing for everyone. The limit is $15. Got any ideas or do you have favorite items (beauty, home, etc) that would fall in the range?
That is a fun gift exchange idea! I would bring this candle, this headband, this facial spray trio, or these Barefoot Dreams socks!
Brooke: So fun, I did one of these last year! These would be my picks – this lip balm (the best!) with this mugthese gold huggie hoopsthese bracelets (with a saying instead of a name since you don’t know who it’s going to – maybe ‘squad’ or ‘mama’ if they are all moms, or something similar), one of my favorite nude lip combos (this lipstick in ‘matte naked’ + this gloss in ‘almost natural’ or this planner! I would love to get a new planner lol!

14. I love the idea of taking photos with a tripod. Can you share some tips?
Stay tuned! Haven’t had it very long haha. Tips would be – make sure you get your photo framed the way you want before hopping in there and make sure the lighting is good. Also, try to hide the remote somehow (in a pocket, behind your back, etc).

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