1. I’m going to the Bahamas for NYE this year and I have no idea what to wear in a warm climate. Something sparkly but something summery? Jean shorts & a sequin top? Any ideas would be great.
This dress
is pretty, love this romper, this sequin cami is fun, and this sequin jumpsuit is a good option!

2. Brooke, we are traveling to New York in January with our 18 month old. Any tips for seeing New York with a kid, or must see attractions for first time New York goers? Any kid friendly activities and restaurant recommendations for us? I read that having no car seat is legal in NYC cabs but have also read that Lyft and Ubers have car seats available. Any insight is much appreciated! Thank you!
I think you should see the 9/11 memorial, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center. Not trying to overwhelm you with an entire list because it can be challenging with an 18-month old! Most restaurants in New York are pretty kid-friendly, but my favorites are Bubby’s (for breakfast/brunch), Rosemary’s (brunch), Cecconi’s (Dumbo), Upland, and The Smith. The Guggenheim and Whitney host regular stroller tours in terms of museums! There is a slime pop-up museum in Soho right now, but I’m not sure if 18 months is too young for that?! For car seats that’s true – having no car seat is legal in cabs, Ubers, Lyfts, etc. I’m not sure how it works with car seats available in Ubers, I haven’t heard of that but you could try!

3. Now that we have let our dog into our bed, we’ve decided to buy a King Size bed for ourselves this Christmas! I’m looking for a new bedding set (or duvet cover) that works with our current color scheme in our bedroom – grays, white, navy blue, light blue. I’m paralyzed by the options and would love your design eye. Only disclaimer – not all white because our dog will have it ruined within seconds. Thank you!
Love this bedding, this one, or this one!

4. What are your go to makeup products that you can’t live without?
I recently started using this Too Faced foundation and I’m obsessed (was using GA). These beauty blenders, this highlighter, and this concealer are my other can’t live without products!
Brooke: This foundation
, concealer, setting powder, blush, bronzer, and brow pencil. These are the products that I reach for and would hate to be without when I’m doing my makeup!

5. Brooke – how do you like your Palm Springs mini backpack? What are your thoughts on your first LV purchase?
I love it! I’ve been using it a lot lately, and it actually holds quite a bit. I changed the straps so it could be carried as crossbody instead of backpack. Very happy with my first LV purchase!

6. Planning to ask for a leather jacket for Xmas, favorite ones?
We both have this one and love it! Highly recommend!

7. Meggan – TMJ – I recently started having issues and at first thought it was nothing, but it has gotten so bad and the more research I did with my symptoms, it was pretty obvious the issue. The only things helping are a few exercises and ibuprofen…which is not a good long-term solution, especially since the pain has been so bad it’s hard to chew food. Anyway, I think one of you mentioned having problems with TMJ and I would love to know your experience and what you’ve tried to help it…where did you start? I hate going to the doctor (I KNOW I know, I probably just need to go…) but curious if that’s where you started? Also, have there been any exercises or anything that have helped you significantly?
I did botox for TMJ and had to get a lot of units because mine is so bad. It definitely helped but my jaw still clicks when I eat. My lady referred me to two oral surgeons to look into getting cartilage injected into my jaw. She said they do it for athletes joints that get worn down and it makes a huge difference. I haven’t made an appointment yet but will definitely follow up after I do!

8. Was wondering if you have any good dupes or similar candles to the large Baobob candles that won’t cost and arm and a leg? Love the design but can’t justify $580 on a candle lol.
I hear you! They were 40% off last Black Friday at Bloomingdale’s, but I just checked and they’re not on the site anymore! Another option would be to buy a pretty hurricane/vase (love these!) and put a candle in there to get the same look. This candle is also very big and has a similar look & included in the sale!

9. Brooke – Was wondering if you can share your fireplace details. The fireplace ceramic balls you have in your fireplace are gorgeous!
Thank you! We purchased the ceramic balls from a local fireplace store, but they are similar to these. They can be used in a gas fireplace instead of fake wood.

10. I am going to Cabo with my family the week of Christmas. Can you suggest any key items/outfits that I must take? Thanks!
This hat
, this maxi, these jean shorts, this romper, this coverup, these sandals, and this suit (love it in purple or green!).

11. This question is for Brooke…what color coat did you wear with the sequin pants and the charcoal gray sweater?
I haven’t worn them yet, but I will probably just wear a black peacoat.

12. What things do you do for self care during this busy season of working and raising young kids, and how often do you find time for these practices?
Brooke: This is a struggle for me right now, but I try to meditate and do affirmations every morning when I wake up before I look at my phone. This always starts my day off in a positive way and I feel so much better when I do both. It takes 10 minutes, but can really change your mindset for the day. For the morning affirmations, I just look for quick ones on YouTube. I’m getting back to the gym also – this helps me so much with stress and anxiety.
Meggan: I’ve been trying to do the words of affirmation in the AM too! I love mornings to myself so I wake up before the kids, make coffee, light a candle or put on the diffuser, do my affirmations, maybe answer a couple emails, get things ready for the day and lately I’ve been trying to stretch. Feels so good and really wakes up your body! If I accidentally snooze my alarm and I’m woken up by my kids, I start the day feeling stressed which is no bueno. I also try to work out every other day, take a bath and read a book, and try to sneak away for a massage or facial!

13. My husband and I are due with a baby boy next year! Would you recommend Fresh 48 photos in the hospital or lifestyle newborn photos in the nursery 2 weeks after? Having the hardest time deciding!
It depends on the type of photos you want to have! Do you want more ‘in the moment/candid’ photos at the hospital or more of a formal/staged look at home? We probably don’t have the best advice, because it really just depends on what you want the feel to be! Which ones will you want to look back at in 5 years? Congratulations!

14. What are some gift ideas that would be good for a married couple (up to $150)? I have a gift exchange coming up and could use some help. Thanks!
Any of the items on our ‘Home/Hostess’ gift guide here would make a great gift for a married couple. Another idea – these wine glasses (on sale!) with a good bottle of wine!

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