1. Meggan – I love your Tiffany dog tag necklace! Can you share the link for it please? Did you get it personalized?
is my exact necklace! My husband brought it to a local jeweler to get it personalized because he didn’t like the font options at Tiffany’s. He put Mila’s initials on which are mine too!

2. Curious to know the Olaplex poll results? Been wanting to try it!
80% said yes it’s worth it!

3. Curious how you guys feel about Instagram removing the number of likes from public view; has it been less stressful – hurt campaigns with brands, etc? Intrigued with how users that utilize Instagram for business feel affected by the change.
Personally it doesn’t bother us at all! Currently, we can both still see likes, but we know Instagram is testing it with some users. It definitely relives some pressure, and allows for more creative freedom without the stress of getting a ‘like’ – especially on brand campaigns. We will still be able to give brands all of the analytics as we do now – it will all still be visible on the back end.  We think it will be amazing for young people, can’t imagine having to grow up with Instagram!

4. Where did you get the pearl strap on your Chanel handbag? It is beautiful and love how it gives the handbag a little attitude.
I purchased it from Fendi (scored it at the outlet!), but this one on Etsy is the best dupe – she hand makes these!

5. Favorite perfumes?
OMG I have so many! My current favorites are: this one from Diptyque, this one from Byredo (my husband also wears this one), and Santal 33 (also unisex!).
Meggan: Chloe is my go-to but I also really like this Skylar one!

6. Do you have a favorite OTK black not heeled boot? I heard the Marc Fisher ones don’t stay up!
I’ve had the Stuart Weitzman lowland boots since I was pregnant with Camden (about 5 years!) and they’re still in amazing condition and stay up!
Brooke: I don’t have any suggestions here, but I love Meggan’s!

7.I’m going to a New Years Eve wedding at a barn in Nashville and looking for a fun, festive dress! The bride said attire is “Nashville meets Gatsby” and sparkles/sequins are encouraged but not required! Would love your help!
This dress
is so fun and definitely fits the theme! This one looks like Retrofete but much less $$ (and you could definitely tie it so it’s not as low cut!), and this one is super chic and a bit more conservative!

8. How was it going from 1-2 kids? I’m pregnant with my second and I’m terrified!
It’s amazing and so fun, but the hard part is you don’t get to sleep when your baby sleeps like you did with the first since you have a toddler running around ;). I remember thinking “how am I going to function in the morning with Sophia when I’m up all night with Avery?!” but you figure it out and it works! And then it ends up going so quickly you’ll have no idea where the time went! Not sure how far apart in age yours will be, but once preschool started for Sophia (when Avery was 5 months old), it definitely got easier because there was a little bit of a break/down time. You got this mama!
Meggan: I thought it was way easier going from 1-2 than 0-1!! I wrote a blog post about it here! – hopefully it will help ease your mind ;)

9. I’m going to Miami for NYE and I am looking for some fun Miami/NYE dress suggestions.
Some fun dress options: hereherehere, and here!

10. Trying to make an effort to rework or repurpose outfits, specifically during the holiday season and I have a black jumpsuit that I’m planning on wearing on NYE. It’s a great tailored piece that fits me like a glove and I do love it, but any ideas for making it more special/exciting for NYE? I’m thinking maybe accessories? I already have great metallic strappy block heels…what else could I do?
Love the open back! You could add some fun hair pins like these or these or a pair of statement earrings these or these!

11. I’m looking for some cute and comfortable shoes to wear with this dress to a New Year’s Eve wedding in Chicago. Thanks!
Love that dress! We would keep the shoes simple – like this pair (in nude or black) or this pair! The low heel is very chic!

12. I just got a pair of look-a-like GG hightop sneakers that are glittery silver – how would you style them?
We love wearing them with cutoff jeans (think ankle length), and a tee or a sweater! Also fun with a satin midi skirt like Meggan wore in Paris!

13. I’m going to my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding in Key West, FL early February. The requested attire is beach formal casual… I’m thinking a flowy maxi dress since it’s hot there but am open to anything! SOS! <3
Wait “formal casual” is kind of confusing since they are opposites haha! But some flowy maxi dresses we love: one, two, three, and four.

14. Do you have a play kitchen for your kids? Is there one you would recommend?
Brooke: We used to have the one from IKEA and my girls loved it! We sold it with our last house (sold it furnished), but I’d highly recommend it, especially for the price!
Meggan: We have one but I wouldn’t recommend it – it came in 1 million pieces and the fridge door always falls off lol. I love the Ikea one or the Pottery Barn one if you want to splurge!

15. Any holiday outfit inspiration? Something on the more casual side!
Some casual holiday looks: this sweater dressthis sweater with coated denim, these paper-bag pants with an oversized sweater, or this glittery turtleneck with pants!

16. How do you care for you designer items? Do you clean the interior and exterior? Protect them with anything?
We try to take really good care of our things – especially bags! If they are lighter, we will spray with a protective spray to help prevent color transfer. We keep them in dust bags or in our closets, and interior is not quite as important to us, but still try to keep it somewhat clean. ;)

17. Where will you next couples trip be? Loved following along in Pairs!
Not sure! Where should we go?!

18. What are your and your kids’ middle names?
I don’t have a middle name! My girls’ middle names are Charlotte and Reese.
Meggan: Camden’s is Robert and mine and Mila’s is Elizabeth!

19. Brooke – What type of blood test did your doctor run in order to diagnose your hashimotos?
I’m not exactly sure which test was the diagnosis, but looking at my labs it looks like the two tests that found the antibodies are under ‘thyroglobulin antibodies’ and ‘Thyroid peroxidase antibodies.’ Both of mine were much higher than the normal range in my bloodwork. It’s important to trust your gut if you feel something is off. I first went to my GP last year and asked him to test my thyroid, he said he ordered the bloodwork and everything was totally fine, but it turns out he only ran one test. So, I found a new doctor and went to her with all of my problems/symptoms – anxious, headaches, always cold, fatigue, brain fog, rapid unexplained weight gain, etc, so she said she was going to test for everything she thought it could possibly be. I’ve never had that many vials of blood taken, but it proved to be worth it!

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