1. If you could have only done one thing in Paris, what would be your #1 must do?
It’s hard to say because everyone is a different type of traveler, but for us it would definitely be the private boat cruise! It was the perfect mix of tourism, history (from the guide), and fun! We booked it through a company called River Limousine.

2. Meggan – how did you do the balloon arch for Mila’s birthday?
It was super easy! I ordered these balloons and used a garland similar to this!

3. Do you guys ever feature small business and makers?
Yes, we do a quite a bit! Miranda Frye, Etsy sellers, Art by Stephanie Roberts, Ell and Emm, and salon owners. Always happy to help support small businesses that we truly believe in! If you guys have any favorites, leave them in the comments so we can check them out!

4. I was wondering what products you use, or recommend, to help preserve/clean your handbags and designer shoes. For instance, any tips on how to protect suede Stuart Weitzman boots or clean your lighter color Gucci, etc bags?
To be honest, we aren’t the best about pre-treating our bags or shoes. This spray is what we will use, especially on lighter bags! If suede or leather shoes/boots start looking bad, we will take them to a shoe cobbler and they come back looking brand new!

5. If you could pick only ONE housewives franchise to watch forever, which one would it be?
OMG tough…for me it’s between New York and Beverly Hills. If I had to choose, it would probably be BH, especially since Bethenny is leaving NY.
Meggan: I agree! BH hasn’t been my favorite lately (dog drama was so boring) but it’s still one I love watching because of their lavish lifestyles lol.

6. I have a gift card to Janessa Leone. What wool hat would you pick from their website (other than black)? I can’t decide!
Obsessed with these hats – one, two, and three!

7. Hello from South Dakota! I’ve have been following you ladies for over a year now and love your style and suggestions. So last year you posted about Balenciaga B perfume which I bought and fell in love with. Now it appears to be discontinued. Is there anything similar to this fragrance. I know you have posted and suggested others, but we just don’t have the access to smelling these perfumes before buying.
Oh noooo! It is?! I haven’t found anything similar…but I will look for it now that I know this one has been discontinued! One of the best smelling perfumes ever!

8. Heading to Cabo over the New Year. We are getting family photos done while there and we are doing a blue color scheme. Really struggling to find some cute dresses, would love your help.
Ah so jealous! Some blue dresses we like are here, here, here, and here!

9. Do you have any gift suggestions for grandparents from grandkids for Christmas?
Something handmade or you could do a photo mug or calendar!

10. I want to buy a gold sequin dress that I would wear to a club to celebrate my 30th birthday in two weeks. (Couldn’t find it online so I’m attaching a dressing room photo just so you can see it.) What would be a good shoe to pair with it? Not too high heel and no sandals because it’s cold where I leave. Could I do ankle boots?
Love the dress! We think neutral pumps would look best since the dress is short, it will elongate the leg. Some options we like: onetwothree.

11. Any options for “ugly Christmas sweaters” that aren’t ugly? Still want to look cute 🙂 happy holidays!
Haha! Some sweater options are here, here (so cute), and here!

12. Love coffeetalks! always gets me through work on Fridays 🙂 Do you guys have a dupe candle (or similar aesthetic) for the big Baobab candles? They look so chic but I cant afford a $900 candle LOL.
The best priced, XL candles we’ve come across are these from Voluspa! Still a splurge, but definitely more affordable than Baobab. We are also big fans of the XL candles from Diptyque and save the jar to use as a vase once the candle is gone. Sadly, candles are expensive to make, so the really big ones are always pretty pricey! Another option is a hurricane and a large candle like this one.

13. Could you do a round up of some of your favorite snow boots this year? Preferably $250 or under!
Still love these (in both colors!), we know some people hate but we personally love Moon Boots, and these look super comfortable – love the tan color!

14. I want to get myself a bag for Christmas but I’m stuck between the Large YSL Sunset (in black w/ either black or silver hardware) and the Louis Vuitton Mini Palm Springs backpack. The Mini Palm Springs is adorable and I love it as a crossbody but it’s definitely super casual. I don’t have anything as dressy as the Sunset in my collection so it would be a great addition as well. Which would you choose?
Love both bags! It depends what you are looking for in terms of wear, like you said. I personally love the Palm Springs mini and have been using it daily, but you’re right it’s not dressy. So if you are looking to add a dressier bag to your closet, go with the Saint Laurent. Really can’t go wrong with either!

15. Can you suggest a few sweaters/tops/shoes to pair with leather joggers? Looking for a way to dress them up rather than down!
I dressed mine up with a fuzzy sweater and pumps – posted a picture on this blog post (scroll all the way down). Some other options are this off-the-shoulder top, this lace top, this blouse, or this sweater!

16. I have been dating this guy for just a few months and I wanted to get him something for Christmas, but nothing to big or extravagant yet, so I want to give him a stocking filled with budget friendly skincare, lifestyle, and knick knacks that guys would like. Do you or your husbands have any ideas of what items I should get to fill the stocking with?
This is a great set to get started with in terms of skincare and would be a cute gift/stocking stuffer. You could put it all in a dopp kit. A hydroflask or a pair of gloves would also make a great smaller gift!

17. I am on the fence about two luxury purchases – a Cartier love ring and the Gucci princetown mules in black or nude. Are you ever able to get discounts on either of these items?
Hmm both are so different so it’s hard to compare! The ring you will have forever and the mules obviously won’t last as long. Neither ever go on sale but you could check sites like Fashionphile or The RealReal!

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