1. Do you ladies have an Amazon storefront? 
We don’t! Should we make one?

2. What are you wearing for the holiday?
I haven’t decided yet but I was thinking this top with pants or this dress!
Brooke: I think I’m wearing these sequin pants (they run small, I went up a size) with this sweater!

3. Do your kids hate that you blog or do they not know any different?
Lol, why would they hate that we blog? They know we work, but they don’t fully understand what our business is since they are so young.

4. I’m a working mom of two, 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old. I am very career driven and very successful at my job but struggle when I get home, my patience is very thin and I get so overwhelmed, and then I start feeling tired. Do you think CBD could help? I have not seen a medical doctor because I really do not want medication. 
It’s definitely worth a try! It really helps us with stress and patience especially around our kids! We use Equilibria and absolutely love it. If you’re unsure of how much to take you can schedule a complimentary dosage consolation. And you can use our code somewherelately for 15% off your first order.

5. Favorite sweater dress?
Love this one from Abercrombie!

6. A while back you shared a bunch of teacher gift ideas on your stories. I should have taken screen shots and saved them! Do you still have them by chance?
Yeti mugs (not regular mugs), wine, gift cards, mani/pedi gift card, restaurant gift card, monogrammed tote, and classroom supplies.

7. We are from sunny Socal traveling to the snowy Utah for the holidays. I need help dressing my kids (under age 5) in some warm clothes for snow activities and non-snow play activities. Head to toe outfits to help keep them cozy and dry! Thank you.
Definitely get some snow pants, warm coats (if you don’t have), waterproof boots, hats (fleece-lined for warmth!), waterproof gloves, and thermals to layer under sweatshirts. Target has these fleece lined leggings which are super cute and warm! Old Navy has tons of cute sweaters, jackets and accessories (love this hat) and they’re having a big sale. Stay warm!

8. I am trying to organize my life. Do you have any suggestions for a jewelry holder/box that can organize lots of dainty necklaces? Also, a makeup organizer?
I bought a bunch of small command hooks and put them on the wall in my closet to hang my necklaces on. That way I’m not worried about knocking them over, they stay organized, and hidden. I have an acrylic makeup organizer like this one on my bathroom counter.
I just got this jewelry stand and love it! I have most of my daily makeup in a bag and organize everything else in drawer with containers from The Container Store – this drawer organizer, this lipstick tray and this tray. I need to get something like this but I hate things sitting on my counters lol!

9. I am turning 30 in February! I live in Boston and I think we’re going to rent a space/throw a party here vs. destination. Any ideas for a good birthday-girl party look? Cute dress…jumpsuit? Anything you’ve seen out there?
Love this jumpsuit, this dress is pretty, this set is fun, and obsessed with this dress!

10. Any good ideas to buy your boss in the corporate world? For a woman
A nice candlevinglacé, a nice bottle of wine (if she drinks wine), or coffee table book of a subject she is interested in.

11. My boyfriend is a single dad and has the WORST backpack diaper bag situation. Like a 15 year old, stained, Jansport backpack…. I would love to get him something nicer but also functional. Do you have some recommendations at a few different price points?
Hahah! Some great options for him hereherehere, and here.

12. Meggan – could you give me the link for the h&m sweater you have I think in gray & the hoodies you have from there too please?
I have a couple grey H&M sweaters – this one and this one. My oversized hoodie is here and I have this one in a couple colors!

13. My wedding is in March in Michigan and I’m struggling with what to do for my bridesmaids getting ready outfits. I want to do a sweats set or a fun PJ set but everything is Xmas theme right now. Do you have any cute ideas for under $80? I’ve exhausted my search on Etsy already.
We linked a cute pair of satin pajamas on this Bridesmaid gift idea post! And Nastygal has tons of fun options here!

14. Do you have any suggestions on outfit ideas for a work conference?  Weather should be pretty warm and it’s a more conservative industry. I want to look professional but stylish.
Love wide leg trousers (like these) with a chic blouse. Very professional, but so chic!

15. My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby in February! What are some gift options for expecting parents? Anything that you guys loved when you were having your first child?
I know blankets are kind of a cliché gift, but this blanket is so beautiful, and Avery still sleeps with hers every single night. It’s now my go-to gift for babies! Also, the woombie was a lifesaver for us – so much easier than swaddling, especially for the middle of the night wake-ups! 😉

16. My bestie and I are going to Chicago for NYE. Do you have any must dos or suggestions of places to go and eat?
There are probably so many new places since I’ve last been but some of my favs are Cindy’s, Aba, Momotaro, Girl & the Goat, and Lou Malnati’s (for deep dish!). If you want amazing views, go to the Signature Lounge!

17. I am 27 and am going to Miami with a bunch of girls in January and they always go there and I have never been! We are doing a day pool party (with lots of pictures I’m sure) and then a night out and I have NO clue what to wear. I really want a cute pool outfit with maybe a risky one piece and I also want something sexy but chic and classy for the night out!
One-piece options: here, here, and here (obsessed!). For a night out love: this long sleeve dress, this glittery dress and this bodysuit!

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