1. How often do you use your tanning drops? Do you use them for your body too?
I use the Tan-Luxe drops (on sale here!) in shade light/medium on my face 1-2 times a week. And I use the Tan-Luxe body drops in light/medium 1-2 times a week as well.
Brooke: I use these face drops (shade: medium) 2 times a week or so! I tried Tan Luxe, but I think I need the medium/dark shade because the light/medium did nothing for me. However, they didn’t make me break out so I do really want to try the medium/dark so I can compare the two! I tried the body drops, but I need more practice, I looked splotchy. I rely on my OG self tan express when I want to look like I got a legit spray tan!

2. Do you have any suggestions on a Bottega Veneta Cloud Bag dupe?
Yes! This one and this one are so good!

3. Brooke – can you talk more about the house renovation you’re doing?
Yes, I’ll definitely be sharing more on the process. Here are the answers to the questions I’ve seen come through most: we found the house through our friend who is a realtor. We are not DIY’ing – we hired a contractor – we will be doing the design, the contractor will be doing the actual construction. When I was in college, I thought this may be what I end up doing as a career, so it’s always been a goal for me personally! We’ve renovated every home we’ve ever lived in, and I just love the process. I’ve always wanted to do a house that we aren’t planning to live in, and we finally found one that makes sense. We are not renovating it for our family to move into. It’s a small cape cod style home by the beach (3 bed, one tiny bath), and will probably be for a young couple/family, or someone who is looking to downsize. Some of you asked if I would start a new IG for it, but I think it’s easier/better to share on our stories and I will save it all to a highlight. Excited to share this journey with you all! I will probably do one big blog post about it once the project is complete!

4. Trying to decide between the Classic Flap or the Boy Bag as my first Chanel. I LOVE both and plan to own one of each (….eventually, lol!) Meggan I’m interested to know what made you choose the Classic Flap for your first? Brooke same question, but since you have both I’m wondering which would you keep if you could only keep one? What are the pros/cons of each?
Meggan: I didn’t pick mine out – my husband surprised me with it for my 30th birthday!
Brooke: I love my black boy bag, I chose it because it’s classic but a little fun at the same time. It’s probably still my favorite and I bought it in 2014! I don’t have a classic flap, but I really don’t think you can go wrong with either the classic flap or a boy bag!

5. I’d love to see what both of you received for Christmas! Need some ideas of what to ask for for my birthday 🙂
A few of my favorites are this bracelet, these eye patches, this cutting board (loved them on Shark Tank!), these pumps, and these slippers!
Brooke: This bracelet, a new mixer, these sneakers, this coffee table book, and my husband replaced one of my rings that was stolen!

6. Best black and white basic T-shirt and long sleeve T-shirts?
Love these Madewell t-shirts and these Current/Elliot ones!

7. Finally heading to the east coast from California in February 2020, a Christmas gift from my husband. It’s a girls trip to Manhattan and I am clearly so excited, that I’m already planning out my outfits and destinations for NY.  I am such a huge fan of you both and searched all over for a travel and fashion guide to NY…. am I missing it all together?
Totally happy to help with this, what a nice gift from your hubby! It would help to know a bit more details – what types of suggestions are you looking for? Restaurants? Site seeing? Shopping? All of the above? Let us know and we will round up our suggestions! Some recs here (Q #1), here (#9), and here (#7)!

8. What red wines do you suggest?
We did a post with all our favorite wines here!

9. What is the SkinCeuticals serum you swear by?
This one!
So good!

10. What jobs did you have before you started blogging full-time?
I worked at Trunk Club in Chicago and was a men’s stylist!
Brooke: I was in executive recruiting for insurance companies.

11. I know you’ve shared before but what socks do you wear with your Golden Goose sneakers?
– they’re the best!

12. I’m a new follower! How did you guys end up blogging together? Are you related or friends?
We are friends! We were each blogging separately before we started Somewhere, Lately. We were getting a little bored with our blogs and didn’t feel like they were really going anywhere. We decided to come together to start a blog because we were both busy, working full-time, and we felt like it would be a lot less work to maintain a blog if there were two of us. We have a whole post on what it’s like blogging together here!

13. Meggan – what is your mani color?
It’s Essie “The Award Goes To” – I did sparkles because we have a NYE wedding!

14. What are your New Years resolutions and goals?
We will do a whole post on it next week! We both just agreed that we are excited to be working on our 2020 goals!

15. Favorite combat boots?
Brooke: This pair!
I have these Vince Camuto ones and love them! Hopefully they will restock!

16. Do you take your Cartier bracelet off when self tanning?
No, we just make sure to move it around in order to evenly tan under/around it!

17. What razor do you guys always talk about and do you have a promo code?
The Billie razor! No we don’t but it’s only $9 and it gets delivered to your door! Also love their body lotion and shaving cream!

18. Brooke – what brand is the longer, gold necklace you always wear? I haven’t seen it linked so wondering if it’s a keepsake (but hoping that’s the not the case!).
It’s this charm and this chain from Miranda Frye! I added the Celine letter charm to it as well (Amazon has a dupe). Our coupon for MF is: SOMEWHERELATELY.

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