Our Favorite Ugg Boots

We have been wearing Uggs for over 15 years and honestly will never stop! They are our go-to’s in winter – for errands, school drop-offs, to get the mail, taking our dogs on a walk…and the list goes on. If you’ve ever owned a pair of Uggs, we know you’ll agree – if you want to be comfortable and warm, you grab your Uggs. They are classics, and have been around for years for a reason…they’re the best! Every winter, we get a lot of questions about how to wear Uggs and which pairs are our favorites. While we both have several styles, we chose to style the minis and the classic shorts for this post today – proving that your Uggs go with much more than old sweatpants ;).

This is my first pair of mini Uggs, and I love them! They were a little tough to get on at first, but once you work them in and wear them a couple times they slip right on! I have been wearing these to the bus stop every single day since I got them. This is also my first pair of black Uggs, and again – super happy with that decision! I wear black leggings and denim pretty much daily, and I like how they seamlessly blend in with my look.

I’ve had the classic tall black Ugg boots for several years (I remember I bought them the winter I was pregnant with Camden!) and decided to get another pair. I went with the short classic in chestnut and absolutely love them! I’m so happy they’re now pretreated with to repel moisture and protect against stains. Makes it less stressful wearing them when it’s raining/snowing or when you’re around your kids 😉

More of our favorites…

Thank you to Ugg for partnering on this post!