Weekend Deals

My favorite sweater is on sale here – I have it in 3 colors because it’s so good!

This YSL bag is sooo pretty and on sale!

Our current discount codes – Equilibria: somewherelately, Miranda Frye: SOMEWHERELATELYTula: SOMEWHERELATELYLola Tampons: Lately30Ell and Emm: SL10.

Obsessed with this bodysuit – would be perfect for NYE!

My Adidas hoodie is on sale here!

H&M finds: this coat (want!), this sweater, this belted blazer, these pants, this hoodie, and this skirt (so pretty in red!).

This sherpa hoodie is so cozy and it’s on sale!

The best razor ever and it’s only $9 and you get the blades delivered to your door!

NYE outfits under $100: this mini dress, this glittery dress, this bodysuit, this lace top, and this skirt.

I wear these jeans 24/7 and just saw they’re on sale!

Tons of winter coats are on sale here! Love this one, this one and this one!

Up to 50% off gifts from Anthro! Love this monogram necklace, this eye mask, this scarf, this headband, and this diffuser.

I have this bodysuit in black and love it – on sale for $23!

This pearl bag is so cute for weddings or other special occasions!