New Activewear For Him & Her

When it comes to dressing the part for a workout, women have it easy. There are so many styles and fabrics for us to choose from, which ultimately makes the actual act of exercising so much more exciting because, let’s be real—nothing is more motivating than a new outfit! However, sometimes men don’t have as many fun choices as we do and that’s where Bloomingdale’s comes in!

Typically, men throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and are ready for their workout. But in these colder months, they need warmer options. That’s why Kyle loved this Reigning Champ sweat set exclusively from Bloomingdale’s. Not only does it keep him warm, but the fit and style is way more appealing than his oldest pair of sweatpants! But the best part of a workout look? The shoes, obviously! Kyle surprised me and chose a pair of Adidas x Missoni sneakers, which come in a variety of really cool color options and, according to him, are super comfortable.

As for me, I am loving these shiny leggings paired with this mesh top, both by KORAL at Bloomingdale’s. With such solid activewear options, Kyle and I are more than ready to get outside and keep up our daily exercise goal! We may have even walked a little bit longer this day because of it.

Kyle: hooded sweatshirt | sweatpants | sneakers
Meggan: mesh top | leggings | sneakers (color sold out!)

Big thanks to Bloomingdales for partnering on this post!