1. Brooke – Did you end up getting the Lightstim for wrinkles, and if so, do you think it works?
I just ordered it (on sale!)! I placed my order during the Nordstrom Sale, but it was cancelled b/c it sold out. I will keep you posted, stay tuned! My esthetician says it truly does work, and I believe her!

2. Any recommendations for a cute but functional travel toiletry bag?
This one looks like it can hold so much, the price is great, and it has good reviews! Also love this one and this one – both of these are customizable!

3. How would you style the studded combat boots in white and do you like them?
The white studded is not my favorite, I feel like there is too much going on for a white boot. Other white/light options we like better here and here! Ideas for styling here – love pretty much all of these outfits!

4. Question for your husbands  – what are their favorite men’s BASIC t-shirts?  My husband has been on the hunt and striking out.  Would love to hear ideas!
Chad loves these from J. Crew or these from Rag & Bone.
Meggan: Kyle gets most of his from Todd Snyder or Billy Reid!

5. My mom’s 65th birthday is coming up. Any ideas for a sentimental gift between $100-$300?
Love this ‘infinity’ bracelet, this ‘mama’ ring, or how about framing a favorite photograph of the two of you in a beautiful frame?

6. Random Question–I’m moving into a new apartment by myself and wondering if you have any ideas for styling the bathroom.. specifically ideas for shower curtains you would buy? Haha sorry I know this is a random question.
Found some cute shower curtains: here, here, and here! Congrats on your new place!

7. First time going to Cabo in February and would love some cute outfit ideas! Swim, day, and night 🙂 thank you so much!
Love this coverup, this bikini, this romper, these sandals, this maxi, and this bikini!

8. I’m due with my first baby in May and I’m having the hardest time finding something to wear for my shower! I’m not a huge fan of maternity wear so I’d like to find something non-maternity that would be flattering with a bump. The shower will be in Chicago in February so any cute dresses or outfit suggestions you guys have would be very much appreciated!
This sweater dress would be so pretty in Feb, and bump-friendly! This dress is super chic! Also love the idea of this one with a duster cardigan!

9. Can you please review your Saint Laurent envelope bag? I’ve been thinking of purchasing it, but I want to make sure it’s durable. Since you’ve owned it for some time, are the edges really scuffed and worn? Thanks so much!!
I actually ended up selling it after I got my Chanel because they look very similar. I used it multiple times though and it still looked brand new – I think it’s very durable and worth it!

10. I need a good gift for a little boy turning 1, and I don’t want it to be a toy. I want to get them something a little more expensive in the clothing department that he will use a lot (some kind of cute shoe thats popular). They gave my daughter a Patagonia vest 3 years ago that we loved. Any ideas?
Patagonia vest is such a great gift, would you give them one as well? Love this little one! Also love this little jacket or this one! Shoes can be tough because of sizing for littles, but these are so cute, and velcro is the best for babies/kids (as you probably know!).
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