1. Any suggestions for decorating a mantle with a TV hanging right above it? Having trouble finding the right things to take up the space (it’s pretty long).
Not sure how much space you have between the TV and the mantel, but we would probably leave that area undecorated and only decorate the ends (this concept, but not these items). Some pieces we love – this vase, these candle holders, and these marble spheres. You want to add height and texture without adding too many things! Hope this helps!

2. What is a current beauty item you can’t live without?
Meggan: Too Faced Born This Way foundation
! And I was obsessed with the GA foundation and thought I’d never find one that compares!
Brooke: This lip balm I shared last night on stories! I’m obsessed – it’s so moisturizing, and I love that it’s in a tube instead of a tin/tub like my other favorite lip balms. Currently on sale – everyone needs this for dry, winter lips!

3. I’m attending a wedding in Maui in February and the welcome event is a luau. The attire is listed as “island cocktail attire” and I desperately need help finding an outfit! I’d love to get your thoughts 🙂 And if you have any other beach-y outfit/swim recs I’d love those too!
Tons of amazing island-y dresses here! Especially love this one and this one. This bikini is so chic! Aslo love this one!

4. Any suggestions for websites/places to shop for inexpensive (warm weather) vacation clothes, i.e. dresses, rompers, swimsuits, etc.? Thanks!
Amazon, Windsor, H&M, Revolve (filter by price), and Asos.

5. I’m 27, a full time graduate student and am just getting back into the dating scene. Do you have any recommendations for first date outfits that won’t break the bank? I have a nice figure that I would like to tastefully showcase but keep it classy.
Skinny jeans and a cute top or bodysuit like this one, this one, or this one! Depending where you leave, pair this look with booties or heels.

6. Do you have any 2020 swimsuit recommendations? I’m going to Miami with a bunch of girlfriends in the beginning of February, and most of your amazing recommendations from last season aren’t available anymore ☹.
Current favorites: this one, this one, this one, and this one!

7. I am leaving for my honeymoon to Hawaii in about a month. I have been ordering thing after thing and only kept a few and am concerned I won’t have enough! I have gained some weight and things don’t fit the same and I am worried about my arms. Do you have any recommendations for an “it” sandal I need and maybe a great cover-up or sundress?! Or if either of you have been to Maui any recommendations?! There are so many tourist things there Tripadvisor is hard to trust because not everyone is as picky as me LOL.
Definitely go to Mama’s Fish House! Coverup options: here, here and here! Sandals: here, here (fun for a honeymoon!) and here!

8. What is one designer purchase you regret buying in 2019 and why? You have to pick one.
Mine is easily these pink Balenciaga pumps. While I do think they are so fun, I have only worn them twice. They were a total impulse purchase, which is unlike me when it comes to designer pieces. I’m fine to splurge on shoes, but not if I’m only going to wear them once/year!
Meggan: Hmmmm! Maybe my Chanel backpack – I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would but still think it’s cute!

9. We are planning our honeymoon (yay!!!) and I was wondering what Caribbean islands you guys have been to and would recommend?? As well as hotel/resort recs for the islands!
We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and stayed at Sugar Beach (blog post here) – highly recommend! I’ve also been to Turks & Caicos which was amazing as well (blog post here). We stayed at a house so I don’t have a hotel recommendation but loved being on Grace Bay!

10. Meggan I think you’ve mentioned you traveled to Cabo with Camden when he was 2 weeks old?! How was that experience for you? With both of my babies I was still barely leaving my house at 2 weeks so I’m seriously impressed and want to hear about it and any tips you have! Brooke, how young were your girls when you traveled with them for the first time? Thanks for sharing!
When Avery was 2 months old we went to Miami. Honestly, it stressed me out. I was worrying if she was too hot, in enough shade, etc. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it definitely wasn’t the most relaxing vacation ;). Sophia was 4 months when we first traveled with her.
Meggan: We brought Cam to Turks & Caicos when he was 2 weeks old! It was my mother-in-laws 60th birthday trip with the whole family so we really didn’t want to miss it. As a new mom, it was stressful since I was just figuring everything out. And looking back I think it was totally crazy lol. I was exclusively pumping and accidentally left ALL my breastmilk on the plane and didn’t realize until we got in the car. I almost had a mental breakdown because I thought Cam was going to starve. So the start to the trip wasn’t great haha! Luckily, we were with family so had lots of helping hands and my MIL even did an overnight shift which was amazing.

11. Do you mind sharing your recipe (I think Brooke’s) that helps prevent/cure colds?  If I remember correctly, the ingredients are lemon + ginger + mint + turmeric, but how much of each? Also, what are the steps?
In a large pot, squeeze 3 lemons and then dump the spent lemon rind in the pot. Add one big fistful of mint, 1/4 cup honey, 3 inches of fresh ginger (sliced) and 2-3 inches of fresh turmeric root (use ground if you can’t find fresh). Cover with 8 cups water and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Strain into a mug and drink it all!

12. Best place to buy work clothes for business casual dress? It’s been a minute and I need some cute pants – black fitted/cropped and a couple tops to start! Preferably that come in petite!
Mango and Banana Republic have cute pants – love this pair, this pair and this pair! BR has some good tops and blouses too!

13. I’m looking for a pair of faux leather wider leg but cropped pants — not a full on huge culotte, but cut a little slimmer. I saw a picture of Olivia Palermo wearing some (https://denimology.com/2016/02/olivia-palermo-in-cropped-leather-pants)and now I can’t stop searching. Any suggestions?
Obsessed with that entire look!! The closest look-a-like pair we could find are these and these – but they’re both $$$. This pair, this pair, and this pair aren’t that wide but they’re super cute!

14. I have my friends bachelorette party and was wondering if you have any cute outfit ideas? It’s the last weekend in January in New Orleans and will be cold!
Love this bodysuit, this dress, and this jumpsuit!

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