1. Trying to build a bracelet stack. Any suggestions under $100 each?
We love our Miranda Frye bracelets – we never take them off and they are in great shape and don’t tarnish! Some of our favorites are this one, this one and this one. And you can use our code somewherelately for a discount! A few others under $100 to add in the mix: here, here and here!

2. If you could live in any of the housewives (across all franchises) homes, which would you pick and why? I almost wanna say except Beverly Hills because seriously they are all so fabulous!!!
I loooove Kyle Richards house!!
Brooke: Agreed, I love Kyle’s house! If BH is out of the running, I would have to say Bethenny’s Soho apartment!

3. When you first start blogging, how does it turn from just a hobby to making money? X amount of followers? Wait for companies to approach you to sponsor posts?
We never started blogging “to make money,” we did it because we loved it. Of course we had dreams, but we weren’t banking on anything and both worked full-time jobs outside of the blog. Recently heard this on a podcast, “Don’t start something with money on the mind. Create something you’re passionate about that provides value,” and it’s true. If blogging/fashion isn’t your thing, don’t try to make it be – find your passion and go from there! That being said, it took us 3 years of blogging 6 days/week to where we were making enough to be able to take it full time. The number of followers doesn’t matter to be honest, it’s how engaged your audience is. I am consulting for someone right now who has 800K followers with a goal to make X per month, the “X” is less than we make per month. In no way am I saying that to brag, only to show you/encourage you that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Be true to yourself, post what you love, be authentic, and your tribe will find you! You can definitely approach brands if they aren’t reaching out to you. Nobody is going to do the work for you, so put yourself out there and introduce yourself! Hope this helps!

4.What housewives would you like to see come back?
Bethenny, and the casts of Real Housewives of Miami, and Ladies of London!
Meggan: Bethenny for sure!!! NY won’t be the same without her.

5. I’m in the market to purchase a Cartier ring – a little treat yo self for my birthday and recent promotion and am torn between gold or silver! I currently wear a silver David Yurman on my right ring finger, a two-toned gold/silver watch on my left wrist and looking to wear this new ring on my left middle finger. Not engaged yet, but definitely want to purchase a color that would work well with a (preferably) platinum engagement ring/wedding band! Is gold totally clashing? I feel like it’s more the classic Cartier color but I think silver might look better? I prefer gold jewelry typically. AH!
Happy Birthday! We prefer yellow gold when it comes to Cartier! But you really can’t go wrong. Gold and platinum do not clash, we mix our metals! Meggan wears a gold ring between her wedding band and ring!

6. Do you guys have playlists on Spotify? Love your song choices for your speedy stories!
We don’t! We both use Apple music!

7. Any suggestions on a cute, versatile bag that will not only transition through both the spring and summer months but can also be worn both day + night? Price range of up to $2k. Looking for more of a neutral color like beige/camel/browns – not too big of a size, but big enough to fit the essentials; curious to hear your favorites!
This bag is so gorgeous and can easily be taken from day tonight and worn year-round, obsessed! Also love it in this colorThis Chloe bag is so pretty, love the details! Obbbsesssed with this LV! It’s at the top of the budget, but it’s stunning!

8. I’m going to Fredericksburg, TX for a girl’s trip in a few weeks. We have a couple of winery tours planned. You never know with Texas weather, but I’m anticipating colder temps. Any outfit ideas?!
Some cute things to pack: this sweater, this jumpsuit (cute with a denim jacket), this sweater dress, these jeans, and this blouse.

8. What are your favorite black workout pants? Also, need some new book recommendations. This way I can wear my new workout pants to read. Ha!
HA! Love this question, we’re with you girl ;). All-time favorite are this pair from Lululemon, hands-down worth the price! I buy my true size in this style. Whenever I try to find a pair for less, I often end up disappointed because nothing can compare to these! However, I also have this pair from Amazon and they are great as well & more budget-friendly! I have XS in these.

9. My maternity leave is coming to an end and I’m struggling with dressing my new postpartum body in anything other than leggings and sweatshirts. Any suggestions for office appropriate outfits that will make me look put together and not frumpy? I’ll be pumping so easy access for that is a plus. My office dress code is business casual and jeans are allowed.
Maternity work outfits: If you have maternity jeans or pants, just continue to wear those with longer tops like this onethis one, or this one!

10. Suggestions for outfits for the bride to be?
Not sure what kind of event you need an outfit for but love this jumpsuit, this dress and this dress. Also, this dress is a major splurge but it’s amazing!!

11. I’m going to a 2-day music festival in Montana this summer. I’ve been looking for hats to wear. Any summer hats you all have seen and love?
Cute hat options: here, here, here and here!

12. I’m looking for a cute loose fit white button down with a side slit or dip hem that I can front tuck into jeans for a casual work look!
This one! The best white button-down top!

13. My husband and I are attending the Food Network Wine and Food Festival in South Beach Miami next month and I am struggling with some cute/budget friendly outfits for the events we are attending in the evening (i.e. most of the events will be located on the beach)
So fun! Love this maxi, this romper, this jumpsuit, this dress, and this hat!

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