1. Meggan – can you tell us more about the Little Shrimps photoshoot you had with your kids? What style of photography is this called so I can find a photographer in my area? What are you going to do with the photos? (Will you have them framed? Where will you put them in your house?)? They were adorable and I have always wanted to get something like this done with my babies!
My SIL did these pictures when she was in San Diego so I did them too because they turned out so cute! I’m not sure what style of photography it’s considered – maybe portrait? Emily (the photographer) travels so you could see if she is coming to your city anytime soon! I’m thinking about framing them and put them in our living room or hallway!

2. Could you please let me know where you purchased the wall art in Brooke’s foyer over the gold side table?
That was a DIY piece we did as a family!

3. Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your guy?
Couples massage, slippers, Yeti, headphones, or cologne.

4. Any late first/ early second trimester styling tips? Don’t need maternity clothing yet, but my regular clothes are beginning to not feel the same. Any suggestions?
I pretty much lived in this pair and this pair of maternity leggings and paired them with oversized sweaters and tops! If you’re looking for cute maternity clothes check out ASOS and H&M – they have a lot of cute/affordable options!

5. What are your favorite designer tote bags? I’ve been on the hunt for a new one.
We both love our Goyard totes, this Saint Laurent one (this one too), this Fendi one, and this Givenchy one!

6. I’m looking for a mirror to go above my mantle/fireplace. Any suggestions?
Love this one, this one, and this one!

7. I was wondering if you used a car service to get you to/from the airport to your hotel in Paris?
No, we took taxis! Highly recommend a taxi – it’s a flat rate from the airport to get into Paris and we both had great experiences! Nicer than taxis in NYC (for example)!

8. I’m on the hunt for a black belt – I LOVE the classic black leather Gucci one but sadly can’t afford it. I still want a quality one though to wear with mostly high waisted jeans, so the waist needs to be smaller than a normal belt. Could y’all help me out?
This one has a very similar vibe to the Gucci belt, love this one with crystals too, and this snake one is also super fun!

9. Any recommendations for a dress to wear to my baby shower? Having a girl and will be around 28 weeks for the shower!
Pretty dress options: hereherehere and here!

10. You guys recently talked about people unfollowing you. Wondering if people tell you they’re unfollowing, and your thoughts on it.
If someone chooses to unfollow us that’s totally fine, honestly does not bother us. People’s interests change, and not everyone is going to like you, and that’s ok! No, most of the time people don’t tell us, but once in a while people will send us a message saying “UNFOLLOWING!” because they don’t agree with one thing we post. It just makes us laugh to be honest. Like, that’s fine! But what is the point of sending the message? To hurt our feelings? Start a fight? Lol. And in general, unfollowing b/c you disagree with one thing someone posts (not just us) is a weird concept to us. We don’t agree with/have all the same opinions as some of our best friends, but that doesn’t mean we are going to un-friend them lol. It’s fine to have different opinions and viewpoints, but if you’re getting nothing from the friendship (or in this case following someone), then unfollow!

11. We are celebrating my Mother In Laws up coming birthday at Disney. Do you have any suggestions for stylish athleisure outfits to stay comfy yet fashionable walking around all day?
This jumpsuit and this jumpsuit look comfy (cute with sneakers & a denim jacket), faux leather joggers with a graphic tee, camo pants with a tee and jacket, or leggings with an oversized tee, a denim or moto jacket, and sneakers!

12. Favorite designer purchase of 2019?
Probably my LV Palm Springs mini backpack, I use it all the time!
Meggan: My classic quilted Chanel bag (my husband surprised me with it for my 30th!). Or the love bracelet I got in Paris – that was so special!

13. One of my best friends is getting married in July in NYC! We’re all struggling to find a place for affordable bridesmaid dresses. There’s a few options on Lulu but not a lot for hunter green dresses. Any suggestions of sites/stores or recommendations on hunter green dresses?
Not sure if you mean Lulu’s, but they actually have a lot of hunter green dress options here! Probably the best selection you will find for affordable dresses! We also love this one, but it’s more of an emerald.

14. Heading to Mallorca this Memorial Day for a wedding. Any cute dress or outfit ideas?
There will probably be better options closer to the date as a lot of dresses out right now are geared more towards winter, but a few options we love: one, two (love!), and three!

15. Headed to Mardi Gras for the first time! I have no idea what to expect….or what to wear. Have either of you ever been? Would love some tips or outfit inspo! I want to be fun and festive but struggling with the yellow/purple/green color scheme?
We haven’t been! We would probably stick with one color instead of trying to wear all three! Some fun tops to consider – one, two (actually has all 3 colors), three, and four. Have fun!

16. Do you have any gift recommendations for a little girl turning 1?
Mila loves this walker, this elephant (it’s so cute!), this purse, and this activity center.

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