Our 2020 Resolutions

+ Say no more. I’m a people pleaser and tend to say “yes” to things I really don’t want to. I end up stretching myself too thin which causes so much unnecessary stress. This article has lots of helpful tips!

+ Reduce my single-use plastic consumption. I am pretty conscious about about my plastic consumption but would like to step it up a notch this year. I already use reusable bags, sandwich bags, straws, and produce bags but I want to avoid buying things packaged in plastic. Definitely going to be a hard since sadly so many items I buy at the store come in plastic but I’m up for the challenge.

+ Stick to my morning routine. If I don’t get up before my kids do, I feel sooo rushed in the AM! *Most* days I get up at 6:15, stretch, do words of affirmation, drink my coffee, check emails, and get ready for the day. It really sets a positive tone for the day and it feels sooo good! I’m going to achieve this by getting in bed earlier, no scrolling through my phone after my alarm goes off, and stop hitting snooze!

+ Declutter & organize my life. I started with my kitchen last week and it felt SO good. I couldn’t believe how much junk we had crammed into our drawers and cabinets. I’m going to do it room by room and keep our house/garage/cars clutter free! I’m also going to stop buying random crap I truly don’t need (eeh hemmm everything at Target). I also want to get our photo albums organized – I’ve printed sooo many pictures throughout the years and they’re all shoved in shoe boxes. There’s nothing I love more than looking through all the photo albums and scrapbooks my mom made and I want my kids to have those too! I also just need to be more organized in general. I’m notorious for losing things, packing horribly for trips (forgot swimsuits for a beach vacay and didn’t pack diapers for Mila are two examples lol), and forgetting appointments. 2020 is my year 😉

+ More date nights. My husband and I are bad at doing date nights (sans kids)…I think we do MAYBE one once a month right now. We both work from home and are with our kids pretty much 24/7. I know it’s important to have alone time and to date each other when you’re married, so we definitely need to be better about scheduling these!

+ Less screen time. I think I put this on my list every year but it’s something I constantly need to work on. It’s hard to shut off when there’s never ending emails and DM’s to answer. Also, how easy is it to mindlessly scroll through instagram and realize you wasted an hour of your life?! Going to keep working on putting the phone down when I’m around my kids and putting it away at night!

+ Start kickboxing. I did this on and off for a couple years absolutely loved it. It’s such a good workout, it’s fun, and it helps reduce my anxiety! Need to find a good spot in Dallas – if you have any please let me know!

+ Stop putting things off and procrastinating. I tend to wait last minute to do certain things and it ends up biting me in the ass. No more putting stuff off!

+ Wake up earlier. I was doing this for about a month in October, and it was amazing. It’s a challenge (I was doing 5:45am), but I felt so much more productive during the day, and had time to myself in the morning before all the craziness begins!

+ Read one new book each month. I love to read, but sometimes I let a couple months go by without reading, so I want to make it a goal this year. Would love to hear your book suggestions!

+ Hire a personal trainer. By now you probably know I struggle staying on track with working out. 😉 I’ve never had a personal trainer, but everyone who has hired one puts it in the category of “best money I’ve ever spent.” This year, by February, I want to hire a personal trainer to meet with once/week. One hour a week is doable, won’t break the bank, and will keep me on track (I hope) with fitness.

+ Stop buying useless sh*t! I’m not sure if you’re guilty of this or not, but I feel like I make dumb (but small) impulse purchases that I definitely do not need. This usually happens when I’m watching an instastory and someone shares a recent Amazon find. I’m going to stop making these purchases unless it’s something I actually need! I have about 5 random notebooks, water bottles, makeup brush cleaner (that doesn’t work), etc… It only adds clutter to my home. No more!

+ Schedule time for self-care. I got super overwhelmed and anxious at the end of 2019 (basically had a mental breakdown), and I want to avoid getting back to that place, so I’m making my own mental health a priority this year. 2019 went incredibly fast (fastest year of my life!), and I feel like I didn’t take enough time to really unplug and be in the moment! When I make time for self-care, I am a happier person, a better mom & wife, and I just feel better. Instead of saying, “I’ll practice self-care when I find time,” like I did in 2019 (and failed), I’ll be scheduling it into my calendar. One simple self-care routine I’ve been doing each morning is guided meditation (Headspace), and morning affirmations. It takes 10 minutes, and sets the tone for the day!

+ Be more efficient with my time by time batching.  I find myself constantly switching between tasks – answering DMs, checking emails, editing photos, linking items, writing blog posts, etc. I know this is so inefficient, so this year I’m making it a goal to time batch. Time batching is a simple time-management hack – focus on one task (rather than 10) at a time, then move on to the next task. For example – I will answer DMs for 30 minutes, then move on to emails for 30 minutes, etc. They say you are 40% more efficient when you work this way. This is so not my personality, so I know this will be a challenge for me! I already own this timer cube which is perfect to help me stay on track!

+ No nude lipstick purchases. Wow. This is seriously going to be a tough one for me to stick to ha! I’m addicted to buying nude lipsticks, and always hunting for ‘the best.’ I pretty much buy a new nude every time I hit up Ulta or Sephora. I have so many at this point that I could mix colors to create any nude imaginable. I’m going to see if I can go an entire year without purchasing a new nude! The *only* exception here is if I run out of one of my staples, I’ll allow myself to re-purchase. But I doubt that will even happen lol.

+ Set one new goal each month. I want to set one new goal each month: either personal or professional. I’m not going to put too much pressure on these goals by making them huge, some months may be super simple while others take more discipline, but I’m excited to set new goals each month and hit them!

+ Get creative with date night. We are pretty good about having date nights, but we always do the same thing…dinner and drinks! I love a good dinner date, but I want to try new things to spice it up! Cooking classes, movie dates, jazz club, etc. Let me know if you have any fun date night ideas!