Our F-Factor Grocery List (Step 1 Approved Foods)

Happy hump day everyone! We get so many questions about what you can and can’t eat on F-Factor. There are not a lot of foods that are off-limits (yay!), but there are foods that are definitely better than others. If you are interested in F-Factor, we recommend reading the book first. You won’t understand everything 100% without it b/c there is more that goes into F-Factor (and tracking carbs/fiber) than simply what’s on the nutrition label. Definitely start with the book! We both (still) refer to it whenever we have a question. We wanted to round up our Step 1 shopping list for today’s blog post to make your shopping quick and easy! This way you can reference our list and know you’re buying something Step 1 approved. You’ll see there are tons of options to fill your cart with! For the specialty items, we will link to Amazon since they’re difficult to find in many local grocery chains. Even if you aren’t interested in F-Factor, you can still use this list to know you’re purchasing healthy options! As always, please let us know if you have any questions!

+ artichoke
+ asparagus
+ green/wax beans
+ beets
+ brussels sprouts
+ cauliflower
+ carrots
+ celery
+ cucumber
+ kale
+ lemon/limes
+ lettuce
+ mushrooms
+ onion
+ bell peppers
+ tomatoes
+ spinach
+ squash/zucchini
+ berries (all fruit is “approved” for Step 1, but berries are the best
for Step 1 because they are the highest in fiber)

+ eggs
+ rotisserie chicken
+ boneless skinless chicken breast
+ ground turkey
+ silken tofu
+ sliced deli meat (turkey or chicken)
+ turkey bacon
+ turkey pepperoni
+ lean ground beef (90% or higher)
+ steak (we like filet – TJ’s sells them now!)
+ beef or turkey jerky
+ salmon
+ tuna (canned, wild-caught)
+ smoked salmon
+ chicken sausage

+ unsweetened almond milk
+ unsweetened almond milk creamer (I like Califia)
+ low-fat mozzarella (perfect for GG pizzas)
+ light string cheese

+ tomato sauce
+ tomatoes
+ Rao’s pasta sauce
+ palmini pasta
+ Rao’s pizza sauce
+ protein powder
+ Raw Rev Glo bars
+ GG crackers
+ PB2
+ chia seeds
+ Julian’s granola
+ whole grain mustard
+ salsa
+ vinegar (balsamic, red wine)
+ Trader Joe’s EBTB seasoning

+ broccoli
+ frozen cauliflower rice
+ any other non-starchy veggies

+ ChocoRite
+ Lily’s dark chocolate chips
+ Smart Sweets
+ sugar-free Jello (don’t @ us about sugar free lol, this is sparingly),
topped with almond milk Reddi Whip

+ sparkling water
+ coffee
+ tea
+ golden milk latte
+ vodka or tequila (both are counted as 0 carbs on F-Factor)
+ wine