The Chicest Fitness Watch: Garmin’s vivomove

With the new year in full swing and everyone trying to crush goals and keep resolutions, we’re sure a lot of you are on the hunt for the perfect fitness watch. We’ve talked about the Garmin vivomove before, but with the new year comes new goals, so we wanted to bring it up again today!

The main reason we love the vivomove is because it’s by far the prettiest smartwatch out there. While Apple and FitBit are popular for fitness trackers, Garmin hit the nail on the head with the vivomove. Not only is it a totally functional fitness tracker, but it looks like a regular, classy watch to the untrained eye! Being able to wear it during workouts and seamlessly transition into date night without changing our watch is a huge plus. 

And of course, the vivomove does everything other fitness trackers do—it just looks prettier! Not only does it track your sleep, heart rate, and steps, but it also keeps you connected all day via notifications for incoming calls, texts, and meeting reminders. Bonus – changing out the strap is so simple, so you can wear what goes best with your outfit that day. Truly, staying fit and on top of your stats has never looked this chic.

If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker that’s functional, versatile, and nice to look at, treat yourself to a Garmin vivomove. It makes staying in shape and making healthy decisions that much easier!

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Big thanks to Garmin for partnering on this post!