A New Ritual For 2020

New year, new us, right? At the beginning of January we wrote about our resolutions and we’ve decided to add another one to our lists: taking our multivitamins. However, it’s funny how such a simple thing can end up being more of a stressor than a positive. Remembering to take the right amount of various vitamins every day is overwhelming, so to crush this new 2020 goal, we decided to try Ritual – the once-a-day multivitamin made specifically for women.

You’ve more than likely heard about or seen it on social media, and it’s popular for a reason – it’s all kinds of good for you. Somehow, Ritual has found a way to cut through the vitamin clutter and crafted this simplified pill that delivers key nutrients women need in just two capsules a day. It’s truly a weight off our shoulders because it takes out the guesswork and has been an easy, simple addition to our daily routines. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg! This amazing multivitamin has so many positives:

+ Vegan-certified, non-GMO, gluten & allergen-free

+ No synthetic fillers, artificial colorants or shady additives

+ No-nausea capsule design

+ Oily & dry nutrients, all in one capsule

+ Transparently-sourced ingredients

  + The minty tab keeps it fresh!

So many people put a ton of pressure on themselves at the start of the year to accomplish all their resolutions all at once, but Ritual makes it easy to ease into the new year with small steps.

 If you’re interested in adding the Ritual Essential for Women daily multivitamin into your mix, you can sign up here!

Big thanks to Ritual for partnering on this post!