1. Oil cleanser versus Cleansing Balm? What are the differences and which do you prefer? I’m trying to get away from makeup wipes to be more sustainable, so I’m curious which you prefer. What are your faves of each? Thanks loves!
We like both, but prefer a cleansing balm if we had to pick one! We feel a balm really melts the makeup off a little bit better than an oil. We love this balm, this one, and this oil!

2. What’s your current drink order when you go out? And what about when you stay in?
Skinny spicy marg when I’m out and red wine at home! My favorites are Smith & Hook, Educated Guess, Apothic, and Justin!
I typically get prosecco or wine if I’m out. But if I want a cocktail it’s either a skinny spicy margarita, or tequila + soda + lots of limes or voda + soda + lots of limes! If I’m home, it’s wine – cabernet in the winter.

3. Brooke – A few months ago you posted a story about an original smoking nuns photo you found at home goods? I have been obsessed with the photo ever since. Can you tell me the name of it so I can try to find a good quality version for my office?
I found the same print on Etsy here!

4. What designer sandal are you guys loving for spring/summer?
Love this pairthis pair (just purchased!), and the classic Hermes sandals are always a designer favorite for flats! Tip –  buy them now if you’ve been wanting a pair, because they sell out sizes every year by the time spring/early summer rolls around, and they don’t restock until next winter!

5. Meggan: I’m planning my wedding in Cabo and was wondering if you liked your mariachi band? Thinking of hiring them too!
Yes – we absolutely loved them and so did our guests!

6. I have a few questions about the pampas grass image you posted on Like to Know it. Did you order the White or Natural color? How many plumes did you buy?
I got 6 branches in white, 20-22 inches! The grass and vase on this post!

7. Bought a new home…any recommendations for wall paintings for dining room living and bed rooms?
Sorry we’re not sure if you are looking for paint color suggestions for the rooms or paintings like artwork? Could you please let us know and we will answer next week! xx

8. Wondering your thoughts on an every day, goes with anything  luxury brand wristlet? Wanting it to carry phone, credit card and ID and for things like running into the grocery store and running quick errands. Or can throw in a bigger  bag if needed.  Hoping to spend $500 or less.
We say if you’re going to use it, go for it! Some favorites: this onethis one, and this one.

9. Would you rather never do laundry or never grocery shop again?
Laundry for sure!! I HATE folding laundry!! And I actually really enjoy grocery shopping!
Brooke: Agree, would never do laundry again!

10. What made you want to share and help grow other accounts on Instagram? This isn’t done across the IG industry and I admire you both for doing that!
One day I was just thinking about how thankful I am when other people share our account because it helps us grow so I wanted to do the same for others. It’s so so hard to grow a following on insta these days and there are so many smaller accounts we follow that I think other people would really enjoy too. And it obviously just feels good to help others 🙂

11. Do you have any suggestions for a classic oversized button up?
Love this one (wore it last night), this one and this one!

12. What are some super cute boy and girl names you’re liking right now?
Cute boy names I like are Jack, Henry and Harrison. And I love Elle and Noa for girl names!
I’m planning on having another baby so I don’t want to give away all my names 😉 But Mila was almost named Ryan (as a girl) and I really like Penelope but it isn’t my husbands favorite. I don’t want to say our top 2 boy names (sorry I’m weird I know) but our bottom two were Hudson and Beckham.

13. Meggan – where did you get your Chanel slides from?
I got them at the Chanel boutique in Dallas about 3 years ago and they’r sadly no longer available!

14. Where do you start when you’re super overwhelmed with tasks to do? Cleaning, work, etc.
We both started doing this and it helps so much. Make your to-do list and then time batch! Say you’re going to sit down and answer emails for 30 minutes. Don’t do anything but that – don’t touch your phone, switch the laundry, turn on the tv, browse online…you get the picture 😉

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