1. Current fav swim coverups?
Love this one, this one (only $19!), this one, this one, and this one!

2. Heading to Aruba and Turks & Caicos in March! What’s your favorite face and body sunscreens? Also any must-have vacation pieces that are affordable for HOT temps!?
I use Glo Skin Beauty, Farmacy or Supergoop! on my face (all are so good) and use Alba Botanica on my body!
Brooke: I’ve been using EltaMD on my face, and Alba or Blue Lizard on my body. And a couple vacay pieces we’re loving are this knit top, this romper, this halter top, and this skirt.

3. Love both your style! Do you have a link or dupe for Brooke’s bed frame?
This is my bed and this is the closest dupe I can find at the moment!

4. Hey Girls! How are you liking the Billie razor? Have been thinking about subscribing to it? Do you think it is worth it? Also any promo codes??
Honestly, loooove it! Never thought we’d be so jazzed up about a razor lol, but it works so well, and they keep improving it (like the travel case!). Admittedly, we were the girls who would run to the drugstore to buy new razors, and walk out with everything except the razor. It’s so nice that Billy is a subscription b/c it’s something you actually need, and it’s great to not have to think about it! You determine how often new razors are delivered based on your shaving habits. 100% recommend! Plus, it’s cheaper than the ‘nice’ razors at the drugstore.

5. I have been wondering why you do not post weekend deals on Saturday and coffee talks on Sunday? I usually am more in a shopping mode on Sat…..I am sure you have a great reason!
We do post weekend deals on Saturday – sometimes Sunday if we’re busy! And we do #coffeetalk on Friday because it’s a lot of work and we’d rather not do it on the weekends. But you can definitely read it on Sunday if you prefer 🙂

6. I think you two are both so genuine so this isn’t directed at you but do you feel like the blogging space has become saturated with a lot of glorified sales people? Every once in a while I have to do a serious blogger cleanse because I find myself spending money on clothing/accessories/makeup/skincare  that just aren’t my style or made for my skin etc. I feel like I got swindled from a car salesman. Just curious, have you guys ever promoted something and looked back later and thought “huh, I wonder if that was 100% our brand or opinion”. Seriously, I really do not mean this to be offensive at all. I have a regular job as a baby apparel buyer and I make mistakes at it just like any other person. I can tell you about it if you’d like. And no matter how many blogger cleanses I do I have never unfollowed because I have never felt like you guys have “sold” me something you didn’t believe in. I just feel like you suggested it as my friend.
Thank you, that is a huge complement because it’s something we take seriously! We are very selective when it comes to brand partnerships, and turn down offers that feel forced or disingenuous because we never want to recommend a product we don’t believe in/have never used. Some partnerships are obviously more of a natural fit than others, but we happily turn down projects that include products we would never spend our own money on. That is the deciding factor if we are questioning a partnership. We ask ourselves, “Would we go to the store and spend our money on this?” We have also cancelled contracts in the past for various reasons, and luckily brands are usually understanding of our reasoning. For us, your trust means more than a paycheck. Like you said, it’s obvious to us when someone is promoting something just for $ – like when someone says they ONLY use medical grade skincare products, then the next week promoting something you can buy at the drugstore saying they’ve been using it for months (like, what?). That being said, yes! We have definitely had our regrets along the way. Not necessarily for promoting something we ended up regretting, but for agreeing to work with a brand (again) that was so crazy and micromanaged every aspect of the project (giving us zero creative freedom) and we ended up being burned. We accepted the partnership for a second time because the paycheck was great, and this was actually a brand we have loved forever. But in the end, they did the same thing the second time around, and eventually the contract was cancelled, which meant hours of work for nothing + a bad taste in our mouths from a brand we had admired and purchased our whole lives. You live and you learn! As with any job, there is a learning curve, and mistakes will be made…we have made plenty and certainly will continue to make more as we grow!

7. Do you have a recommendation for everyday dishes?  Looking for white ones if possible that are microwave friendly.
Meggan has this white set from C&B and Brooke has this set – they are currently 60% off plus an extra 20% off for Valentine’s Day! I’ve had them since our wedding (almost 9 years ago), and still love them.

8. Looking for new Spring shoes for work – flats or comfortable heels for the office!
This pair (so many color options) are so comfortable and stylish, or this pair if you want to splurge! A classic, low-heel pump is also a great option & very on trend. This pair also comes in nude if you’re wanting a lighter pair for spring!

9. What trends do you hope are here to stay and what ones would you two like to see disappear?
I really can’t think of one that I’d like to disappear?! Maybe the really small sunglasses? They don’t look good on me but some people can rock them so I don’t really mind. And I don’t know if this is considered a “trend” but I’m here for Golden Goose sneakers to stay around forever.
Brooke: Out with the neon, in with the neutrals! Also, in with the square toe shoes! Agreed with Meggan – hoping sneakers with real outfits stick around!

10. My husband and I are going to the Bahamas on a much needed getaway. My parents have agreed to watch our baby while we go which is so crazy. So mama is really hoping to regroup and rejuvenate. Looking for some great dresses/rompers and cover ups. You guys never disappoint!
Ahh that is so exciting! We linked a bunch of coverups we’re loving in question 1 but here are some dresses and rompers: this midi dress, this white romper, this dress (love it in yellow), this floral dress, and this romper. Have fun!

11. I’m attending a wedding next month in Miami and would love some dress suggestions. This is the venue.
Pretty dress options: here, here, here and here! Enjoy!

12. Any recommendations for a little black dress or jumpsuit that’s flattering and can be restyled to wear to different events/occasions? Any tips on styling the same outfit for different occasions? Thanks for all you do! I’d look a mess if not for your recommendations lol
Yes! Love this midi dress, this jumpsuit, this mini dress, and this wide leg jumpsuit!

13. I have a 5 month old baby girl and a wedding in Palm Springs next weekend. I’m back to my pre baby weight but my body type is different and I’m nursing. Do you have any suggestions for nursing friendly wedding dresses that aren’t tight (body isn’t fit yet).
I feel ya on that – my body type does not feel the same since I had Mila! Some cute nursing friendly dresses are here, here and here!

14. Do you have any recommendations for a good wedding day heel, preferably one that isn’t too high? I’m wearing an elegant white satin dress.
This pair looks comfy with the block heel, obsessed with this pair and they have a lower heel, and this pair is nice + simple with a lower heel! All of these look comfy and easy to walk in. Congratulations!

15. My first wedding anniversary is coming up, and I want to wear my wedding shoes – white Valentino rockstuds – to dinner and drinks with my husband but can’t figure out how to style them. Any suggestions? The weather will be in the 50s!
For a more casual look we would wear them with distressed denim, a bodysuit and a moto jacket! If you want to get dressy – wear with a dress like this one or this one!

Leave your questions below for next week or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx