1. I’m flying with my very active one year old, what do you do for flights toy and snack wise? Do you bust out an iPad?! Thanks for any tips/tricks!
Flying with Mila has been a lot of work lately because she is so active!! We pack a ton of snacks – bars, Goldfish, Cheerios, etc. Unfortunately she won’t sit and watch an iPad so I have to bring toys to entertain. Some of our go-to’s are these spinners (can stick to window or tray table), these water coloring books, this dimple toy, Indestructibles books, window decals from the $1 bin at Target, and her baby!
Brooke: When my kids were 1 an iPad would have been no good lol, but if your baby will pay attention I’d try it! It’s better to have a lot of options than none ;). Everything that Meggan suggested is great and she is in the thick of it right now, so she knows! Also, I’m not above a lollipop on a flight…obviously depends on the actual age of your 1-year old (closer to 12 months or 24?)

2. How far in advance did you book your Paris restaurant reservations? I’ve been checking Girafe to no avail and know Big Mama is 2 months out!
We booked a couple months in advance, but actually Girafe we got lucky and got into a few days before we went! We did Pink Mamma for lunch (not sure if you’ve tried that). Just keep trying every day!

3. Going to Nashville at beginning of March for a long weekend to celebrate my aunt’s 50th and cousin’s 21st birthdays and have no clue what to bring. Do you recommend any cute outfits?
Some cute things to pack: this bodysuit, this sweater dress (would be cute w/ booties and a hat for brunch), this jumpsuit, or this dress!

4. Meggan – I remember you mentioning in the past that breast cancer runs in your family. Have you by chance had the BRCA test done? Ovarian cancer runs in my family and now that I’m 30, my doctor is having me get tested. I’m absolutely terrified/beyond anxious about the results. Was curious if you’ve been through the process and and if so, any tips you have for managing the anxiety!
Yes my mom and cousin have both fought breast cancer. Since my mom was diagnosed at 43, I need to start getting mammograms when I turn 33. I don’t have to do the genetic testing because my mom tested for the gene and it was negative. Sending you lots of love and strength – so scary but it’s great you’re taking charge of your health!!

5. Hey girls…I need help finding a new rug for my dining room. I’m looking for a 9′ round rug (round dining table) in the grey/cream/ivory color family.
Some round rugs we’re loving: this one, this one, this one, and this one! Don’t be afraid if it’s 10′ instead of 9, a lot of times people purchase rugs that are too small for under their chairs and table. It’s nice to be able to have the chairs all the way on the rug when they are pulled out and people are sitting in them.

6. Do you have any recommendations for maid of honor dresses? My sister is getting married in October.  My other sister and I are the MOH’s and we haven’t found a thing we like!  Thanks a bunch xx
Show Me Your Mumu
has SO many different styles and color options! And Lulus has a ton of pretty and affordable options.

7. Every year at this time I always feel so uninspired with my wardrobe. What accounts do you guys follow or where do you go for inspo? You two have really helped me carve out my style over this past year so thank you!
We feel ya there! Some of our favorites are Rozalia Russian, Lornaluxe, Sheryl Luke, Helena (Brooklyn Blonde), Laura Wills (diff style from ours but she’s beyond!), Morgan Stewart, Streetstyleluxe, and Rosie HW. We also love to look at magazines and Pinterest (follow us here).

8. Thoughts on being a bridesmaid that lives half way across the country. Do you think it’s mandatory to attend the shower, bachelorette party and wedding or is it acceptable to pick 2 for financial reasons!
We think it’s definitely acceptable to only attend what you can afford to go to! If they are your real friend, they will understand!

9. I am thinking about getting Gucci loafers and can’t decide between the actual slides or the ones that are foldable in the back. You could wear it as a slide or as a traditional loafer. Do you have both and/or which do you like better?
We don’t have the ones that are foldable in the back, but we prefer the look of the slide better!

10. I got the Mango coatigan in two colors because it’s THAT good. I love it. It’s winter and under 30° where I live so I need to throw something on top of the coatigan to stay warm outside. Any recommendations on good coats to wear over the coatigan that don’t look weird because of the coatigan’s length?? The stylish but warm winter struggles are so real!
Uhg the struggle is so real, I feel you! I would suggest either a long wool or puffer coat. Here are a few I love: one, two, and three.

11. How have you guys dealt with death? Especially within your family? Trying to prep myself 😢.
So sorry to hear this, we are thinking of you! 🙁 Yes, it’s very sad and everyone deals with grief differently. You have to allow yourself to feel the way you’re feeling. Don’t try to hold it in, it’s part of the process. Try to remember the good times you had with that person and write down your favorite memories so you can always look back on them. Lots of love to you! xx

12. I’ll be attending a fundraising event that helps families and children during tough medical times where the theme for the event is Kentucky Derby. What outfit ideas do you have?
Some dress options: onetwo, and three. Headwear: onetwothree (fun & out of the box)

13. I ordered this dress for a wedding in Savannah in April, but I’m having a hard time finding shoes I like for it! I have the Stuart Weitzman Nudist heels in nude but honestly they’re so uncomfortable that I end up barefoot by the time the reception starts. Any suggestions for something cool but comfy? Also the dress code is cocktail but the groom and groomsmen (one being my husband) will be in white dinner jackets.
I just got these shoes in and they are a similar feel to the nudist (they are minimal) but because of the chunky heel & lower height they are much more comfortable! I love them and plan to wear them with dresses and jeans! I think they would look perfect with your dress. They are true to size.

14. I loved Brooke’s Zara matching cami and cardigan set, unfortunately I am allergic to wool. Do you have any other matching top and cardigan sets you could link?
These sets are hard to find, can’t even find a similar one that isn’t wool :(.

15. Going to a tech brand launch party in Austin early March and I have NO idea what to wear (stay at home mom – former nurse who just wore scrubs to work!). Help!
Love this blouse, these leather joggers, this dress, this jumpsuit, and this bodysuit.

16. I’m having my bachelorette party in Scottsdale this Spring! Meggan, what were some things you enjoyed doing there for yours? Also, any outfit recommendations for pool days/nights would be so appreciated!
Some restaurants I like are The Montauk, Diego Pops (the brussels sprout nachos are so good), The Henry, and Farm and Craft. We also had a taco truck come to the house one day and had a pool party. We did the W pool party one day which was super fun! Some outfit inspo: this romper, this bodysuit, this dress, this bikini, and this romper/coverup.

17. My boyfriend and I are looking into getting our first dog (yay!) but this is our first pet and we have no clue where to start when it comes to supplies and gear. We have been doing so much research on items to have when you have pets but there is just so much on the topic we don’t know where to turn. Since you are both dog owners, what do you find is the best to have? Are there any brands that you love or haven’t loved? We live in a small apartment in Chicago so we are hoping to find minimalist modern items that look good and don’t create clutter but dogs will still love.
We didn’t have/need a ton of stuff when our dogs were first coming home, and we still don’t TBH. Our dog stuff is very basic, nothing fancy. A collar/harness, leash, crate, food (+ food and water bowls), a few toys if you are planning to do dog toys, poop bags (since you live in the city), and a bed/pad to put in the crate. Dogs don’t need a lot of stuff ;), just love, food, play, discipline, and exercise!

18. Looking for a gift for my bff for her birthday, something fun and unique, around $100. Open to jewelry, accessories, home decor, etc. Need some inspiration!
These pretty glasses
(maybe with a cocktail recipe book?!), silk pillow case + scrunchies, this pretty diffuser with oils, this beauty mini fridge, or this lipstick holder with a couple of her favorite shades!

19. Suggestions for a pair of white sandals for spring/summer?
Loving this pair, this pair and this pair!

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