1. We just bought a house and have a lot to furnish! Super exciting/intimidating.  How did you style your foyer? Looking for a table that isn’t too big. Decorations on top or did you do more functional items? Any pieces you would suggest?
We both have console tables with decorative items on top! Some ideas for you: this consolethis one, or this one. Love layered discs like this and this on top! You could add some coffee table books and a lamp as well!

2. I’m sure you linked the group of candles on your console table but I can’t find it now – would you mind telling me where you got them?
Linked them on this blog post!

3. Going to San Diego soon and want to get a facial (possibly Hydrafacial & dermaplaining). Meggan do you or your SIL have any places you’d recommend? Thanks!
My SIL hasn’t but my friend goes to Alexis K and said her place is amazing!

4. I am looking for a new iPhone case and I feel like you both always have cute, but functional ones. Would love your suggestions!
We love TDECasetify, and these from OMC!

5. I am looking for a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding next month in Galveston, preferably under $100! It’s a fancier venue and cocktail attire.
Love this one, this one, this one and this one!

6. My BFF’s life passion is fostering/adopting rescue dogs. I love that about her and have immense respect for her, however my boyfriend and I have been wanting a specific breed of puppy together for over a year, and are finally biting the bullet together and getting a puppy next week! Only caveat? It’s from a breeder. We wanted the puppy experience and did tons of research on both rescues & breeders, but made our decision. I told my BFF and she is super upset- she said she needs space and wishes I had lied to her. How do I move forward and be happy with my pup but also not lose a friendship?
Sorry to hear this! A friend who says they wish you would have lied doesn’t sound like a real friend. We totally understand not wanting to lose the friendship. We would recommend giving her space, and when she is ready to talk, you can explain why you went the route you did, and if she is a true friend this should not break up a friendship. You don’t have to have the exact same beliefs and values on every life situation to maintain a friendship. Hopefully she realizes this during your time apart! Best of luck to you! xx

7. Going to Paris soon for my honeymoon! What are the best luxury purchases (besides Chanel) to make while I’m there based on designer discounts? What did you buy?
We shopped at Chanel, Fendi, YSL, and Cartier! Our friend Maria made a guide to shopping in Paris here – it’s really helpful!

8. I am organizing a bachelorette party this summer in Chicago and need good restaurant recommendations for lunch and dinner! Maybe something with a patio for day drinking. Thanks!!
Some good spots for a bach party are Aba, Cindy’s, Federales, Hampton Social, Big Star (patio & strong margs), and Summer House Santa Monica.

9. I am getting married December this year. I am wondering if there are any beauty treatments that you feel would be especially helpful to prep my skin closer to the date, or even now?
Before my wedding, I (tried) to keep up with facials and did two BBL treatments on my face and neck. You would definitely want to start now if you plan on doing any laser treatments! I was also using my GloPRO like crazy!
Brooke: I would recommend meeting with an esthetician in your area to go over your skin goals/what you want to achieve for your wedding. She/he will be able to examine your skin to determine the best route to take to get you where you want to be!

10. I am going on a trip to a ranch in Steamboat springs CO in July! We are staying at a ranch and I have no idea what to wear. It’s going to be mild during the day and chilly at night. Any outfit ideas?!
We would keep it casual during the day with jeans and tees/button-downs (and boots!), bandanahat, and bring comfy sweatshirts/sweaters to wear at night. Sounds like so much fun!

11. I love the Mango coatigan, can you do a post on a few different ways to style it? It would be ok for the office, right?
Yes, would be great for an office! For the office – black pants, black turtleneck or top, booties, and the coatigan. Out of office – tee (plain or graphic), jeans, and sneakers!

12. Love your guys’ style so much. I am obsessing over the Anine Bing tees, but they are kinda pricey – any links to similar style tees?  Or, if I do pull the trigger in the real thing, which Bing tee is your favorite?
We also love Ell and Emm tees and they have a similar vibe to Anine Bing! We also have a discount code: SL10. Love this one and this one! Current favorite Anine Bing tee is this one!

13. I’m going to be in Dallas in May for my step-brothers wedding. Dress ideas? Preferably under $100.
Pretty dress options under $100: here, here (I have this – so pretty!), here and here!

14. I’m going to San Francisco in a few weeks and would some outfit inspo! Mostly going to be sight seeing and dinner/drinks at night. Thank you 🙂
Love this leopard dress (can be worn w/ sneakers or heels), this trench, this top, these sneakers, this bodysuit, these jeans, and this jumpsuit.

15. I just got new Gucci Ace Sneakers. Someone suggested styling with cute wide leg jeans – do you guys have any favs?
Cute!! Wide leg jean options: here, here, here and here!

16. I’m going on a girls trip to Newport Beach in May! I’m a stay at home mom to three little kiddos and I’ve totally lost myself and style and I’m still wearing an old nursing bra! We’re going out one night and I need to find a fun party dress! Help! Something that’s not too revealing?? (Mom bod)
That will be so fun for you! This chiffon dress is pretty, love the sleeve and neck details on this one, love this classic slip dress, and this leopard one is cute!

17. I’m going to order the Elemis cleansing balm with your code and wondering what are some other favorites from them?
You will love the cleansing balm!! We also like the pro-collagen cream with SPF, the facial pads, this oil, and this overnight radiance peel. And our discount code is LATELY15 and is valid until the 29th (tomorrow).

Leave your questions for next week below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx