A Gorgeous Fitness Smartwatch That Does It All & Then Some

A new season means new clothes, shoes, bags, and watch bands! We’re so happy Garmin chose to partner with us because, three months in, we’re still loving the vivomove fitness smartwatch.

I was going to switch my band to the Light Sand Italian Leather but decided to keep the white for now because I love it so much. Both are perfect for spring and I love having the option to switch the band!

I switched out my band for the light sand leather band. The band options are endless for the vivomove and are offered in several materials from silicone and leather to nylon, suede, and even milanese. 

Incorporating this smartwatch into your wardrobe is truly seamless, which is a big reason why we love it so much. It’s not bulky or obvious like traditional fitness watches; the traditional face of the watch matched with its stunning details elevate it against all other fitness watches. Plus, it doesn’t just look good—it’s seriously smart! 

The vivomove:

+ Tracks your sleep, heart rate, and steps

+ Keeps you connected all day via notifications for incoming calls, texts, and meeting reminders

+ An unmatched battery life, lasting up to 5 days

+ Can be used at the cash register (perfect for when you forget your wallet)

+ Tracks stress, sleep, hydration and so much more!

We can’t recommend the Garmin vivomove enough. If you’re active but don’t want to harsh the vibe of your everyday style, this is the perfect fitness watch for you!

Big thanks to Garmin for partnering on this post!