1. I’m so excited for your Amazon Drop collection, but I’m so nervous I’m going to miss out & the pieces I want will sell out by the time I see you post about it! How will we know exactly when it launches? Will you announce it?
Thank you so much! We will definitely be announcing the drop date as soon as we have confirmation! But the best thing you can do is sign up to receive the text alerts! Takes 30 seconds and you’re 100% sure you won’t miss out, even if you’re not on instagram for a while/checking often. If you want to make sure you know the minute it goes live, sign up for the text alerts!

2. What key clothing items would you recommend if I wanted to clean out my whole closet?
For a great basic wardrobe, start with denim (blue, distressed, and black), tees (black, white, gray), a moto jacket, blazer, trench, a good pair of sneakers, a pair of strappy sandals, and a neutral pump. These are the most basic pieces that would be in our wardrobe if we were starting over.

3. Could you please share more updates on the house flip? I’m doing one for the first time too and would love to see how it’s going!
Yes! I need to get back over there, it’s pretty much done. I’ll try to get back over and share more updates soon!

4.I noticed you resell a lot of your designer handbags. I do the same but always end up losing money and face extreme guilt if I didn’t get much wear out of. Any advice for the inner self-critic on making the wrong purchase?
You kind of have to go into it knowing you’re never going to make money on a pre-owned bag. Yes it sucks to lose the $, especially if you never really ended up using the bag. But for us – it’s better to get the cash (to save or put toward something new), than to have a bag sitting in your closet that you never use!

5. I’m looking into buying my first pair of golden goose sneakers. Do you have any recommendations of a pair or two that would be good to start with? I love the more funky pairs/leopard print etc but want to be able to get as much wear out of them as possible given the high price tag. So a pair that would look good with any outfit. Thanks in advance!
We would definitely recommend starting with a neutral pair for your first pair. A few we love: one (this pair is sold out everywhere else!), twothree, and four!

6. I know you have mentioned how you each plan your budgets in the past, I was wondering if there are any apps or budgeting tools you use and like?
I don’t really use anything besides QuickBooks. It categorizes all your spending so I like to monitor it to keep me in check!
Brooke: Meggan was just telling me about how amazing QuickBooks is! I need to download it ASAP. So helpful if you are self-employed. Another app I heard about from Ashley is Digit. This is an amazing app if you’re trying to save up for a big purchase/trip!

7. In search of a versatile designer belt to wear either high waisted or at the hip. Could be black, brown, white or nude. Hoping to find a good neutral.
This one has been my favorite and go-to lately. Also really love this one!

8. Meggan – how was your experience with BBL? Was the recovery long/painful? Are there restrictions on what you can/can’t do after the treatments, specifically with exercise?
The recovery isn’t painful at all and requires no down time – you can wear makeup and workout the same day! You just need to be cautious about sun exposure. Wear sunscreen (which you should everyday!) and wear hats if you have to be outside!

9. My husband and I are going to Maui and Kauai in two weeks and I’ve been putting off shopping because I’ll be 24 weeks pregnant and I thought I would be showing way more, but I’m still in the “am I bloated or am I pregnant” phase, lol.  Any suggestions on summery dresses and a one-piece (prefer no cutouts!) that I can wear now with a small bump and continue to use through the summer in Texas heat?  Hoping to stay under $75/piece.
Some cute dress options: here, here, and here! And there’s so many good/affordable one-pieces out right now: here, here and here!

10. Would love to see a blog post or IG stories on how you decorate your houses for Easter if you decorate. Need some inspo on how to not make it look cheesy!
I don’t really decorate for holidays except Christmas and Halloween!
Brooke: I don’t do a ton of holiday decorating either, but a couple spring things I like – this fern & this wreath.

11. I was wondering if you could discuss how you decide what it is time to get rid of a handbag? I have a few bags I’ve been holding on to because they are designer but yet I never reach for them and they are just sitting in a container under my bed. Would love to know how you decide when to let go!
If we aren’t reaching for a bag, we let it go! We used to be the same – hold on to every bag just b/c it was designer, but now we would much rather sell it and put that money towards something we will actually use!

12. I’d love your recommendations on finding a cocktail dress to wear to an event. I’ll be in my third trimester. Any recommendations?
I wore this dress and this dress when I was 34-36 weeks pregnant for weddings and they were both so comfy!! They are stretchy, stay up, accentuate your bump, and non-materntiy so you can wear them again!

13. I’m wanting to get in on the ‘Dad sneaker trend.’ I’m super petite so would love some that are chunky enough to add a little bit of height and also would love it if they were super affordable…$100 or less.
Dad sneakers we’re loving $100 & under: here, here and here!

14. Looking for a Murphy bed? Any suggestions? Do you have one?
Neither of us have one but some we found and like are here (lots of storage!), here and here!

15. I’m looking for sandals with a slight heel like between 1-2”. Just something that aren’t flat, can give a little height but are comfortable and easy to walk in. Hoping to find ones I can wear with dresses and pants . Gotta get ready for spring!!
I have these and love them – so comfy and can be dressed up or down! Also like this pair, this pair and this pair!

16. I have a cocktail attire, (wedding) reception only in Chicago the middle of May. Got any cute dress ideas for a petite girl.
Going to do a full post on this next week so stay tuned!

17. I am looking to buy a new designer, every-day, cross body bag that will go with pretty much everything during every season. Budget around $2,500. I’m leaning between the same Fendi Kan U Small Bag like Meggans or a Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in either Noir or Tourterelle Monogram Empreinte Leather. Thoughts??
Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either – both bags are so cute and practical! I’m a little biased but I would go with the Fendi ;)

18. Looking for jean short recommendations. Brooke my body is similar to yours and I always have a gap extra fabric at my waist.
The only jean shorts I own are these! I ordered my true size, but I’ve heard they are running smaller this year, so maybe order up? I rarely wear them to be honest, but they are the only pair still in my closet ;).

19. I LOVE your blog and instagram and just generally love everything about you two! I need your help – I am the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding in August and get to pick my own style of dress. The only requirements are the color “quartz” and they have to be long from David’s Bridal. Which style of dress would you choose if you could?
Thank you SO much!! We both really like this off-the-shoulder one and this strapless one!

20. Have any recs for cute white dresses for a bride-to-be?! Getting married October, but I live in SoCal so basically summer still!
Yes love this one, this one, this one and this one!

Leave your questions for next week below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx