1. I’m really trying to take advantage of extra time on my hands and read more. I would love y’all’s most recent and most favorite books. Maybe even a whole post dedicated to your favorites?
We are going to do a full post on this since we have a lot to share! But a few favorites are The Idea Of You, It Ends With Us, Verity, The Wife Between Us, and Open Book.

2. Can you do a roundup of your favorite jewelry you wear everyday?
I wear this MF large beaded bracelet & this small beaded one (discount code is somewherelately), this link bracelet, this black beaded bracelet, this initial necklace, these earrings (somewherelately discount code), this namesake ring, and this necklace (good dupe here!). I also wear these two rings (here & here) stacked together a lot!
Brooke: I wear the same beaded bracelets as Meggan, as well as this one. I am always switching up my necklaces, but currently wearing this one from Lusha Roy, and this one from Miranda Frye with this charm (discount code: somewherelately). Earrings: I’m usually rotating between this pair (code: somewherelately) or this pair!

3. Nordstrom sale picks?
These sandals
, these sunglasses, these leggings, the Barefoot Dreams robe (we both have & love), these shorts, these sneakers, this tee, and this cozy set.

4. Would LOVE your bra recommendations. I’m not sure if this has been a previous question or blog post. What are your favorite bras to wear under bodysuits, low cut tops, push up bras, strapless, etc.?
I wear these nipple covers, and I’m currently looking for a new bra but this is the one I wear most often (the others I have are older and no longer sold)! I only wear wireless, so I’ll keep you posted if I find another good one!
When I wear something low cut or a bodysuit, I wear these nipple covers! And I linked my everyday bras on this post!

5. Can you do a roundup of loungewear/cute sweats since we are all homebound?
We did a big roundup of loungewear here & here! And linked some cozy slippers here!

6. How are you as adults keeping entertained during quarantine?
Reading, organizing and decluttering, watching shows/ movies, redecorating, going on walks, playing cards, listening to podcasts, working on our skincare routines, working out…eating all the snacks 😉

7. Brooke – you recently mentioned how you want more kids, but had difficult pregnancies. Are you comfortable sharing your experience? I had a really tough pregnancy in a sea of women who said theirs were SO easy…nice to know I’m not alone!
I completely understand your position! So many of my friends (thankfully) have had wonderful experiences being pregnant. I know there are women who certainly go through much worse, and many who struggle with even becoming/staying pregnant, including one of my closest friends, so I don’t want to offend anyone or be insensitive to that at all. But  every pregnancy is different, and I’m only sharing my personal struggles/story. With Sophia, I was extremely sick throughout the entire pregnancy. I was put on medication, but was nervous to take it, so I tried not to. With her, I felt severely ill unless I was sleeping. I was still working full-time for a corporation (but worked from home). I remember rolling around on the floor on conference calls because I was so sick (and I am not a dramatic person when I am sick). My pregnancy with Avery was much more complicated. At my first appointment, the doctor was extremely cold and had a terrible bedside manner. She told me I was going to have to abort the pregnancy because the baby’s head was not developing. I went to a specialist the same day, they did not see what the doctor saw 100%, but had concerns, and so my pregnancy was “high risk.” I was so worried throughout the entire pregnancy I couldn’t enjoy it. I stayed up late every night googling the condition the doctor told me the baby had, and the images/stories were heartbreaking and horrifying. I kept wondering/worrying if that was what we were going to be facing once Avery was born. I switched doctors, and my new doctor tried to reassure me that things looked okay, but they were still treating it as high risk. I didn’t talk about it, because I was so afraid and didn’t want to speak it into existence. There were a few scary moments in labor with her, and she was born with a hole in her heart, but her head was completely fine. I think with my first pregnancy, I was blissfully unaware of all the things that could be wrong, even though I felt so sick. When I was pregnant with Avery, I remember thinking I would trade it all to feel that sick again, if that were the most of my worries. I do want more kids, but I do worry, and now that I have Hashimoto’s there an extra layer. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, but I’m a believer in whatever is meant to be, will be! Sorry for the extremely long-winded answer! You are definitely not alone! xx

8. Best face tanner that doesn’t cause breakouts? Struggle is real!
We both use & like the Isle Of Paradise drops and the Tan-Luxe drops. We both have sensitive skin and neither of these have made us break out!

9. I ordered and love the BB Dakota vegan leather shorts. Can you share some styling suggestions??
They would look so cute with a white button down (like this or this), with a lightweight sweater, paired with a graphic tee and sneakers, or heels and a blouse for night out!

10. Absolutely love your home and fashion style. Now that we all have to work from home it would be awesome if you can post some ideas for home office furniture and decor. I wanted to transform half of my attic space into a home office for my husband and I and welcome your ideas on furniture and decor. We live in Toronto, Canada so hopefully you’re able to include some options that allow for delivery to Canada.
That’s such a good idea! Some office decor we’re into: this desk, this chair, this rug, these book shelves, this filing cabinet, and this wall system!

11. Im getting married in June and need some help on 2 things: What are some great things to put on my registry (I have the everyday plates you recommended from Macy’s)? And What are some cool gifts for the flower girl, ring bearer, FIL,  MIL, SIL, and BIL?
Registry items: these wine glasses, these towels, this mixer, a knife set, this cookware set, and these drinking glasses. For gifts – love this little bracelet for flower girl, ring bearer (could wear under the jacket lol), for FIL and BIL love these low ball glasses, and for SIL and MIL jewelry is always great ;). Love this bracelet and this necklace!

12. You guys always have great item recommendations. I’m looking for a grey cardigan that I can wear t shirt and jeans while running errands and a blouse and jeans for my casual office. I’d love your recommendations and am willing to spend more for an item that will hold up to wash and wear. I live in Canada so please no items from Revolve, ASOS or Mango for shipping challenges.
I have this one and love it – and it’s only $20! This one is a great option if you want something longer!

13. If you could only buy 5 skincare and 5 makeup items, what would they be?
Skincare: Elemis cleansing balm, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, Tula cleanser, Colleen Rothschild Retinol oil, and Glo Skin sunscreen. That was really hard to narrow down because I have so many skincare products lol! For makeup: this CT highlighter (gives the BEST glow), Giorgio Armani foundation, IT Cosmetics concealer, NARS orgasm blush, and this Gucci mascara. Those are all my staples for a quick makeup routine!
Brooke: Skincare: cleansing balm (either this one or this one – love both!), my cleanser (discount code: SOMEWHERELATELY), HA Intensifier, my gloPro (up to 70x’s greater product penetration which means a lot when you are spending good $$$ on products!),  and moisturizer. Makeup: primer (50% off! Not technically a primer, but I use it as one and it gives the best base glow), same GA foundation Meggan linked (I’m shade 5.5), Shape Tape concealer, ambient setting powder (the *glow from within* powder I shared last week, I’m shade Luminous Light), and this bronzer (Global Glow). This is the best/easiest glowy 5-minute routine I couldn’t be without!

14. What are your favorite comfortable mom jeans (love the ones Meggan wore with the espadrilles)? I love my Levi’s but they have no stretch!
Our favorites are here, here and here! And here’s the pair I wore with the espadrilles!

15. Brooke – I stopped my birth control in August as we’re trying to conceive🙏🏻But my scalp and acne have been out of control since. I want to try going dairy free for my skin like you said helped you but was wondering what your fave dairy free products are. One of my favorite foods is cheese so I need all the help I can get lol.
It was hard for me at first, I love cheese too…but honestly once you get the hang of it, it’s so easy! And to be honest, cheese has been the hardest to find replacements for. Here are my favorites – Califia almond milk creamer for coffee, Almond Breeze for frothing (for lattes), Violife Just Like Feta cheese, Daiya cream cheese (I also like their shredded cheese for GG Pizzas), coconut milk, Trader Joe’s vegan mozzarella, and I’ve heard great things about Follow Your Heart cheese but I haven’t found them to try yet! Good luck to you with everything! xx

16. Can you please recommend some art work or paintings for living room, bedrooms that are not very expensive 🙂 I sent my question few weeks ago but probably wasn’t clear. sorry about that.
Looove this black and white abstract, this one, this two-piece set, and this one! All such great, affordable options!

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