1. Meggan – I remember at one point you posted pics of your sons nursery or bedroom and it was so cute. Do you have a blog post about it or could you share the decor?
I don’t! And now is room is covered with team logos that he draws lol! But it has this cactus wallpaper, this rug, this bed, and these stools!

What is your #1 splurge worthy skincare product?
Brooke: Either CE Ferulic or HA Intensifier. Both worth the $$, but it pains me every time I buy lol.
Meggan: Agree!

2. I always love watching your beauty regimes, but I have two kids under three and am pretty limited on time. I want to do something to make me feels better about my skin and I was wondering what your number one at-home “treatment” would be?  Do either of you use a personal microdermabrasion machine?
Mine would be the GloPRO! I did a blog post about it here!
I have the PMD but honestly don’t use it (but I know people love it). I think it depends on your wants/needs/area of focus. I think if I had to pick one, my number 1 would be the GloPRO because rolling allows for 70x’s better product penetration. If you’re investing in good skincare products, why not have them work 70x’s better?!

3. Brooke – I think in your journey to find a good hair growth pill/oil/vitamin, you found something that is working. Would you mind sharing again the name, and if you are still liking the results?
I need to do a health update! I actually haven’t started a hair growth supplement, but so many people recommended Nutrafol and I just ordered it! I was put on medication (Synthroid) for Hashimotos, and I do think that is helping with hair loss. I’m not sure it’s making my hair grow more, but I feel like less is falling out in the shower and when I brush my hair.

4. What are your favorite Etsy shops? Thinking of all those small businesses!
This shop
makes the cutest purse straps and key chains! The owner is also super sweet and reached out to us and gave us a code to share with you guys – SOMEWHERELATELY for $10 off your order! Also love Stitched By Grace, Babiease, Made Market Co, Illuminate Vintage (I bought a pendant once but it ended up not working for the space – really great quality though!), Mushy Books, and Paper And Pine Co (ordered a lot of signs for my wedding!).

5. Meggan – why are you guys moving?
Because of school districts! Cam isn’t starting kindergarten for another year so we were just casually looking. We ended up falling in love with the house and decided to put an offer! It was the first house we looked at!

6. What time do you guys wake up and go to bed?
I’m usually in bed by 9:30 and wake up between 6-6:30. Right now it’s all over the place ;)
I try to be in bed by 10, and wake up around 6-6:30. However, during quarantine have been staying up way later and waking up around 7:30-8 lol!

7. Brooke – Can you share details on your bedroom furniture?
My bed is RH
, rug is S&L (currently 20% off with code ATHOME), chaise was custom from Century Furniture, nightstands are from Noir, and the oversized mirror is RH.

8. Wanting a designer purse for summer please help! Tan? Black? Which one should I choose?! What’s your favs?!
We wear black year-round, but it just depends what you’re looking for! Some favorites in both colors: one, two, three, and four.

9. I’m 25 and am not quite in the place where I can buy a luxury bag (yet!!).  Do you have any recommendations for good mid-range designers or stores with good quality bags that are under $500? I used to always carry Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, etc. but I feel like I’m passed that stage in my life. I still want style and quality but more grown-up!
Yes! Some bags we love around $500: one, two, three (tote, but super cool), and four – love the shape and chain.

10. How do you two divide up your work and decide who does what and who takes a collaboration?
We pretty much tag team everything. If we are splitting collaborations, it’s usually because we have a lot going on that month, and we will just split them up – no rhyme or reason as to who does what (unless it’s for a specific city), but we just keep it even so we are both doing the same amount of work.

11. Thank you for the home office ideas. Any chance you post more recommendations? Would love a harvest table type desk large enough for two work stations.
I don’t see many large desks but you could do a dining table like this one, this one or this one!

12. Do you have a promo code for the Billie Razor?
One of our most FAQ’s! We don’t have a code for Billy, but honestly cannot recommend the razor enough! It’s less expensive than the “good razors” you’re probably buying at Walgreens, and it gets delivered to your door! Win-win!

13. Can you help me with finding some throw pillows for my sofa? Since HomeGoods is closed I’m going to need something I can find online. My sofa is leather and the color a basketball. Thx!
This Etsy shop has some super cool pillows! Love this one, this one and this one!

14. My sister is getting married this summer and I want to do something special for her since she is my only sibling, rather than get something off her registry or giving cash. Any ideas?
This article
has some cute ideas from brides!

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