How My Style Has Evolved Since Starting The Blog

I turned 31 last week which took me on a trip down memory lane. I was looking through old photos on Facebook which led me to looking at old blog posts. Sadly (or maybe not), our blog posts from our first year of blogging got lost when we switched hosting sites but there were still some gems. It definitely gave me a few laughs but it also made me realize how much my style has changed! When Brooke and I started Somewhere, Lately 7 years ago (omg, how!!?!), I was ALL over the place with my outfits! Now I feel like I have really found my style and can actually describe it with a few words: edgy, comfortable, class, and cool.

How I’ve changed style wise:
1. Less trendy pieces & more staples.
I used to buy SO many trendy pieces and would try to mix them all together. I loved the boho look but also liked edgy and classic pieces as well. My outfits were literally all over the place and there was no flow to my wardrobe. One day I would be wearing tie-dye pants with a batman muscle tank and the next a classic trench coat with tailored pants and heels. Now, I gravitate toward neutral pieces and less color – items that I can mix and match and (hopefully) wear for years! I will splurge on staple pieces and spend less on trendy ones.

2. I buy things I ACTUALLY love. I used to be easily influenced by other peoples styles and what was trendy at the moment. I worked at Nordstrom so I saw a lot of different styles and always wanted to try them all! I’ve learned over the years that I don’t need to buy something just because it is “in” or because it looked good on someone else. I also thought just because something was expensive, it mean’t cool. DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE! When I buy things now I ask myself if I really love it and if it’s worth spending my money on.

3. Mixing high & low end pieces. I was broke when I started blogging (literally living pay check to pay check – like most early 20 year olds!) so I didn’t have a lot to work with. I was mainly shopping at Forever21 which meant a lot of trendy pieces and ones that wouldn’t last long in my closet. I still enjoy finding budget friendly pieces but also mix them with some high end ones. I always try to save on tops, trendy pieces, skirts, blazers and will splurge on coats, denim and handbags.

4. I go for comfort. This could be because of two reasons: working from home and being a mom. My daily outfits revolve around being comfortable – wearing flats, oversized tops, high waisted jeans, athleisure…you get it lol! This was NOT something I took into consideration years ago – I was all about high heels and skin tight tops. I love that I finally found outfits I’m completely confident in and no longer dress for other people!

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