Tips For Working From Home

Since a lot of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, we wanted to round up some of our tips we have found to work best over the seven years we’ve been doing this!

+ Create a morning routine. Having a morning routine will help you start the day on a positive note. A few things we do every morning: wake up before our kids (alone time is key!), meditate (I use Headspace) or morning affirmations (YouTube), our morning skincare routine, make coffee & take CBD (our discount code is SOMEWHERELATELY), make the bed, and read the day’s entry from this book. Obviously if you don’t have time for all of this every morning and you don’t want to wake up earlier, try choosing one new thing to include in your morning routine!

+ Get dressed. Even if it’s a loungewear set, we’ve found that getting dressed in an outfit really helps us feel better which leads to us being more productive.

+ Make a daily to-do list. We love a good to-do list. Now that you’re working from home, you can have separate to-do lists: one for work, and one for home. Nothing feels better than crossing off your to-dos! You can use your phone for this, but we prefer a traditional written list! I have this notepad and love it ;).

+ Keep a dedicated office space (if you can). This doesn’t have to be an office, but set up your virtual workspace somewhere other than your bed or sofa. Make your space as stress-free as you can because it will help you concentrate (we know…lol right? typing this as my kids are playing harmonicas as loud as they possibly can in the next room)!

+ Get fresh air. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I didn’t get fresh air, and wow! I never realized how big of an impact it had on my mental health. Something minimal happened last night, and I just started crying (but to be fair, yesterday was a doozy with some work + personal things). But, it made me realize I definitely need to get some fresh air to just decompress from the stress, especially during this time! Even if you don’t feel like it, try to get fresh air at least once/day.

+ Time batch. Time batching is so effective for productivity. We are such multi-taskers, but have found when we focus on one thing at a time, we are much more productive. This timer cube is a game changer!

+ Take small breaks. Taking small breaks will help you stay sane ;). Get up, step away from your workspace, get outside if you can, grab a coffee/snack, or do a quick stretch session. Taking small breaks leads to higher productivity.

Do you have any WFH tips? Drop them below in the comments for everyone to see! Let’s all help each other out! xx